Romantic C-drama My Sunshine with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan Drops Long Preview

The popular C-novel Silent Separation (何以笙箫默 He Yi Shen Xiao Mo) is finally arriving on the small screens in the C-drama My Sunshine starring Wallace Chung and Tang Yan. The drama premieres January 10th and will hopefully capture the sweet longing love story of the fluffy original work. I think the casting the pretty spot on, especially with Wallace as stoic male lead He Yi Chen. Tang Tang isn’t who I imagined for chirpy Zhao Mo Shen but thankfully their chemistry in the previews is all there. The drama released the final long 15-minute preview this week and it’s all original voices except for Wallace who is dubbed since he’s Cantonese.

It’s a bit alarming to see the drama amp up the angst, especially with how Yi Chen is way more grabby and pushy with Mo Shen compared to in the book. Sure he’s suffering and the one screwed over but I really don’t like how C-dramas love to heap on the tortured love (虐愛) especially when the male lead turns all physical as an outlet for his tormented love. In this case the novel is so darn cute and easygoing I’m not sure where all this outburst came from. I also wished the preview would have shown more of their college romance sections since their first romance is beyond adorable and the only reason to root for them to make it work the second time around.

Long 15-minute preview for My Sunshine:


Romantic C-drama My Sunshine with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan Drops Long Preview — 11 Comments

  1. It looks nice! It gave me a “Persuasion” (Austen) vibe. Now I want to watch it! Where can I watch it with subtitles and legally?

  2. Omg, i was so confused after watching the trailer because i was really hoping for some adorableness à la Pinocchio after your first post about this drama :/. I’m really glad though that the original author didn’t include the whole grabbing/yelling/ forceful kissing ( and there is one scene that is just soooo rapey). I’m so confused with SARFT because they forbid soooo many ( harmless) plotpoints and heaven forbid critical, sharp social commentary in drama’s but the one thing that ALWAYS gets their approval are men being crappy and abusive ( emotional, pyhsical and sexual) to women :/. Nothing against a well executed star-crossed love story but the whole ‘虐爱’ thing is just plain unhealthy and abusive behaviour towards women :/

  3. I don’t think the trailer conveys the feelings I felt from reading the novel. As for the rough scenes, I am pretty sure they were all in the novel. I didn’t like them in the book and I’m not liking them more here.

  4. Yi Chen was way more grabby and pushy in the novel, rather, it seemed to me that they toned it down so as to show it on the small screen.
    All in all, I’M LOVING WHAT I’M SEEING! WALLACE <3 *heart eyes*

  5. Wow I really like how in the picture Wallace and Tang Yan are in matching jackets. I especially like how Tang Yan has evolved as actress. I really fell in love w/ her in perfect couple. I’m gonna check this out b/c of her.

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