Third Preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me Showcase Tons of Romantic and Confrontational OTP Moments

The upcoming Hyde, Jekyll, Me is bring promoted like the Hyun BinHan Ji Min two person show. I’d probably watch the drama even if it was the Hyun Bin one man show, but it’s a bit of ¬†waste to have a full cast consisting of other charismatic actors like Sung Joon and Han Sang Jin without showing a peek at anyone else other than the leads. The third preview is out and is the most substantive one to date, running at just over a minute long. Even if it consists only of scenes between Binnie and Ji Min, whether he’s playing cold chaebol Koo Seo Joon or warm alter-ego Robin, it’s still better than anything the drama’s shown so far.

I keep getting Secret Garden vibes and it’s not just because both dramas star Binnie starting out as an arrogant rich jerk. There is the same whimsical romantic aura that permeates in HJM that was all over SG, what with its fantasy soul-swapping premise and the whole The Little Mermaid thematic narrative. This drama being set in an amusement park with a circus also presents the backdrop for lots of enchanting encounters under the big top, on rides ringed with pretty lights, the usual visual swooning accoutrements. I like the chemistry between the leads in this latest preview even if Ji Min is playing her character almost identical to Ha Ji Won‘s SG stunt woman Gil Ra Im. Begs the question whether we really need another Key Lime?

Third preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me:


Third Preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me Showcase Tons of Romantic and Confrontational OTP Moments — 16 Comments

  1. Though I think the preview looks fine, I can’t help but feel that it’s a twin of SG… Not sure if I want to check it out cos I dun wanna feel like I’m seeing Kim Joo Won cheat on Gil RaHim with another woman.

    • Agreed!

      I love HB and HJM individually and they don’t look too bad as couple but since its so much like SG, it really bothers me that its not HJW being the lead. I’ve mixed feelings regarding to this drama.

  2. Teaser 3 had me a little more excited than the previous one. I think it’ll be a character-driven drama & there’s a potentially beautiful message behind it. I like the idea that Han Ji Min’s character will fall in love with both sides, because that pretty much means she embraces him, all of him, with his good and bad sides. There’s also something to dig with the duality and self-acceptance’s thematics. This writer’s last drama wasn’t concluding, yet there was a lot of depth underneath, esp. with the characters. I’d like to find this again in this drama. But maybe I ask for too much.

    As for the second leads, I think that’s because they don’t have much to show us yet. Looks like Hyeri & Han Sang Jin haven’t filmed much considering they’re busy with their dramas. I guess they tried to coordinate their schedules by minimizing their screentime in the two first episodes. But I also want to have a sneek peak of Sung Joon’s character. Looks like he’s playing a key role in the mystery side of the storyline. Hope to see them all in the long trailer we’ll get next week!
    Also, it’s probably SBS’s marketing strategy. Let’s be honest, for them, Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min are the main selling point.

  3. I think there are only 2 lead actors here and probably dont have 2nd male/female leads…The others are just for supporting role….Sung Joon probably will have less screen time compare to his previous drama,DoR…..

  4. Love how they introduce the cast at the end of the teaser with Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min and then ROBIN as a separate cast member, lol

    Everything looks so pretty and dreamy, reminded me of You From Another Star <3

  5. Big shoes to fill but SBS is very consciously trying to pull a SeGa here, winter imagery included: If you need to copy, copy the best? I wish we would have more Key Lime characters in general in Kdramaland: Cool job, I don’t give a damn attitude… Crossing fingers for this show to be a good one.

    • Most people don’t like Gil Raim’s character though. They think she was strong at first then lost all her spine. (I personally thought she was okay, plus I’m a mega HJW fan so very biased heh.)

      • Omg relax!!! What is up with u??? Ive been koalas reader for two years and i surely didnt mean it in a bossy rude way… Just humorous…cause most people are expecting a review from her since she always wrote about the KMHM promotions…

  6. Looks like a spin off of SG but heck i don’t care, they are looking good together and it seems like a romantic drama just the kind that i like.

  7. The visuals look so beautiful, but I feel like the promos are lacking some excitement… Every teaser/trailer makes it seem more and more like the usual rom com. :\

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