Yoon Eun Hye Spotted in Beijing Filming After Love with Park Shi Hoo

I like to keep a casual eye on all my fave actors and actresses even if I don’t keep tabs on on their every move. Checking back in with Yoon Eun Hye after the new year saw updates from her filming the Korean-Chinese joint production movie After Love in Beijing with costar Park Shi Hoo. The two leads were filming on picturesque Jeju Island towards the end of last year and the filming has now moved to sprawling Beijing. Yoo Eun Hye looks glowing on the streets of Beijing filming, with lots of fan snapped stills all over the C-interwebs as her strong contingent of C-fans have taken advantage of her being in China for this shoot to visit the set.

It’s impossible to deny how an onscreen coupling that would have been quite pleasing to anticipate now feels heavy-hearted after factoring Park Shi Hoo’s real life situation. Perhaps more time is needed to really distance his acting career from personal life, or maybe the two shall forever be entwined. The movie has a melancholy vibe with the story surrounding a married couple where the unhappy husband only grows to love and appreciate his wife after she’s gone.


Yoon Eun Hye Spotted in Beijing Filming After Love with Park Shi Hoo — 34 Comments

    • What troubling actor? they are both professionals. his or her private life has nothing to do with them working together. I do not see anything wrong in working with PSH.Leave him alone

      • Agree. Eun hye is my all time favorite but I can’t see why it is wrong to pair her with PSH they’re both great actors. Whatever happens with their personal life has nothing to do with this drama. Grow up people!

      • what did say? pervert? How can know? Does writing on his forehead ? PBH no pervert .. Watch your words!!! shut up? you silly you are silly

      • Who are you to judge? Were you there when it happened behind closed doors? please put away your accusation. If you continue, you are just as guilty the person who you accused.

    • Nothing but judgment and accusations. Were you there when it happened? Don’t be too quick to point the finger. When you do, there’s three pointing back at you. ? you are three times more quilty.

  1. Good for her, taking up rolls that nobody will touch for fear of offending somebody. That’s what being a true artist is all about And anyhow if it wasn’t her doing the movie, it would be another actress, so why should she not do movie and miss out on getting pay big bucks?!?! On top of that she wasn’t the one all over the news for an undesirable conduct.

  2. i will watch this for sure. i gain respect for yeh even more after she accept this movie. Even though i am also against it at first but i guess yeh doesn’t really care about the hoohaa around park shi hoo. That is what every actor or actress should do. believe in the story, not the gossip.

  3. I really like Park Shi Hoo as an actor, so for that reason and for my love of YEH, i will watch this, looking at those BTS pics makes my heart flutter, you can’t deny the great chemistry they have! I can’t wait! Looking forward for more updates! When they will release the movie? YEH FIGHTING!

  4. Speaking of the story, am sure they must have talked about psh’s situation while filming. Just the two of them, and psh must have told yeh what really happened. Not sure what it is that must have really happened though. But that aside, yeh is an actress and doing this movie with psh despite the hoobaa in the past shows just how much of an actress she is not to mention the ‘pig pay bucks’. I like the two leads, and i’ll watch this movie if i ever find it here in nigeria.

    • I agree with you kimara. I believe that between PSH and YEH the things are very clear and at some level they all know the truth about what happened. For example the Korean ambassador in Costa Rica made an appereance at Canal 13 to promote “The Princess’ Man” as a representative drama for the traditional Korean culture and encouraged the audience to watch it (October 2014 – I saw on YouTube). If they would have any doubt about PSH – the lead actor, they wouldn’t put in danger the image of their country, in diplomacy they don’t assume useless risks. I’ll watch this movie too.

  5. YEH was one of my favorite actresses, now i really don’t know. She has nerve of steel to take on this project. Had there been lack of offers of projects to her lately, so she resorted to this? Or was it out of sympathy? Her management company allowed this? She’s so talented, and charming, and would i believed intelligent, so this was such a mind-boggling move on her side. I don’t want to think she has gotten so desperate to want to act in just any movie, much more in this? Seriously? for real?

    • if she is so desperate to act in a movie and advance her career, she wouldn’t have chosen this. what kind of actress who is so desperate to advance her career will choose this movie? you know this isn’t career advancement. It’s dangerous. It’s risky. No actress who wants to be better would take this movie. The only actress who would take this movie is someone who fell in love with the script and doesn’t care about anything as long as she gets to play the character. Bottomline is, SHE ISN’T DESPERATE BECAUSE IF SHE IS, THEN NOT THIS MOVIE. and one more thing, YEH has never lacked offers. Despite the ratings of her recent dramas, they know that YEH is a hallyu star… and YEH still has her strong selling power.

    • Hye chose this movie mean that she is a professional. A real professional will not care who the co-star is. Only an amateur will. She just believe in herself, her acting’s skill and her fans. So as Hye fan, you should believe in her. PSH, HYE fighting!!!!!!!

      • Yes she chose the MOVIE, probably a scenario that moved her and not the co-star at first read!

  6. She made this decision and it will either work for her or it won’t. Fans help create stars, doesn’t mean they own them, but they do matter. I haven’t changed my mind about passing on this one, like YEH, I have my opinions and standards too. The plot of the drama turns me off, no matter who the stars are. Just my opinion.

  7. This is new year, I’m sure PSH is trying to forget about the past and face his future. So , i think you guys needs to do the same. We did not actually knows what happened between him and the girl. Please let us not judge him, Some men sleeps with women or girls on a one night stand, celebrities are not different, they are human too. Every women should learn not to get drunk with a guy you’re not familiar with on a first date or meeting. if she was drugged as claimed, how did she know how many times they had sex? Please lets forget the past.

  8. Park shi soo spent 12 hours with that girl after this time she alleged rape…I BEG YOUR PARDON.
    Al the time talking about taht bloody night is not fair.

  9. YEH makes a living before the cameras and being in the limelight is part of the life she chose for herself. I do not doubt for one minute being an actor isn’t easy, but she gets paid well for being inconvenienced. You are totally correct that we do not know all the facts, let’s give this young lady the benefit of doubt too. I get weary of these actors crying foul, when they slip up and get caught in a scutuation of their own making. Being a positive role model for young people is important, the really talented and sincere actors take this part of being a star, seriously. Just my opinion.

  10. YEH had been one of my top korean actresses since CP but she no longer is now. Following and supporting hee all these years have actually has been a great disappointment for me after she did this movie. I lost a lot of respect for her. Any news of YEH does not interest me anymore. I happen to be here becuz I want to say this. Sorry if I post this.

    • You should disappointed with yourself because you don’t believe with your fav actress. How pity!!!! Because this movie Hye lost you as a fan, at a same time because she did this movie I will become her fan….Hye…you are great…

    • It’s your loss actually not hers. For having a fan who don’t trust her judgement is not a loss at all. Poor thing, is that how you are as well with the people around you? Judging them base on what you hear and what you feel is right? (not, i hope)

      I am with you since you were once a Hye fan but you think this is an easy decision on her part? before accepting this role she knows this would happen and many people will question her. I would understand an anti fan bashing her but you? a HYE fan? Maybe your not really a fan of her at all but just a fan of Coffee Prince itself not out of the box.

    • But Yoon Eun Hye true and sincere fans are still there because we were touched by her ‘grace’ that why we are thankful and graced by this korean agasshi through the years and even now.

  11. I could not understand !! this site SiHoo’s Fan or anti? who are you?what are you? really , ı wonder this admin ..

  12. If one has a bit of knowledge about law, who should understand, “….innocent until proven guilty.” PSH is one of the best actors in the world. Please stop gossipping around about his personal life and assuming he’s at fault already. Please JUST STOP…!!! And let him continue his professional and personal life as usual.

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