Fanmade Hera Lipstick CF with Ji Sung Rivals Jeon Ji Hyun’s Real Hera Commerical

It’s much more fun watching a drama that’s got some buzz, there’s more ancillary developments that add more flavor to the experience beyond just watching the story unfold onscreen. The news last week that Ji Sung caused a run on Hera brand tip tint in a specific pink color that one of his alter ego personalities sported in the drama Kill Me Heal Me didn’t just end there. The fans of the drama went ahead and took it a step further to actually splice Ji Sung into the exact construct of a currently airing Hera lipstick commercial and the end result is epic.

The last time there was such big news about a drama character causing a run on a specific lipstick color was Jeon Ji Hyun with last year’s You From Another Star. She’s always been a CF queen even before YFAS and afterwards she continued to rep plenty of products and so happens to be the current CF model for Hera lipstick. Her Hera CF is the typical goddess living the dramatic high life and using her lipstick to express her gorgeous emo state. It’s pretty but nothing to write home about, until a fan used Ji Sung scenes from KMHM to make a parody Hera lipstick CF that is actually way more interesting and lipsmacking good. Check out the real and reel deals below and decide which one made you want to go buy some Hera lipstick more.

Jeon Ji Hyun for Hera Lipstick CF:

Fanmade Ji Sung for Hera Lipstick CF:


Fanmade Hera Lipstick CF with Ji Sung Rivals Jeon Ji Hyun’s Real Hera Commerical — 33 Comments

  1. Looool ji sung rocks it.. Actually i searchef for the specific liptint after ji sung sported it but it’s so expensive that i gave up

  2. Ji sung is a star. He is a marketing department’s wet dream. He is selling us lipsticks, eyeliners, shirts, skirts. And I want that red car.

    I hope his star power grows and multiplies across Asia and the world. his acting skill is grade A. Sometimes Koreans actors are very popular but their acting skills are high school level at best *cough lee min ho, but it is always great to see great actors get the recognition they deserve.

    Kill me heal me may be his winter sonata in Asia. I hope so because he deserves it.

  3. OMG! Can’t believe I’m about to say this but that man can sell me a $100 dolar lipstick & I’d buy it! I like Ji Sung’s CF better cuz it’s just so much fun! The original CF look like any other fashion brand ads. Nothing special except for Jeon Ji hyun of course. She’s gorgeous.

  4. 🙂 I just die a little each time I rewatch Yoona doing his prancing run.

    That guy. That woman… today’s Ri On calling him a woman?

    I just can’t take- I’ll buy that lipstick now thanks.

  5. After watching Jeon Ji Hyun commercial,I would never go buy the Hera lipstick.Because no matter how expensive and gorgeous the lipstick is, I wouldn’t be as half gorgeous as her. But after watching the fanmade Ji Sung commercial, I would run to buy that lip tint right away. Seriously…Yo-na, girl, you bring out my inner girlie…PEACE!!!

  6. the editing is awesome
    but with yo-na , the CF is hillarious and match the tone so well
    can’t believe they have all those scene in the drama

    • Oh good lord I so totally agree with you! He’s the only guy who can run around like a girl in pink lipstick and still make you want him.

      Oh, and that fan made CF was awesome! Way better than the old boring one. (Though I do love Jeon Ji Hyun, of course.)

  7. I can’t believe how far we are in this drama without really seeing NaNa or Mr. X. Can’t wait to see what sides of JS’s CDH come out next!

    • I think they are even more emotionally connected to the trauma than Se Gi. I love that with everything going on, the drama never loses sight of how much Cha Do Hyun is so broken and needs help. It really breaks my heart to see how hs life and mind are just in pieces.

  8. This show has almost had me in tears from feeling so happy and sad a few times. I love it. I’m surprised ratings aren’t higher!

  9. The Ji Sung commercial IS epic! If I could find a lipstick that would make me run down the street like that, I would buy it in a heartbeat!
    And I don’t wear makeup. Good job to the fan that made this commercial!

      • I don’t know about joy. But she was joyous flirting with oppa.

        It’s going to be one of my favourite K drama scene of all time now. Even including any kissing scenes between OTP. You can get them any time.

        Yoona? She’s special.

  10. Love Ahn Yona!!!

    I read this soompi but didn’t this it was actually a big deal. I’m so happy for Ji Sung! He was always a good actor, so I’m glad he gets the spotlight to shine.

  11. bwahahaha…this is so much fun…comparing such parodies with the real thing…ahn yo na rocks…and ji sung is one hell of an actor…the drama’s so far so good…and ji sung brings out all light in that…

  12. jajaja! that parody was awesome. Makes me wonder if JiSung has ever seen this parody, and what he thinks of it. Even more than that, I wonder what HIS WIFE is thinking of her husband being the cause of lip tints sell outs. lol!

  13. KMHM is such a hilarious drama that gives me so much fun. Ji Sung is superb. How the drama interprets multiple personality disorder in a very humorous manner makes the story even more convincing and touching. As my dad is a college Psychology professor and I myself read some psychology books including multiple personality disorder, I think the writer/director are so brilliant to give new insight into this terrible (almost incurable) mental disorder.

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