Kim Sung Ryung is the Lovely and Selfish Flower of the Queen in Gorgeous Drama Posters

This drama doesn’t look my thing based on the makjang synopsis but I do love the official posters to pieces! So eye-catching, almost like a portrait. A new MBC weekend drama is headed our way and it looks like a sure fire ratings winner since it has all the family angst, betrayal, and potential forgiveness ripe to conquer the weekend time slot. Flower of the Queen (also known as Equator’s Flower) headlines Kim Sung Ryung (Kim Tan’s mom in Heirs) as an ambitious chef who abandoned her daughter years ago to marry her rich husband played by Lee Jong Hyuk. Years later said daughter played by Lee Sung Kyung is all grown up and out for payback for the abandonment and gets involved with Lee Jong Hyuk’s younger brother played by Yoon Park. The story actually has shades of Flames of Desire, right?

The drama takes over the time slot from the highly rated MBC weekend drama The Legendary Witch and is slated to run for 50-episodes. It’s nice that MBC is focusing so many weekend dramas on female lead characters even if said characters start off misbehaving or having done really crappy things.


Kim Sung Ryung is the Lovely and Selfish Flower of the Queen in Gorgeous Drama Posters — 13 Comments

  1. The top one is beautiful. The one in the water looks like it’s extremely possible that they were actually standing but just got photo-shopped in. That would be hilarious to watch.

  2. The last image replicates flames of ambition. Sigh….i had hoped that In Ki and Min Jae would work out in the end but…le sigh….the storyline was so twisted….

  3. The guy sitting in the bottom left in the last pic creep me out, he actually killed someone and hid the body but he’s already out on TV. I am speechless. There’s even a gif of him staring at goo hara on one variety show,

  4. It’s beautiful @________@

    PS thanks for the post, koala. 😀 You always have interesting updates on K/JP/TW/China ent-news.

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