SBS Looks for New Leads as Both Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon Decline Chaebol’s Daughter

I hope SBS didn’t snigger too much when it saw the casting woes lately over on MBC with both Scholar Who Walks the Night and Feeling Good and Warm and also befalling KBS with Who Are You: School 2015. If SBS felt like gloating then it’s time for some humble pie as karma just arrived to smack upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Chaebol’s Daughter (True Romance).  What else to call it other than a wake up slap of sorts when both leads in talks for the drama decline their offers on the same news day. Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon have both passed on this drama, leaving the production starting the lead search all over again.

I was more excited about Moon Geun Young’s drama land return in two years than I was about her potential pairing with Park Seo Joon. I like the boy a lot but couldn’t for the life of me picture them together onscreen. Now I won’t have to as both have walked away from the drama, continuing a “say no to drama casting” trend that shows no sign of abating. I can’t even hazard a guess why, especially for Park Seo Joon since this would be his first leading man role in a prime time drama, and would reunite him with the writer-director team from One Warm Word. At least the drama got a consolation prize at the same time, with news that rising young idol-actor Park Hyung Sik has signed on for the second male lead role.

Park Hyung Sik’s acting career is on a roll these last two years, starting from teenage role parts leading up to his biggest break yet as the maknae brother in the hit weekend drama What’s With This Family? His role in Chaebol’s Daughter will be as the son of a chaebol family, basically the male version of this drama’s leading lady, who has always gotten everything he wants and coasts through life. He ends up falling for a part time convenience store clerk who he thinks is the poorest of poor girls, except she’s actually our chaebol’s daughter disguised as a poor girl to find true love on her own terms. She’ll end up falling for the poor self-made leading man rather than Hyung Sik’s chaebol’s son. I already know I’ll be saying “Poor Hyung Sik” a lot when I watch this drama. He’s pretty cute to watch onscreen even if his acting is inconsistent albeit headed in the right direction of incrementally improving.


SBS Looks for New Leads as Both Moon Geun Young and Park Seo Joon Decline Chaebol’s Daughter — 17 Comments

  1. Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?? Time for ji sung and hwang jung eum to step in!!! Oh i wish but we all know that won’t happen!! By the way hyungsik as a second lead already?? I think it’s too soon!

    • If only Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum had superpowers which allowed them to be in multiple places at once, I’d totally vote for them to step in on *all* of the dramas which have trouble finding leads.

    • Why not Hyungsik as second lead in this drama. His character in that weekend drama basically a second lead too. It just show his progression in acting and also his character development.

  2. I’m good with Park Hyung Shik being promoted to second lead – he was excellent as the younger roles in Nine and Sirius and even in Heirs and WWTF where he didn’t have as much to do, he did a good job with what he had. Tends to overact a little bit in comedy but never uncomfortable to watch.

    He’s earned that promotion, now find him a nice girl to swoon over and lose to the male lead!

    • Yes!
      just give us the Sung Jun-Jung So Min reunion as OTP in this drama.
      these two had an awesome chemistry in Can We Get Married? and I think, they are best friend in real life.
      maybe this will turn out like Kill Me Heal Me. Who knows? 😀
      tho I hope this drama will not too melo.

    • I want Jung So Min too… when I read this news, my brain just thought Jung So Min as lead, she’ll be perfect. for the male lead, I don’t have any idea yet.

  3. I would love Moon Geun Young to join Lee Jun Ki for Scholar Who Walks the Night! Oh my God, that would be an epic pairing. Both love them in sageuks!

  4. I would love to see Moon Geun Young in this drama. Sad that we won’t catch her on screen anytime soon 🙁

  5. What bad news, I was impatient to see Moon Geun Young with a new drama, now will wait for his next project, anyone know why she has refused ??

  6. You go against norm by calling out Park Seo Joon.. btw he was the land actor on witch’s romance.

    I will say this and you heard it here before that dude is an star waiting explod and all he needs is a nice written drama. the charisma everything is in-check…

    His the future and promosing actor. just watch witch’s romance first episode the drama itself is horrible and the age-gap huge

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