High Society Teases with First Cast Poster and Sparks Flying First Meeting of UEE and Park Hyung Sik

I’m getting way too excited about High Society based on all the teaser material, when experience reminds me that good promos do not guarantee good drama and dull teasers similarly doesn’t mean a drama is dead on arrival. With that said, I just want to soak up the teaser excitement for a little while longer, I really love the way this drama gets me right in the gut with the combined chemistry and pretty. The first cast poster just came out and shows the four leads UEE, Park Hyung Sik, Sung Joon, and Lim Ji Yeon in a cocktail party setting looking all dapper for the men and glamorous for the ladies.

The drama has released a batch of new scene stills, the ones featuring Sung Joon and UEE kissing have all been seen in the teaser video but now we get the official pictures to go along with it. The new stills show the first meeting between UEE’s rebellious chaebol daughter and Park Hyung Sik’s arrogant chaebol son. They’re being set up on an official rich-rich matseon but UEE shows up sporting an attitude and under dressed in jeans and a tank top. She clearly took a page out of the “how to ruin a matseon” playbook from countless drama leads before her. While I’m already on the OTP ship (Sung Joon!), I also love Park Hyung Sik to pieces so if his chemistry is equally as good with UEE then it’s going to be a wild ride following this drama.


High Society Teases with First Cast Poster and Sparks Flying First Meeting of UEE and Park Hyung Sik — 22 Comments

  1. But Hyungsik’s character likes Lim Ji Yeon’s character not Uie. What a pity because i think rebellious chaebol daughter and arrogant chaebol son would be more interesting and a refreshing change from the poor meets the rich concept.

    I always see Hyungsik as a humble and polite boy. The stills definitely gets me excited. Can’t wait to see him act as the arrogant chaebol son.

    • ugh no thanks. the lives of rich people and their drama with their whining angst while toting around designer brands and flying to expensive foreign locales (cause gosh I said I wanted the Bahamas but mommy and daddy said they’ll dock my allowance if I didn’t settle for Paris!) honestly doesn’t sound appealing to me.
      Besides, the arrogant chaebol guy and the poor candy girls has been done to death. A reversal will be refreshing.

      • Er I like that sort of dramas actually. If done right I can watch multiple stories of the same.

      • The rich and their lives? Sounds like the concept of Heirs(without that poor candy girl).

  2. The girl’s so skinny and it’s so obvious with her open-back dress. The poster looks so-so. I hope this drama won’t fall to the same cliche formula ala k-dramas and not using kissing scenes without solid plots. I’m positive will check first episode.

  3. I didn’t know rich people also get water splashed in their faces.. I thought it was only reserved for poor female leads and/or their parents.

    I like both guys and they both sound not so nice (character descriptions), not that it’s a bad thing.

  4. Honestly, give the show a chance. It hasn’t even started, and it’s already labeled as a failure. The negativity for the storyline, the actors, and actresses are ridiculous. This reminds me of when Shin Se-kyung accepted the role for Cho-Rim. So many were against her, and when the drama aired, most of those opinions changed. And I find it funny when people continue to comment on someone or something they don’t like. Smh.

    Also, I don’t know if it’s because UEE is an idol, which is why she’s receiving a lot of hate( based on previous and current comments). And the comments on her body, especially her face and weight are over the top. There are many reasons why people lose or gain weight. You can’t assume you know why or put that person up to your standard of what is average or normal body weight.

    I have nothing against any of the actresses or actors, or the common storyline. As a matter of fact, the supporting cast are some of my favorites, which makes my anticipation for this drama higher. I’m giving it a couple of episodes before I write it off as a bad drama.

    • Actually this production from One Warm Word right? Then sure it will be a good production. Just that the cast doesn’t appeal to me, so I will pass. I’m sure you will like it.

    • The one that steal the show in Sensory Couple isn’t Shin She Kyung nor Park Yoochun but the villain one (Nam Goong Min). Everyone praised this Nam guy actings.

  5. i am probably the only one excited for this haha because i think UEE and Sung Joon look really good together ?!!?!?! I also like how they are of the same age group ( no more noona dongsaeng relationship)

    • I think her tall height also adds to the appeal of this couple. I’m looking forward to checking this drama out!

    • but still Uee is older than the other boys? Wooshik (of Hogu’s Love) are the same age with Sung Joon. So technically she’s still their noona.

      however I agree, Uee and Sung Joon look good together!

  6. UEE looks dead tired and she needs to eat more. Sung Joon is handsome but somehow doesn’t appeal to me onscreen. Pass.

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