Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won in Talks for SBS Wed-Thurs Medical Drama Yongpalyi

While there have been conflicting reports on which drama comes after Mask on SBS Wed-Thurs, it’s once again looking more and more like medical drama Yongpalyi over rom-com Will You Have Dinner with Me. Judging by casting news alone, Yongpalyi takes the lead today with word that the production is courting Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won for the lead roles. I would have preferred Dinner solely on the genre alone since I love romance dramas more than medical yarns, but if Kim Tae Hee accepts then I’m super stoked to see what she’s capable of after impressing me thoroughly in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love.

Yongpalyi is a strange sort of medical drama, reportedly not set in a hospital but instead follows the secret medical practice of a young doctor as he makes house calls in Seoul to the rich and powerful in order to earn the lucrative pay he needs to pay for his little sister’s ongoing kidney dialysis treatment. Joo Won’s up for the role of said male lead while there is no info on whether the female lead is a doctor as well. If he accepts, this will be Joo Won’s second time playing a doctor after he did it in Good Doctor, but it will be his first time working with SBS as all his dramas have been on KBS or MBC.

Insiders have been buzzing about Yongpalyi long before the possible leads names were floated as this drama comes from the production company behind You From Another Star and You’re All Surrounded and will be directed by the PD from God’s Gift: 14 Days and written by the screenwriter of OCN‘s Reset. The title of the drama Yongpalyi is the pseudonym used by the male lead doctor when he makes his house calls.

Everything looks good to me except for Joo Won since I’m really not a fan of him no matter how many times I’ve tried to watch his previous dramas. With that said, I just went from hating Shin Se Kyung to loving her after The Girl Who Sees Smells so I’m once again reminded that opinions can easily change on a dime, or more accurately on one great character + performance. Anything can happen so I’ll keep my eye on this one as the casting firms up in the next few weeks.


Kim Tae Hee and Joo Won in Talks for SBS Wed-Thurs Medical Drama Yongpalyi — 26 Comments

    • ME too! i fell in love with him after watching him in gaksital. this drama is one of my top 10 dramas and i even got the OST. i think it’s his best performance (i watched ojakgyo brothers, good doctor and a little of 7th civil servant)by far and i love him to pieces.

  1. Thanks koala, people love to stay In the past and not give anyone a chance anymore so I’m happy you’re fine with SSK and kim tae hee now, that you gave them a chance not worrying about their past projects.

  2. Bridal Mask one of the best drama ever he’s a agreat actor but i think it’s differnt taste i hope you love him in this drama … i love romace drama more too and miss Shin Min ah so sad i will wait more for his come back

  3. Joo Won is really talented (I always have soft spots for musical actors) and he’s one of those who’s willing to do ugly crying with snots and stuff (call me weird but it’s how I judge actors). But he should stay away from romcom. So this drama is a yes for me. The team behind it seems great.

  4. I’m stoked! Thank you for talking about this!! I’m so ready to see Joo Won on my screen again, lol. I couldn’t finish Good Doctor even tho I love med dramas, but this one sounds really different so I’m more excited than usual. And I love Kim Tae Hee~

  5. haha.. I have loved Joo Won ever since I first saw him in King of Baking. He is one amazing actor and he proves it over and over again. Shin Se-Kyung I did not like her before The Girl Who Smell, and I do not like her after even more. She is so over-acting, she is irritating.

  6. For me, joo won is one of my favorite actors. He is natural talented, not like Kim Tae Hee. I never like KTH’s acting. But I’ll watch it because of joo won.

  7. I love Joo Won especially his acted. The story sounds interesting. So, JW will play a young doctor who did an illegal practice? Wew he commit crime.

    • I don’t think being a doctor who makes house calls is illegal though. A lot of doctors still do that. From the sounds of it though, they seem to be making something illegal going on cause I’m sure a regular doctor could pay for a dialysis procedure.

    • Well, since that’s your only problem with the drama it MUST be cancelled then, right? Hahahaha….Even though I’m not KTH’s fan I find it so laughable for her to be called SOOOO old for JW. The picture I got in my mind from this comment is one with him and his grandmother. C’mon, lad…

  8. I am also not a fan of Joo Won. IMHO, his acting is just meh to me. Although, I did enjoyed both Baker King ( mainly b/c of YSY) and Good Doctor ( for the script).
    As for KTH, I liked her in my Princess. I will not specifically watch a drama for her or Joo Won but won’t miss it if its a well developed plot.

  9. i like joo won since i first saw him as antagonist charracter in baker king then after watch him more i become fans i though he is the best actor in his generation but most his drama is dark drama many youngster doesn’t like sad n dark story

  10. Joo Won is great, I know it depends on each taste. So looking forward to this drama, I hope it’ll erase the disaster that was nodame for Joo Won.

    • Yup, I think Joo Won is great, especially in darker and meatier role (Lee Kang To). And Bridal Mask is an epic too. I watched it multiple times, and my heart still fluttering like crazy.

      Btw, I loved his potrayal of Chiaki and the other casts’ acting (especially Go Kyung Pyo). Even though, I admit that the drama was disaster for him. But, I loved him more after Cantabile. He’s really a risk taker.

  11. I’m not really sure where people are getting KTH being too old for Joo Won seeing as a lot of older actresses often play with younger actors, and KTH’s age difference isn’t even as big as some of the gaps I’ve seen. I’m not a fan of KTH but it’s been forever since I’ve seen her acting so I’m indifferent to that. Plus there are hardly any good actresses in their 20s. I hated Joo Won’s character in Baker King and so I avoided his works for a while, but he’s a spectacular actor. He far exceeds the skills of the actors his age. Bridal Mask and Good Doctor prove that. None of this needing to look pretty stuff.

  12. i did hope joo won will have a different role other than a doctor since he already did that but what the hell , i’m fine as long as i can watch him this year! kim tae hee is cute actress but i can’t see them together somehow. i guess if it will be true i just have to wait and see how it works. but still hi’m so happy there is a chance he will comeback to dramaland soon. with that said, i still need to finish cantabile tomorrow.

  13. This blogger is really annoying
    Dont know what is acting?
    For me joo won is really great actor
    Since the baker king joo won got my attention because of his expressive eyes and his acting skills is very skilled since then just watch so you can tell the fact.

    (Sorry for my english)

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