The Close-knit Gorgeous Cast of Someone Like You Hold Drama Finale Fan Meeting

I’m not gonna lie or ignore the fact that the last few episodes of TW-drama Someone Like You has basically devolved into a narrative farce. There is heart failure, car accidents, and even multiple comas. But the strange thing is that my affection for this little drama that could remains intact, it’s so earnest and sweet, wanting to keep chugging along with the idea of people being able to do the right thing in the end. The drama remains popular in Taiwan but never got more steam because SETTV kept promoting its other airing dramas above SLY for whatever reason. That’s a bummer because leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen are adorable and always game for tons of media cuteness. The network did plan a drama wrap fan meeting that took place last week, while the final episode gets ready to air this Sunday. There were jokes and tears aplenty, with the entire cast gathering to say goodbye to the fans and each other now that filming has also wrapped. It’s been a great six months so for that I thank thee SLY!


The Close-knit Gorgeous Cast of Someone Like You Hold Drama Finale Fan Meeting — 21 Comments

  1. Awww they look adorbs and compatible ^^. Did they already confirm their rumored relationship? Hope they’re a couple in RL!

    • I think they addressed the dating report and said that they’re not together IRL. Though it seems no doors are being close on that front, as Kingone, from what I gather, said that Rong Rong is his “ideal type” and likes her personality to boot. And Rong Rong seems to admire Kingone and grateful to have worked with him.

      And same sentiments, The narrative can really be exasperating, but you just can’t help but keep watching.

    • Both Kingone and Rong Rong have denied that they are dating but when they were asked about chances of them developing into boyfriend-girlfriend relationship they didn’t deny the possibility. As akikisetsu said Kingone confessed that Rong Rong is his type and that he really likes her personality as well while she said as of now they are still friends which she think they can be first. She also mentioned that she really admires him and that he had taught her a lot.

      I don’t know if it is because I really like them in SLY or if I’m overanalyzing things but I have gone back to read about the report of Lego and Rong Rong’s rumours last year and both of them just denied it outrightly, and didn’t give these ambigious answers like Kingone and Rong Rong did this time. So perhaps there’s really a possibility for them to develop to something further.

      As of the drama itself, it is definitely one of the better T-dramas lately although I have been a bit disappointed with the last two episodes, so I think it is a pity too that it kind of got neglected by SanLih despite it having pretty good ratings. Hope the last episode will make this drama wrap up beautifully.

  2. Yeah tonight’s spoiler about the wedding was ridiculous.

    However and a big however I am still addicted to this series. Boss still continues to be devoted to his Yu Xi and she continues to be kinda ditzy in a kind- hearted way.

    What to do? The heart wants to love who it wants to love. Not saying about the drama but about my heart. It’s been kinda torturous yet enjoyable waiting for an episode every week.

    • I am with you on the unexplainable reason I still love this show and still love this OTP even with the crazy lakorn-like last three episode (multiple comas? ReallY?) But I love Kingone and Kristen in this show and could watch them be cute together for a long time. I think it is because her character looks at him the way I would look at him!! I wonder why SETTV did not use them more since they are so photogenic and clearly comfortable with each other. It’s seems like a missed opportunity to me.

      What are the chances of seeing them in another drama together?

      • wow. first time I saw someone mentioning lakorns at the playground 🙂
        However just like lakorns even though I don’t really like the track the story is going in I still watch. Inexplicable really

      • You gotta give it to Rong Rong!!!!!!!! 🙂 I guess it pays that she seems to be breeze to work with, hence chemistry with her male leads are present and explosive. I really hope we get to see her cooperate once again with Lego and Kingone in the foreseeable future.

      • I’m also hoping for a Kingone×Rong Rong collaboration soon. If not I’m hoping there will at least be some good news about how they are “developing” in real-life.

        Please Kingone make a move. He can always have Ren Ba/golf as an excuse to ask her out. jk :p

  3. Loved it like everyone else. Well, except for heart problem girl. She made me nuts. Wondering where Fei Fei was in the pictures…

  4. Can’t wait till tomorrow to watch it with subs. If somebody has watched the final episode would you let me know (without spoilers of course) if the story wrapped up nicely?

    • Yes, it did wrap up nicely judging from the LIVE discussions in Taiwanese forums and which is why I decided to start marathoning this drama since it’ve ended.

    • I was very worried about the ending before watching it but I ended up satisfied and happy after watching it. I think it did the drama justice. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

  5. I fell in love with this series. The main characters were great, hell,everyone was great. Please make more of this type of love story. People need to see what true love looks like. Thanks for the making of this story

  6. My wife (She’s from Taiwan) & I just finished SLY and we loved it! Being in the US, we just found it on Netflix. We did think they rushed the ending a bit, but all in all, we felt it was up there with “Descendants Of The Sun” and dramas of that caliber. If those 2 stars aren’t together IRL, they should be! That’s how good a job they did. Also, my wife truly identified with “Auntie Chen” and her feelings about her kids. Over all . . . a full 5 stars from us!

  7. Good Story for Someone Like you. Hope to see you both in another drama again. You two are good combination hope in reality too. I wish I could met from Taiwan someone like Kingone Wang. I am 23 yrs old born in Canada. My parents are from Philippines. We love Taiwanese. The drama Someone Like You is 5 STARS for me.

  8. Someone like you us the best romantic drama I have ever watch. I found it on Netflix and I have watched it 3 times lol.If I had a man like that in real life, amazing. They make a beautiful couple.

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