Dispatch Reports that Pinocchio Costars Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye are Dating


Move over Lee Min Ho and Suzy, I love you two lovebirds together but time to make room for the latest power couple to hit K-town. Tabloid spymaster extraordinaire Dispatch just blew up the mid-week hump by dropping bombshell entertainment dating news on a slow Wednesday morning – the newspaper is claiming that Pinocchio costars and popular young actors Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye are dating! Yes, even the allegation of such merits an exclamation mark as they are both my beloved darlings so hearing they may be together is like someone ringing my doorbell with roses and a free cake.

Dispatch reveals that its reporters have been tailing Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok in Korea and overseas for the last three months before publishing this dating bombshell reveal with certainty. The two cuties reportedly grew close filming Pinocchio (which is so duh, anyone with eyes who watched that drama saw it), but it wasn’t just friendly camaraderie but included budding romance. The two have since spent plenty of time in the months since Pinocchio wrapped, when both are in Korea as well as aligning their overseas schedule for dates in foreign locales, most notably London when they did the InStyle photo shoot as well as later in Hawaii when both were there at the same time.

Lee Jong Seok is notoriously friendly (flirty) with all his costars, men and women alike actually, so it’s really hard to gauge whether he’s potentially more interested than simply as friendly colleagues. Park Shin Hye, on the other hand, usually strikes me as acting when onscreen with her male leads and mostly keeping a cool distance behind the scenes. She’s friendly and fun but always with a distinct arms length transaction. Even worse is she’s usually a deer in headlights when asked to sell romance onscreen with her male leads, most of the time I see the fear lurking in her eyes when a lip is about to descend.

With that said, Lee Jong Seok really was the first time I’ve seen Park Shin Hye completely and utterly comfortable and into it with her male lead in romantic moments onscreen. Either her romance acting improved or he’s the first male lead she’s ever been really interested in. Now we know. Congrats to the happy couple and honestly I want these two to work out so bad now that I know they are dating. Ugh, please don’t break each other’s hearts! Agencies from both sides are currently “checking with their star” so hopefully word will come soon if Dispatch got the biggest scoop of the summer or the two costars will keep selling the “just friends” shtick.

Update: Both sides agencies have responded and claim the two are just good friends.


Dispatch Reports that Pinocchio Costars Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye are Dating — 80 Comments

  1. Soompi stated that both actors denied the rumor :/ BUT THEY WOULD BE SO CUTE 🙁 Oh well. I just want to see them happy.

    • How can the author congratulate before anyone confirms the reports…at least you can you use “if”…anyway…the news is already denied by two sides. I never got the feeling that they were interested in real life even if I loved their onscreen romance and chemistry.

  2. LOL just admit already! If LMH & Suzy can admit why don’t you two?
    Or have they broken up already after 4 months of dating hmm.

      • agree with liz, it’s obviously suspicious.. she used to hang out with her buddies such as hongki and beast rapper, and they even had the pics of them hugging each other, so why should they change cars many times if they were really friends.. friends didnt do that 😛

        but however, i ship her with Yoo Seung Ho haha.. this LJS isnt attractive in my eyes,, sorry fans.. no offense.. but preference, right?

      • @liz it’s not that he change the car three times.. he use different cars every time he pick her up

  3. They should admit cos it’s clearly , if not DP will stalk them until they admit. Look GD and KiKi.
    BUt I love Darling COuple so much, and i have feeling that when i see BTS ,especially fancam in Thialand

  4. I would totally love them together in real life! And if Dispatch released it, I am more inclined to believe that it is true. Or may be, they fall in that close friend but not couple category?

  5. I think Dispatch is the korean government version of the CIA lol. Zipping around the globe trailing celebrities isnt cheap without some kind of outside funding especially with so many celebs to trail.

    I bet they have tons of files of juicy stuff in their vault just waiting for the head honcho to use if theres something shaking in the government.

    Hehe sorry too much conspiracy theories ^^

  6. Well ofc they’re going to deny it but dispatch is despicably too good with this stuff. I wonder how much Dispatch gets paid by South Korean politicians to drop these bombshells at the most opportune times

    • Well, in the past two years since Rain-KTH has admitted dating, the trend is to just come out in the public when caught. The fact that they denied it makes me believe they are just close friends.

      • iirc, SM denied Sulli’s dating rumor even with photos and video. So, PSH and LJS arent the first ones to deny the news after Rain and KTH

      • what’S wtf about my comment? to me his face looks weird and so pale and he looks like some of those people who have down syndrome.

    • What’s wrong with having Down syndrome? They are the most beautiful people as they have simple, and innocent hearts. Pls don’t diss them…it’s mean and arrogant.

    • the way you wrote your comment, the way you express your dislikeness towards ljs, is already wtf. Dont you use your brain first before writing “down syndrome”??? no matter how much you hate/dislike someone, do you think you have the right to call him having down syndrome??? is it that low/bad the people having down syndrome in your eyes? this kind of freaking-ignorant comment, aishhh >_<

    • There is something inherently wrong with your logic if you lack the capacity to realize your own ignorance. Your comment was totally insensitive and disrespectful to the numerous individuals suffering from Down’s syndrome. They cannot control the fact that they have an extra chromosomal copy, just like how you cannot control the fact that you’re genetically female (judging by your username). In LJS’s case, I admit that he’s strange looking with pale skin. So are Kim Woo Bin and Ahn Jae Hyun. Of course you’re able to criticize celebrities for their looks (that’s part of their job), but you can’t demean an entire group of admirable people suffering from a disorder beyond their control. Do us all a favor by learning compassion and educating yourself before spewing these hateful comments again. You can start by volunteering for a special needs class at your local school district.

      • I used down syndrome cause it’s a more sensitive word than saying that he looks like a mongoloid or retarded. If you still have an issue with that then it’s not my problem.

        I dont hate people with down syndrome…I just can’t help it that to me LJS’ face looks like that…my opinion!

      • Monolids and mental retardation are not exclusive to people suffering from Down’s syndrome. Your use of that term is not “sensitive” — it’s unjustified.

      • I dont give a flying f*ck if you find it unjustified! It’s not my duty to make you feel better. I said what’s on my mind and if you dont like it then grab a cookie.

      • I have been nothing but civil with you, but I can see my efforts were futile. If you are unable to probably convey your thoughts with eloquent wording, perhaps you should relieve your juvenile anger elsewhere. Might I suggest… grab a genetics book and a dictionary?

      • *properly

        I am done with my attempt to help you understand your mistake. I hope you will mature into a sensible woman with compassion, humility, and intelligence.

      • @Anh you tell them! I can’t believe someone not only spews these ignorant and hateful comments but then has the shamelessness to defend their words. That person badly needs to grow up and gain some sensitivity.

    • lols that’s your opinion! *SMH* at people like you who can “do better” in writing comments here! in case they are dating, who are we to say who or what kind of person she will date. as if we ourselves look like barbie and ken

    • WTF WTF WTF, how can you not realize that this is incredibly offensive? In general using “retarded” as an insult is just….well, I can imagine how you would call it.

  7. This is totally the Korean government trying to bury the Lee Junghee case by distracting people with celeb dating news.

    Anyway didn’t Park Shin Hye always say that she would never go public with a relationship? And she also admitted to dating secretly earlier. It’s not like she lied and said she never dated. I feel bad for these two now.

    • Because apparently some of the people involved in the prostitution ring that this poor lady and her sons were forced to be part of, have positions in the Korean government. One of them is apparently an Assembly member too, and authorities have been ignoring her pleas for help for years because of this.

      if you would like to help in any small way, please get on twitter today at 11 p.m. Korea standard time (find out what time that is in ur zone) and tweet messages with the hashtag #helpLeeJungHee. People are trying to make it trend on twitter so that the international media takes notice, since Korean news portal articles on this matter are disappearing. And now being buried by dating news.

  8. I feel bad for both I know shin hye and I know how that will affect her but if they love each other I will be happy for them , I suspected both bcz the events were they attended by both of them .
    I knew they denied but Dispatch won’t stay calm and cool I don’t care if they denied bcz its their privacy and should be respected not be sold to media to cover political problems .

  9. I always thought PSH had great chemistry with Yoon Shi-Yoon, particularly their kiss at the end of their drama Flower Boy Next Door.

  10. not fan of them and neither watch Pinocchio yet, but seeing their pics off screen and watched some their videos, I did like them to be couple since there is comfortable and lovely vibe from them both… and if it’s dispatch, I believe they’re dating for real.. and I’m happy for them.. also wish their relationship could be last for long…

    but if in the end they’re not dating, oh well… already happy to know they keep in contact and have good friendship even after their drama ended.. 😀

  11. I would be so happy to see Shin Hye dating anyone who will truly love and care for her and LJS is a good man. But they have already announced that they are good friends and people tend to spend time with their friends. Even Dispatch people said that they if they’re driving around together, they don’t go beyond 1p.m. and don’t stay in each other’s houses and they dine with few of their friends. It seems kinda legit to me. So what’s wrong if they meet? And sharing a car is more practical. I just hope both of them won’t have a hard time as a result of this news.

    But what I’m really hurt about are some people saying here bashing on looks and even mentioning the differently-abled persons. why are we dragging these innocent people in this news and dissing on them? Looks aren’t everything. There are many classically good looking people out there who are actually monsters in real life.

  12. Just admit that both of you are not available anymore. Don’t worry so many celebs are already openly dating these days.

    No let’s see who Kim Woo Bin is dating lol.

  13. Nooooo….TT ^TT……I ship her with Kim Woo Bin. But yeah, as long as she’s happy, I’m happy too.

  14. It’s a media play. From his side!
    PSH is not interested in him.
    Came on, the only hug here on the pictires are her and Lee Hong Ki!
    Yes, they met at night. And? Dispatch can’t release even a single shot with them holding hands for example.
    LJS is doing very bad not denying right away. He is using this situation to increase his popularity. From Pinocchio times he is saying and doing such things. Not very gentleman from his side!

    • LOL, as far as I concern, his popularity is getting more not bc of PSH. LOL , hey, look at his dramas, they are very successful. SO, why he needs to take advantage her. In addition , most of Her fans dont like him and they often bash him when he praise her,or there is their co-oporation news .And ofc other fans of other actress bash him bc he only praise PSH. LOL. What benefits does he get???

      PS: I ship them from Pinocchio. They look so cute and perfect together.

      • I’d not say her fans don’t like him. I have seen a lot of PSH came to like and even became his fans… and they appreciated that he appreciate her

    • Like seriously?! Girl you better watch pinocchio bts scenes from the dvd. Shin Hye was the one always initiating the skinship hahaha

  15. I’m pretty sure that they’re dating. Why? Because what kind of a lady would go to a guy friend’s apartment alone, and celebrity at that. Unless she’s the girlfriend. And going on late-night drives with just the two of them. I don’t buy their close friends excuse..

    By the way i really hate those arrogant fans of PSH who kept on calling LJS names. They’ve called him ugly, gross-looking and even a leech. When PSH herself is no Aphrodite.

    • They are dating. She’s really conservative. She wouldn’t be hanging out like that with him if she wasn’t dating him. I can get why they deny it, but I also think it’s stupid to. LSG/Yoona and LMH/Suzy both admitted and people left them alone for the most part. They aren’t special and people are going to mention it and call them liars now.

    • seriously arrogant 1st you don’t know anything about park shin hye or her fans those haters who hate LJS not arrogant psh fans you act like them accusation without knowing who are talking .
      As shin hye fan I love Both I don’t care bcz this is their business not our problem .
      Who insults LJS may be anyone but do you think that will affect him …..!

    • Most of PSH fans are cool and supportive. The ones who are hating are obviously from her other ships. Get it straight!

  16. wow i love this news! I sure stan sukkie and love for him to be with shin hye.

    the next couple that i want to be real couple is yoo yeon seok and kang sora, their chemistry is off the charts

  17. Well I wish they were really dating but I don’t trust shit from despatch they are not always telling the truth. They are not always credible.

    I’m both PSH and LJS fan so no issues with me 🙂 watched their shows long before they were casted in Pinnochio. PSH and JGS make a fine couple too. Didn’t care about the other males she worked with.

  18. As I said earlier in my comments, I also found that PSH was intense chemistry with LJS that LMH in the heirs! Anyway, they are dating or not, leave them alone, they are human too!

    • The LMH hunger tho! This is not a drama article and I don’t know why chemistry or LMH is the center of this article cuz he has no dog fight in this. There is nothing between LMH and PSH and has never been. His in a happily relationship for 6months now and rumors has his been with his current girlfriend for over 1 year and his faithful boyfriend to his girl. As Suzy fan this is getting annoying and btw I am really happy for PSH-LSJ fighting for the new couple weeeeee!

      • It’s funny how LMH fans really like Shinhye though, not even shippers, but his fans. They really show that they like and support her, even now. I think she is the only one that get this kind of treatment from his fans.

  19. to be fair, I believe I read somewhere that PSH told the interviewer that she wouldn’t admit to a relationship, whether it was true or not. so like in this instance, where they’ve probably been caught, she’d still say “nope, just friends”. so I’m not entirely sure I’d write this couple off from the get-go

  20. It is really big and good news as I have always dream of LJS and PSH to date in real life…. But close friends can also lead to lovers. Just wish their relatioship will flourish into a beautiful love relatioship

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