Dispatch Gets Peevish with Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye Dating Denial, Releases Torrent of Rendezvous Pictures

Today’s lesson comes courtesy of K-tabloid Dispatch – don’t piss it off otherwise it’ll act like a spurned mistress. After Dispatch rattled the mid-week hump with a breaking story about Pinocchio costars Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok secretly dating for the last four months, the two stars in question swiftly denied the report through their agencies and united on the same explanation of being “just good friends who hang out.” I suppose that’s acceptable a lame excuse as any, and really no need to keep pushing them to admit if they really don’t want to for whatever reason.

But Dispatch clearly felt its investigative integrity and prowess was being called into question by the denials so hours later followed up the first article with a bitchy and snippy second article, this time with all the picture proof. Basically Dispatch claims its reporters followed the two on secret dates for months so how dare they deny it, not to mention Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok have been openly wearing a couples bracelet recently (see above). The pictures really are as hard to deny as the ones that outed Lee Min HoSuzy, Won BinLee Na Young, and RainKim Tae Hee, basically secret meetings in parking garages to get into the same car and whatnot. Dispatch ended the second article with a snide wish for “the friendship to last forever.” LOLOLOL.

Dispatch first flashes pictures of Park Shin Hye hanging out with her platonic guy friends, in this case Lee Hong Ki and his buddies – she openly drives her car to hang out with free hugs aplenty. Then Dispatch releases the dam on Park Shin Hye’s surreptitious rendezvous with Lee Jong Seok, switching cars in a parking garage and plenty of over-the-shoulder checking for eyeballs. So let the lesson be learned, if Dispatch outs you and it has picture proof, fess up rather than incur the wrath.

I’m actually struck by a few other asides after looking at the pictures – (1) Lee Jong Seok needs to burn his Crocs and get smacked upside the head for wearing such footwear monstrosity especially on a date with his honey, (2) both Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye look as good au natural and dressed down as they do in full drama form, and (3) damn, those two drive pricey wheels, with Park Shin Hye in a white Audi while Lee Jong Seok drives both a top of the line white Mercedes sedan and a black Porsche sports car. Have fun dating, cuties!


Dispatch Gets Peevish with Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye Dating Denial, Releases Torrent of Rendezvous Pictures — 69 Comments

  1. LOL yea they should have just said they were dating when outed by dispatch. Seems like they always have proof before outing couples. ^^
    I’m glad they are dating. Good luck to them.

  2. Why cant dispatch just leave them alone to date in private. Its really a personal choice whether to disclose their relationship to the public. I fully understand why they would deny it since they are both actors who are still so young. Anything can happen. When they are ready to announce it they will. I just want them to date like normal people without having to answer to anyone.

    • Dispatch got all the celebrities on date even Snsd and Bae Suzy so do not expect them to not follow stars, Dispatch is probably the only real paparazzis in South Korea

    • Dispatch is probably playing a pun, no more Pinocchio syndrome of telling the entire truth with Pinocchio drama’s leaders on a realistic date, get caught twice

  3. It is so obvious that they are dating, but the fact they denied it is their choice. I understand that they don’t public attention and just dating freely just like normal people…
    and dispatch is so salty. It’s so annoying. You can’t control their life duhh…

    • They have any right to deny the dating. But it s funny how their fans continue to call it a “rumor.”

      A celebrity is called a “public figure” for a reason. Being a star means one give up part of his/her personal life.

  4. They should tell the truth if they are dating. Just like Lee Min Ho/Suzy and Kim Tae Hee/Rain did. The media specially Dispatch won’t stop following until you tell them the truth.

    • More like what they want to hear as truth.

      Let’s be honest, most of the time they have no idea what they’re talking about and just throw speculation out there and just assume the whole case true as such and demand that these celebrities act along.

      And they really don’t owe the paparazzi anything, truth or not.

      • I think that is the tactic media and especially paparazzi uses, when in doubt, throw something out there. In most cases the concerned parties if ” guilty” will think they have been found out and will “confess”. In this case it didn’t work and it left Dispatch incensed. They were like ” What? You dare deny us our reward after months of chasing you around missing family dinners and all?” Come to think of it, it’ s rather creepy. Imagine thinking of someone watching your every move night and day.

  5. I hope “the friendship to last forever” too hehehe. Nothing wrong with denying the dating rumors. PSH has always been rumored dating her costars (Yong-hwa ship never died down, then the brief LMH rumors after Heirs), but this is the first time there has been pictures. Lee Jong-seok is so cute. I hope they hang out with Kim Woo-bin too because that bromance is the best ever since Song Joong-ki/Yoo Ah-in in SKKS.

  6. LOL just admit already before more worms in the can come crawling out!
    Why so scared, just two young persons dating? Its not like an old man with very young lady or an old lady with very young man. Even those are not that scandalous anymore….

  7. Come to think about it PSH seems to be dating every male co-star she has worked with haha. Time to settle for this one already Shin Hye.

    • don’t say nonsense… it’s fans who want her to date with her costars. So far, it’s only LJS have pics but they still can be friends tbh

  8. So damn funny on the previous post about them dating and ALL the comments. I knew when we were talking about how her “deer in the headlights” syndrome kissing scenes was the main topic about “Pinocchio” drama, that if there was a Man co-star to break her shell was him. Hope this ousting doesn’t affect their relationship. Thumbs Up Girl, High Five Dude!

  9. They should just admit. Netizens have already started calling them liars. It’s affecting their image.
    The trend is to admit and be truthful to your fans. The couples who admit like Lee Min Ho-Suzy and Kim Tae Hee-Rain have positive image now. Koreans have started to look positively to dating news.

    • True. They should admit, then DP will let them go to focus the next victims @_____@
      I thougt Knet like and kind them but we cant read their mind.

  10. LOL at Dispatch for acting like a scorned lover…heh. The gall of them to get mad when it should be the other way around. If LJS and PSH wants to keep their relationship private, it’s their right. Even if they are celebrities, they don’t owe anyone especially Dispatch the explanation for everything that happens in their life. The latest pics indicate just how sleazy and invasive Dispatch can be.

  11. Dispatch invaded their privacy and then has the shamelessness to act so spiteful at THEM for not going along with it? Tsk tsk…

  12. guess disptach was piss that their both denied.
    so they release bunch of picture of them dating for people to see.

    i think they both should just come clean cuz who know what disptach will release next if they both denied again. disptach is like your ex.
    they will keep release thing till u come clean.

  13. lol Dispatch with “I have pictures to prove it!”

    Umm.. so not just friends.. although it was a bit weird with hd pix of ‘stalking’, but I guess it will be a lesson to all celebs who deny the all-knowing Dispatch

  14. They did realize that once Dispatch release an article, their relationship can no longer stay ‘secret’? even if they deny, the rumor still lives on and their every move will be followed. It’s not like they can be tranquil ever again. so yea better just play along with the media so it will leave them alone. If they’re afraid of public attention, do like Seung Gi and Yoona, avoid talking about each other on interviews and such, not like anyone can force them. and on the side they can date without worrying being caught again and become ‘liars’. That’s when their images get affected. even if yrs later, they break up, with time people attention move on, that’s how it is.

  15. Dispatch are glorified stalkers at this point and they seem sort of childish to insist that anybody dance along to their tune and verify their scoops.

    I do think they’re dating, despite the denial. I will never get over how odd LJS looks. PSH is such a natural beauty and he looks so weird to me after getting his nose done. However, he must have his charm points to have so many fans across Asia, and everyone’s taste is different, I suppose.

    • I agree. I honestly always imagined her with a very manly man. LJS just doesn’t look like that to me. He looks like just a pretty boy. But maybe she likes his personality more …

  16. I kinda get the idea how the tabloid reporters do their jobs after watching Healers but damn those paparazzi are just pitiful human beings. Their desperation for proofs are so apparent on those pictures I can’t help but feel sorry for them for doing what they do for a living.
    You intrude their private lives & now you want them to fessed up just to prove your point? I just lost faith in humanity.

  17. Is dispatch having some super natural powers ?
    Leave the two alone..get a life dispatch ..
    And same pinch koala the first thing I noticed in the pics were the Hedious crocs jong suk was wearing ..like seriously dude? It’s a crime..biggest ever ..noooooooo

    Btw if they are dating ..congratulations ..

  18. LOL it’s affecting their image negatively? Seriously? Knetizens can have several seats. They seem ridiculously and nonsensically judgmental.

    I couldn’t be a Korean celeb. I’d call a live press conference, tell off the media and netizens (there’d be lots of censoring), hop on a plane and head to my mansion in another country. Of course this would be after making lots of money off real estate investments and CF’s lmao…

  19. Lee Jong Seok had his nose done? Now i got the point. That s why I always find something unnatural in his face. Anyway, he was really awesome in Pinocchio and had great chemistry with Park Shin Hye. I love them both.

  20. Oh Dispatch the Korean version of TMZ! So creepy how these paparazzi just follow these stars around and take secret photos of them without the celebs ever seeing them, even with the over-the-shoulder checks.

    • Haha I was thinking the same thing re TMZ and Dispatch. Photos evidence or not, still up to the both PSH and LJS to deny or admit it. Not everything needs to be shared with the public. Let them have their privacy.

      Not that I condone the “stalking” of celebrities but at least they blurred out their license plates. Even though it is kind of creepy to see them hiding out in their cars just to get photos of celebrities, it is good to see them dressed down and without all made up.

  21. Maybe they’re taking a private lesson on acting or others. Secretly going to a place where Lee Jong Seok is going and conversing with others by sitting side to side do not scream dating to me.

  22. Ohh I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one noticing those expensive cars. Those CF deals must pay pretty damn well.
    I might be the odd one here, but Dispatch’s reaction is hilarious to me. And as much as people like to complain about invasion of privacy and what not, you need to realize you’re contributing to it by clicking on the articles, so I wouldn’t act so offended if I were you.

  23. Either Dispatch is telling the truth that these two are dating or dispatch is really keen on advertising the vehicles.

    Me as I watch the photos: “oooh.. Nice… Lol that over-the-shoulder look, what are you having an affai- OHMYGAWD!!!! AUDI! PORSCHE!!! MERCEDES BENZ!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Who ARE these people??!!!!”

  24. Dating, not dating, who cares, wish them the best, the only REAL question here is what the crap is he wearing in those first 2 pictures… and why?!

  25. It is really no one’s business if they are dating but I guess the very fact that I clicked through to read this post means I am also guilty for showing an interest in celebrity dating lives…..which is what drives these tabloid reporters to do what they do. Sigh! They look like a cute couple so I hope they can date happily and freely without wrath from their fans or anyone else. And nothing wrong with crocs

  26. Actually, it is possible that they are just really good friends. The kind that can be easily misunderstood by others, so being who they are, they are taking precautions for that not to happen. I have close male friends who come to my place, I go to theirs, we talk while sitting on the bed relatively close to each other (when the only place in the room where more than one person can sit is the bed), and for me it’s the most normal thing in the world, since we’re, you know, all human beings. And mind you, we’re ONLY friends, there’s absolutely no way anything will ever happen. But even my dad once misunderstood. So I’m not saying they’re not dating, but it is possible that these photos also only mean that they’re just really good friends who clicked and like to hang out without being disturbed.

    • Me neither but I leant since I started watching Asian dramas that the word ” scandal” has different meaning depending on location. I guess it’s cultural differences

  27. LOL, I noticed the cars too. Damnnnn.
    Anyway, Dispatch should just leave them alone. I will believe it when they admit it. If they don’t want to admit it, then let them be.
    Why do pictures of them being attentive in cars have to be solid proof they’re dating? They are big stars after all, they could just be attentive to avoid unnecessary rumours. I think everyone needs to just chill out…
    But whatever, I am not crazy about this couple, but if they do date, I support it!

  28. Well, Dispatch did prove one thing; that no matter how beautiful or rich you may be, there is absolutely NO ONE that looks good in Crocs!

  29. I’m thinking all the “over-the-shoulder” glances PSH is giving in that parking garage is probably suspicion after hearing the fading footfalls of relentless and evasive Dispatch paparazzi following her around.

  30. For me, those pictures released by dispatch were not convincing enough to show that they are having love relationship. Most of the pictures captured are only about shin hye. We didnt see jong suk in those cars. At least give us like a holding hands picture or something more. Nonetheless, I will love and support shin hye no matter what. As long as she’s happy, I dont care about anything else including her bf

  31. Whatever! Just leave them alone. They looked great together on screen anyway. I don’t really care whom my favorite actors/actresses date in real life. That’s their privacy and nothing to do with their acting profession.

  32. This is all part of their chosen profession. The Dispatch is playing to its fan base, as do the actors. The mature response, would have been to just admit they like each other, and are dating. They must have a low opinion of their fan base, otherwise why all the offstage drama. Sure, of course, there will always be fans who are intrusive but the fans who are respectful, totally out way the ones who aren’t. The fans aren’t the only ones putting pressure on these actors, so they need to stop acting like they are. It is rather amusing, some of these stars forget, when they are riding high, that they chose this way to make a living, their fans didn’t push them into it. Also, the money, they make, must he ease their pain, a wee bit.

  33. I hope they’re able to date peacefully, they had every right to deny it. I fully ship it if they are dating though, they make a gorgeous couple with tons of chemistry!

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