Oh My Ghost Readies for Friday Premiere and Looks Funny and Soulful in Long Preview

I’m quite looking forward to upcoming tvN Fri-Sat night spiritual possession romantic comedy Oh My Ghost. It’s the first horror-tinged K-drama this year and airing a bit earlier than the usual lunar new year 8th month of ghost month, which usually falls around mid-July through early-August. This one looks less scary and more melancholy, with both female leads Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi already making me feel sad for their characters. The former is a doormat and the latter is, well, dead.

Less impressive in the previews are the male leads Jo Jung Seok and Im Joo Hwan, and I only mean their characters as the heart of the story appears to be the two women who will soon share the same body. Jo Jung Seok’s prickly chef and Im Joo Hwan’s sweet cop are standard K-drama male lead types but Park Bo Young manages to sell her demure and shy character so I don’t want to yell at her to grow a spine and instead really want her to blossom. The drama premieres this Friday so hopefully it turns as good as the long preview looks.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Jo Jung Seok feels like an awkward fit in the role, whether it’s his chemistry with Park Bo Young or playing this character. I love him and find him always a great actor but now quite sure if things will feel smoother in the full drama because the snippet cuts aren’t catching my interest. The opposite is true of the other three leads, I find their characters interesting me to learn more about them, and also getting a bit of second male lead shipping feels already. Too bad Kim Seul Gi is playing a ghost otherwise I would love to see her get an happy ending with her crush on Im Joo Hwan.

Oh My Ghost long trailer:


Oh My Ghost Readies for Friday Premiere and Looks Funny and Soulful in Long Preview — 7 Comments

  1. Am happy to catch Im JooHwan on the small screen again soon. Also that Kim Bum header on top of your site? It’s just SO sweet and adorable!

  2. Without any subs at all nor any knowledge of the language all I can say is this girl can REALLY act. She’s the best by far among the cast with the one and only exception of the true ghost-ess, the second female lead from Discovery of Romance (a.k.a INR4, lol!). Girl power 4 ever!!!

  3. For some reason, Park Bo-young is giving me Sam-soon vibes when her character is possessed by the ghost, and in a few scenes she really resembled a younger version of Kim Sun-ah. This looks like a fun drama.

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