Fashion Fail Friday: Girl’s Day Goes for Short Shorts and Ends Up an Uncomfortable Eyeful

Where’s the voice of reason and sensibility, someone like fictional Music Bank PD Tak Ye Jin from the drama Producer, when such a sage person might have saved idol group Girl’s Day from a major embarrassing performance outfit fail. I wouldn’t have noticed this particular bout of K-pop idol fashion fail since there is many such instances to cite, other than news come out this week that upcoming tvN drama Answer Me 1988 held a script reading and is prepping for filming so I went ahead and did a status check on leading lady Hyeri to see if she’s as fake aegyo as ever just to prepare myself.

The answer after looking at the most recent pictures of Hyeri leaves me thinking she’s not just annoying she’s also very fake sexy. Turns out GD is having a comeback this week, and as part of that comeback is a music stage showcase to perform their new song “Ring My Bell”. I can’t even bring myself to watch the actual performance if the still pictures from the event are so horrifyingly unattractive. Oh what an extra inch of fabric in the back could do to salvage this outfit, that and a dance that is less butt shaking. Seeing these pics actually sent me running to my closet to inspect and try on all my jeans shorts to make sure none look as trashy as the ones worn by these four ladies.

I’m sure there are way worse outfits than these, and my commentary isn’t aimed at curtailing the ladies right to wear whatever they want to promote their album. I’m just saying it’s not attractive and wouldn’t attract the right kind of attention, unless the kind of attention they want comes from upskirt shots and having their pictures used for inspiration in nightly solo activities. Once again my one attempt to give Hyeri another look before AM1988 filming and promotions start end up leaving me with an even worse impression in mind beyond her horror movie levels of bad acting in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.


Fashion Fail Friday: Girl’s Day Goes for Short Shorts and Ends Up an Uncomfortable Eyeful — 74 Comments

  1. Yeah, so that eighth pic down (not including the one at the top) is just wow. I can’t believe they were allowed to wear these while dancing. I mean, I’m not the only one seeing that, right?

  2. Wow… i gotta say, this really is bad looking. Way too much is showing. I’m sure those photographers were loving it based on the photos they took. Yikes!

  3. Ahhh….That’s pretty normal in my country, so…it’s just ok for me, I’m not shocked at all. But, I think that it’s not look good ’cause GD don’t have the real wish of look awkward. I hope at last. Indeed, my problem with the photos is the size, seems too short for them…
    Sorry, my poor english.


    • HAHAHA, cellulite, every girl’s nightmare! Well, what if we could afford beauty salons and on a daily basis? Perhaps, cellulite would have been tamed by now! Alas, there’s no time, but more importantly there’re no “aesthetic” funds,;-)

  4. I don’t see why Hyeri’s group is being dragged in here when it’s got nothing to do with any dramas?

    Yes the shorts are ugly and she can’t act but this feels a bit mean somehow, you don’t usually go after idol stage fashion fails like this.

    • It’s her personal blog I thought? She can choose to write about any subject she wants right? I understand what you mean but she wasn’t attacking them and calling them sluts. She was just saying it’s not a good look.

      • I was just surprised because koala usually focuses on drama news or huge scandals, not trivial idol wardrobe malfunction news like this?

        I don’t like Hyeri’s attempts to act either but the choice to republish the pics here is a bit……how to say it, nsfw?

  5. It really doesn’t look very good. But I also think perhaps they actually don’t really have a choice in what they wear for performances….. So really there shouldn’t have an impact on your impression of Hyeri. As they are completely different things. Acting and a performance as a girl group weather her acting is good or not is an entirely different point.

    • I agree that these girls probably lacked authority over styling choices. There must have been at least one member who felt uncomfortable and exposed when she saw the short shorts. Wearing spandex underneath would’ve helped immensely.

      • putting on some underwear would have helped more!!
        I feel bad for them. They probably had no say in what they wore, but still…

    • Actually, there is a lot of acting that happens in Kpop. It’s one of the aspects that makes it so different than other music. It’s not just about the song itself, but equally about the performance.
      I think Koala was commenting on her lousy sexy acting during her performance as well as on film.

      • @DeeDee lol you’re reaching. She didn’t even watch the performance, just commented on the outfits. This article has absolutely nothing to do with her acting, it’s just click bait. I think Hyeri deserves the criticism she gets for her acting (and imo she isn’t very musically talented either) but this article is pointless. Koala wants to drag Hyeri for her bad acting? Fine. But her Girl’s Day activities have nothing to do with this.

        And like pigsnout said, acting in a music video/stage perf is completely different from drama or film acting…

      • I just want to say that while these girls don’t have a say in what they wear during their performances and what dance they do, no one forced them to sign on. They went in knowing the kind of dances they are expected to do and that they have practically sold themselves to the agency. If fame is more important than morals, than it’s a choice they made. And if the public criticises them for the clothes they wear, then that’s the price they paid for fame. In any case, I’m sure they could have protested as a group about the skimpy outfits.

    • @DeeDee – the “acting” in kpop mvs is nothing like drama/movie acting, idols who are great at one can be terrible at another.

      I just don’t see why this kind of pictures was even published here in the first place. I don’t like Hyeri’s acting either but this really has nothing to do with Reply series acting. And like people have said, it’s well known that kpop idols do not have any control over their concepts/outfits, especially girls.

      • Well, we can certainly agree to disagree. I wouldn’t equate them completely, but when you have girl groups dancing and dressing like this…and doing the MV’s they do…then they get on variety shows and virtually pass out if they have to touch a guy’s hand in feign innocence…I’d say someone is doing some serious acting somewhere! I find it funny though that people are getting in such an uproar about Koala commenting on this. It’s almost like people are insulted for Girl’s Day. And as if just because Koala rarely blogs about things like this that she’s not allowed to at all. Weird. And, personally, I don’t buy the excuse that they have no say in what they are wearing. I think Luhan, Kris and Tao have shown what one can do if you don’t like what your company is doing.

      • @DeeDee – you forget, Luhan, Kris and Tao have a whole other country and its billion+ population to work in.

        You’re making a completely false equivalency here, since Korean nationals who don’t have the option of fleeing to China also do not have the option to just walk out because they didn’t like what their agency tells them to wear. Not without being charged for millions of dollars and blocked from working in entertainment any more.

        Look at what’s happening with JYJ even now, how many times has SM been fined for interfering with their activities? And they still continue to get blocked from public broadcast.

      • I hear what your saying, Gina, I really do. But I don’t care how much it would cost me…there is no way I would drop my morals and wear that kind of indecent clothing. And it was clearly indecent. You make it sound like they are enslaved and are in a third world country where they have no choice. They do. They may ‘feel’ they don’t, so they compromise, sadly, their own personal belief systems. That is a dangerous thing for anyone to do. Or maybe not, maybe every single one of Girl’s Day loves the do we know? We can speculate all we want, but the truth is we really have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I’m not in the industry…and reading about it doesn’t count…so I don’t know how much say a group may have as a united front. I think everyone likes to think these girl groups are being forced to wear sexy clothing when they are really poor innocent girls who would never be caught dead in these outfits and concepts. I think the fans like that idea. I’m not so convinced it’s reality. I’m not one who reads everything I can get my hands on in the Kpop industry, but the only time I’ve ever seen an idol actually come out and say they disagreed with a concept was Kevin from UKiss with their ‘Quit Playing. He actually went public with his disagreement. I respected him for that.

  6. The 8th pic with the blonde shows way more than I’m comfortable, I hope it’s because she is wearing a nude underpants.

  7. And also the they are facing a scandal. Only Yura was saved but the other 3…..Tsk tsk tsk. Bad acting + scandal hmmm I wonder what the AM1988 production will do about Hyeri

  8. My damn, this is a hot mess.

    I’ve always thought it is quite interesting how Korea is supposed to be conservative but yet kpop acts (especially female groups) can be so hyper-sexualized.

    • So the real question is this! Why does THAT happen? To whom do they address in those outfits since their society is so conservative and ready to cast stones to anyone for much, much less than being uber sexy? Is it their target group solely teenage boys and their “solo nightly activities”? (epic description, btw ;-)) And how come it’s perfectly fine with so much bare leg but a slightly low-cut cleavage is frown upon?

      • Cleavage vs legs – it’s an Asian thing, there is a funny pic about it,i’ll see if I can find it later when i’m on my computer. Basically a white western woman and an Asian one walk on the street – western has her cleavage exposed and either pants, or longer skirt can’t remember, the Asian one cleavage covered but legs completely exposed. They look at each other, notice the exposed part and think ‘what a slut’.

        BTW the target audience are actually middle-aged men, not teens. Should clarify a bit.

      • @Annie, that’s really a huge cultural shock (beyond being super funny, lol)!
        Does something have to do with strict religious beliefs? I can’t think of anythithing, tbh. Even in countries where Catholicism was/is deeply rooted, cleavage has never been the issue. Maybe it’s the “height” factor…Smaller body doesn’t look “bare enough” even when both legs are fully exposed (but nothing else, unlike some of the photos above…I feel for those girls’ embarrassement,that was terrible!) I’m in the dark completely…

      • Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because breasts have to do with breastfeeding and stand out more cause male ones are radically different/non-existant? And legs are not to that extent? I can’t vouch that it’s true for korea and other asian countries, but for example I know for sure that in Japan you mustn’t wear a sleeveless shirt that makes your bra straps even a tiny bit visible, it’s offensive. But girls can wear super short skirts, the kind that make me raise my eyebrows with ‘ugh really?’.
        I’m trying to think if i’ve ever seen an asian tourist here with a sleeveless shirt, and I can’t remember seeing even one. Even when you’re basically dying from heat in anything more than a bathing suit.

        As far as height goes, asian proportions are actually different – longer upper bodies, shorter legs – it might make them look even less bare.

  9. Actually, it’s very unusual for a performance. Shorts less short than these usually have a spandex dance short under them.
    I’m actually surprised at this..

    • The one with long blond hair was wearing black spanx under the shorts in the performance I found on youtube. Is this pic altered?

      • Where were two different performances with these outfits, the second performance had some minor outfit adjustments.

  10. why do you think so many girl groups have their comeback during the summer? So they can “delight” us with their almost non-existent outfits. I have no problem with girls being sexy and wearing revealing clothes, but when you try to gain fame and money out of it, that’s when I lose all respect for you. Now, if only those outfits helped and they gained one award so their agency stops treating them like objects. SMH

  11. They are all pretty girls, but this styling is just tragic. From hair to clothes. I can’t believe these are the same people who did the sexy and sophisticated Something. This comeback has been bad all around for them.

    I doubt they have much choice in their clothes though. I’ve never seen a group without safety shorts on so it’s really weird they aren’t wearing them here. I have no issue with showing skin or being sex, and you don’t even have to be classy about it, but at least make it appealing to my eyes. This isn’t.

  12. I really hope the Reply team will reconsider Hyeri for the lead role, especially with all the attitude controversies consistently swirling around her and the other members, they will definitely affect the drama one way or another.

    • considering that alleged rapists and murderers get to appear on tv, I doubt any ‘attitude controversies’ will sway the Reply team. Hyeri has been cast, now it’s not going to be undone for anything short of a major scandal (and I don’t mean some flimsy ‘attitude controversy’). Frankly I don’t find her any worse than most idol actresses including the vaunted Suzy, though I think her bandmate Minah might have been a better fit for an acting lead role – she can act.

      • i second that. Minah would be a much better choice for the lead role. Putting the ‘controversy’ aside, I found it hard believing that the Reply team chose Hyeri over other girls because I find her acting in Hyde very unimpressive, mediocre at best. But we’ll see, i guess.

    • You can’t be serious. There are reasons to be opposed to her casting, but because of “attitude” is not one of them. All of those issues were stupid and overblown, either by butthurt fangirls or netizens who want someone to hate. They also apologized and even knetizens moved on from it.

      • Yeah it’s just that the ‘dumpling’ tag will follow her and the other members for a long time. And girl needs to work hard to impress us (from what we’ve seen in Hyde). But i’ll give her a shot, who knows, she might surprise me

  13. IDK but for some time know, Koala you are picking random posts that drag idols or females.

    Why you are doing this? Even posting those pictures.

    Lot of websites didn’t post those pictures (that one that shows Sojin’s vagina) in respect for the girls (who most of time are doing and wearing what their manager, company told them to)

  14. Cut it you guys..I don’t find anything wrong with her sharing these pictures…As Lola has said earlier…what’s horrifying when body is being put on the showcase for sell…if they’re singers they should value what they’re putting out there..their song/performance…but those shorts are just too much..Hyeri looks like something totally obscene with that shorts on..and the other girls have been unfortunately showing much than what’s civil.It’s like another miley cyrus on the stage.Why do they have to dress up this way is beyond reasoning.Once you cross the line it’s harmful for your image…I hope they follow other singers who have much much grey cells.

  15. And to say they’re being pawn of their production…it’s not like leaving the work when you’re forced to do something is undoable…They can take the decision on their own and not let themsleves get used by others.Question is whether they want to.

  16. I only like Yura in G’D, she’s so naive and positive. I mostly hate Hyeri, actually it’s since she started acting, her acting was terrible.

  17. I have been thinking that all the girl groups should just get real and wear bathing suits. They have practically nothing on as is. I am not into KPOP but who can get away from the endless pictures? Someone said a long time ago you can see it all and I guess that is true. I am a bit shocked but the day was coming that vagina shots were going to happen as shorts/skirts can only get so short. I understand you are a drama site but the whole cultural thing applies too. I know I struggle with adding other things outside on my Facebook page. I just hope when the girls see their photos they can see on their own much they are being used. I am really tired of all the crotch shots. If you can’t sing maybe you need all that. Sad if that is how you value your talent, but this type if stuff will be boring eventually and your singing would have seen you through if you have talent. Put some panties on and some grown-up clothes that fit and show the world you can sing for a living.

  18. koala I agree that Hyeri’s acting is awful but why did you feel the need to post uncensored pictures of her bandmates’ lady bits showing during their musical activities?

    It’s deeply distasteful on several levels (not just the fact of the girls wearing those shorts, but your choice to republish them) and also unnecessary since this has nothing to do with Hyeri’s Reply 1988 acting role or any dramas/movies at all. Idol’s stage performance skills are typically no reflection of how they’re going to do onscreen anyway, we’re aware enough to know that much.

    It’s not even as if Girl’s Day are pop culture phenomenons like Exo or Girl’s Generation with huge news like member departures and so articles on them here would be justified from the cultural angle, it’s just picking on the group because you don’t like one member’s role in an upcoming project. I’m normally a fan of your opinionated posts but this felt a bit petty and I’m disappointed in you.

  19. it’s koalas blog peeps! You don’t like what she posted, written in her blog then scroll down or leave the site! Simple as that! Lol

    • It’s her blog but there’s also a comment section. And presumably koala is able to bear reasonably expressed disagreement with her choice of posting matter/opinions about its appropriateness. If not, she can just close the comments.

      • Yes!
        She can write about whatever she wants, but we can bloody well comment what we want as well

  20. These photos should be censored or parts of it. S. Korea is the least conservative country in my opinion. I am not a follower of KPop but some of the young ladies’ performances have been so suggestive and sexual. I am not sure if these performances are meant for the Korean audience or other Asian countries or maybe the Western audience.

    • Korean middle-aged men. Who love to drool over exposed sexy (and “sexy”)young women. And to dream that they’re virgins and the epitome of innocence, since they usually have to pretend that they’re unaware of being sexy and act all infantilized with too much aegyo. There’s a really good article about it on beyond hallyu.
      This particular case is vulgar beyond belief but well ottoke. Korean men love watching it.

      • That’s smthing universal; sexually repressed (middle-aged) men or/and socially oppressive (irrelevant to age) men tend to objectify women (girls) and things get much, much worse when there’re countless “mass media” events and “artists’ agencies” to promote this image (hypocricy plus minor cases of neurosis equal to serious social phenomena!)
        However, in this case, what do middle-aged men have to do with these tasteless outfits? What’s their power over korean girls’ group? Do they buy tickets to their perfomances? And for whom? For themselves or their children? Are they powerful enough and rich enough to organise those events? Or maybe do you mean something different?

      • I’ve been on 3 hrs per day sleep for days so I’m not exactly coherent in my thoughts. Plus I’m not a native speaker, and am bad at sociology (most hated subject at school).

        It’s not just these (any many, many other) tasteless outfits, it’s dance routines/choreographies (here are the more extreme examples in a recent article, nr 11 is a capital offender IMO and even lyrics.
        Girl groups with sexy (which can often veer into tasteless/vulgar) concepts are widely known to be aimed at older men, it’s just a fact (like for example kdramas and ajummas), at least from what I know and have read. The other fact – that many young girls and women, and young men like them too, and are probably bigger fans does not change the first one, in spite of how illogical it may seem. I don’t really follow girl groups, maybe something changed and now really all girl groups use sexy concepts all the time and the line is blurred.

        But mostly and mainly, middle (and old) aged men are those who rule – they run everything and decide on everything. It’s why we get these horrible outfits and those horrible dance routines. It happens in the west too, for the same reason.

        Not to be unfair, male kpop groups are sexualized and fetishized as well. It’s just worse with women because female bodies are much more sexualized in general. And because of the above.

  21. First off I don’t like kpop in general, just not my musical taste. Also, with both girl and boy groups I’m uncomfortable with how they seem like human commodities. For girl groups the dancing often ranges between being a tease to verging on stripper moves. So I’m not entirely surprised by this. Someone in styling or management lost perspective on the veil of modesty and just took things to the next logical conclusion.

  22. Even if the girls don’t have a choice to voice out their opinions on their stage outfits, they could have at least wore spandex underneath. I would have because I would not wear that kind of outfit televised. Not only are the outfits inappropriate, it also made them look cheap.

  23. i know u’ve always been opinionated koala hence the reason why i had find this website a breathe of fresh air. i was bummed when you didn’t complete lost you forever summaries, or when you no longer recapped as many shows you use to. but now im greatly disappointed in you for the hateful post you’ve written. i agree hyeri is far far from being a great actress. but the way you’ve attacked her and her group in such atrocious and mean spirited aspects, sigh. it’s a pity. there is a difference from being honest, being blunt, and being mean. i hope you will take this kind advice. its’ kinda heart breaking but alas, as a reader i’m dropping the rose-colored glasses i once had.

  24. I’m a girl. I like to see sexy appearance from both, male or female celebs whether it’s actors or idols. But this one is just looks cheap.

  25. they look like slut. what is their company thinking? making them wear those kind of short. in one picture u can almost see her clit.

  26. NSFW

    This being in Korea where it’s supposedly a bit more conservative, I’m amazed that this wasn’t censored. Also, I don’t care who the eff you are, if you’re out in public, you need to be wearing underwear. Even a thong could have saved that poor girl in the vagina shot

  27. desperado. with so many sexy girl groups comeback this summer, they tried hard to be moreee sexier, but it was sooo far from being classy like their last comeback with something.
    hyeri in reply 88? i think i plan to stop watching this franchise.. it gets boring.. one or two episodes, wont hurt actually..

  28. How is Koala malicious? They did it and they wore it so it’s out there for folks to see whether it’s here or not. The shorts are just not cute. There needs to be a limit, I don’t care what your manager or PD says. If your but is hanging out, you definitely have a say. I’ve been feeling the shorts are getting way too short for a while now. Sistar is another group where I cringe every time they perform in shorts.

  29. The outfit choice is so not flattering!! They are beautiful but I think the angles of the photographs+trashy shorts=not good!!! Anyways I don’t think they have much say in what they wear so, can we really critizes them? I mean, we critize media and popstars because they give away a “too perfect” or “photoshopped” image towards the audience, but when this type of pictures show that they are actually human beings people sometimes tend to be too harsh.

  30. Do these girl groups really not have that much say in what they wear in Korea? They can’t tell their manager they think the shorts are too short or put on underwear and/or tights under their clothing? If that’s the case, the whole industry over there needs to be shut down.

  31. Those pictures though, I feel so bad for all of them because they are horrible. I especially embarrassed for Minah who has on both legs 2 ring marks that look like she was sitting on the toilet sit too long and made an impression. Sojin’s crotch shot isn’t any better. I don’t know what their producers were thinking, but they didn’t do this group any service.

  32. Lol, so I’m not the only one thinking, “Wow, SK girl bands are turning low class stripper now.” I’m not huge on Kpop stuff. I just like a few songs here and there, but when I talk about chicks like Hyuna looking like a skank and sounding so ducking weird (does she stop up her nose?), people hate on me and call me an anti fan. I really don’t give a sheet who is who. I just like music. I don’t want to be given a virtual lap dance in the process.

  33. Nothing wrong here I Dai5y myself this performance is a dream come-true for me and those close up shots are amazing fans where given photo shoot time as well Girl’s day no1

  34. LOL…I wasn’t active on this playground when this was posted. Thanks to Thor. So here I am. Can’t stop laughing. Those vulgar dresses crack me up so much. Many Kpop girl idols are notorious for wearing tawdry outfits in MVs or on stage to attract male fans. Girl’s Day is among these groups who gain their popularity with sex appeal. No surprise to me as a avid Kpop fan. LOL…That’s one of the reasons I don’t stan any Kpop girl groups.

  35. BTW, I saw my peers and school tweens wearing these kinds of short shorts in hot summers everywhere in the US. Kpop is nothing but copycats of American pop culture. Just think about Beyonce!

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