Park Seo Joon Strolls Through Milan Sporting the Upcoming Menswear Fall 2015 Trends

Summer is actually when the tricklings of the all important fall fashion season starts to make an appearance. In periodicals and advertising, the switch is on to showcase the biggest trends to come once the weather cools down and people start putting on more clothes and want to try things out. Park Seo Joon was in Milan last month shooting a pictorial for fashion magazine One Korea, a combination of the right model and locale producing an eye-catching series of fashion shots.

Park Seo Joon turned down the currently airing K-drama High Society, with the role eventually going to similar styled Sung Joon. I like Sung Joon but something is a bit off with the performance and I can’t figure out if it’s the character writing or Sung Joon’s portrayal or both, leading me to wonder how things would have turned out had Park Seo Joon accepted initially. It’s no big loss to him as he’s been fielding movie offers left and right and will be seen on the big screen in the ensemble film Beauty Inside. In the meantime, enjoy those fashion perfect snaps of Park Seo Joon rocking every outfit given and maybe starting a run on a certain red Burberry scarf.


Park Seo Joon Strolls Through Milan Sporting the Upcoming Menswear Fall 2015 Trends — 7 Comments

  1. This young man got style, whatever he wears it surely got an incredibly get into fashion that delight the audience. Keep it up!

  2. Definitely feel like high society would have been good if Park SaeJoon and Moon geunyoung took up the roles. In that show the only thing that keeps me mildly engaged is park hyungshik and that other girls story arc and characters. As much as i love uee (since YAB)i think she was not able to bring the rebel/independent/lonely aura that the role needed. While as much as sung joo has the same moled-esque cold guy aura as park saejoon, i think park saejoon would have added more layer than the one SJ has been playing now….

  3. Ugh, no, only getup I liked of his was in the 2nd photo, and of course, they mar it with the yellow oversized rainjacket….

    And, no that red scarf is way too big and fugly….

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