Lee Min Ho’s Latest Airport Sighting: Man Purse Toting and Driving Little Girls Wide-eyed with Wonder

I’ve seen recurring commentary on recent Lee Min Ho posts that he just doesn’t look as good anymore. Of course that’s still balanced out by plenty of “oppa is so hot!” comments, but there are clearly enough opinions of his downgraded visuals to merit considering that point of view. I think he still looks good, definitely movie star handsome, but he doesn’t look like he used to in the Boys Before Flowers days all the way through City Hunter. Sometime after Faith and on there has been a gradual change from flower boy to pretty man, and the boy to man distinction is perhaps the way his entire form has gone from rangy lean to fit but fuller.

I do wish he would go back to black hair and maybe change up his style a bit. Lee Min Ho was snapped at the airport earlier this week headed for Guangzhou China, with the little girl ‘s “OMG” photobombing reaction to seeing Lee Min Ho at the airport too perfect not to share. Maybe it’s not Lee Min Ho in particular that could elicit such a reaction from each of us at seeing a fave, but who hasn’t had a idol sighting reaction moment or three in our lives. On an unrelated note, he needs to toss that man purse, and stop fiddling with it while he does the photo walk into the terminal. It makes him look like a particularly fussy man-mom LOL.


Lee Min Ho’s Latest Airport Sighting: Man Purse Toting and Driving Little Girls Wide-eyed with Wonder — 53 Comments

  1. I don’t know why you use some many times writing about this guy or search for every single mediaplay his not involved in or trying hard to downplay him at every chance you can get…

    I have even seen you taking a hit at bifan awards as being the smallest or irrelevant.. you keep what doing yourself at this point!

    but however I do agree with you on his hairstyle being extremely bad… I blame his stylists

    • Clearly I write about Lee Min Ho because I like him and keep track of his entertainment activities. As evident in how I write about him, with bemused fondness.

    • Wow..it’s obvious to me that koala likes lee min Ho and not downplaying him. Chillax..
      Honestly sometimes I wonder whether fans are a blessing or a burden. On his own, without the hype and everything, I feel he is an actor with great potential. For a start, he’s natural, acts well and at times show depth which he can definitely go much further but because of the pretty boy status and to not incur the wrath of his fans I suppose he make safe choices in acting. Which is a shame.
      I like him most when he just broke out, he was raw and really peaked very nicely in city hunter. Ok attack me fan girls but all the performances from then on were quite meh.
      Before u kill me, let me state I love the dude. I wasted hours of my life watching every episode of heirs, reading every recap and for the life of me, now can’t even summarize why an entire drama had to be made. Lol

    • For god sake, it’s her blog! She can do whatever she wants! If you don’t like it, don’t open the link. Go Koala! I love your site <3

  2. I strongly dislike his hairstyle, his overweight problems, and the hair color is just bad..

    Koreans should not go with bangs at all.. this is my opinion and they manly features are hidden… NO bangs on any ”KOREAN” male

    All koreans should aviod bangs thats how much I hate that..

    • Overweight? This man is not the least bit overweight however you look at him. What about you? I guess you must be ultra skinny with just skin and bones to find him fat.

      • He’s not overweight; it’s his fuller face that changed his look. I don’t know how Koreans get fat on their face alone or whatever they use to make it fuller.

  3. He’s fuller, those shades look like a misfit for his face… But hey it’s Lee Min Ho! Auntie killer all the same. Now I know even the little ‘uns go gaga over him too… Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yeah,he is not handsome as he used to be..I miss the old LMH but not bcoz’ of his looks but bcoz’ of overall personality and aura back then..

  5. I liked him…but he seriously need to rest. There isnt much to see anymore. He showed it all. That boy need to experience some..grow up a lil more..before doing another project…..ooppsss…sorry lovers.

  6. Overweight no ways ,but his looks have dramatically changed (I already said he looks like an ajashi now ,being only in his 20’s and not a hot one ) and I saw how on Twitter he was called min Ho Jenner ,I died laughing after that ..most hilarious thing I read ?????

  7. Lol at the attempted blurred out face of the little girl, which I can still clearly see her reaction. She was probably like, “Hey mom, when are we going to….Eeekkk!!! (mouth covered-celebrity detected)!!!”

  8. He’s rich and successful. He is dating ‘Nation’s First Love’. It doesn’t even matter how he looks. He has got everything.

  9. I honestly think he hasn’t changed much other than gaining a few pounds. I still think he’s a tad overrated in his looks and underrated in his acting abilities. It’s been a while since Gangnam 1970, so we might hear something about his next drama/movie soon.

  10. cut the guy some slack.i think he hasnt change much too,just age through out the years.same aging are visible quick others take some time before we see it.koala definitely like him to sometimes making unnecessary post about him and it gives people unnecessary things to say about him too.i do agree he is overrated in his looks and underrated in his acting abilities, he definitely got the chops and i think koala could agree to it.his next project is a movie which will be release next year.i hope he picks a good drama project soon just because i miss him but not necessary means he needs to come to dramaland,it will do him good to do movies for a while.

  11. He still looks good, but he’s undoubtedly not as hot as he was during City Hunter. His body doesn’t look much different, but his face looks a bit more round and puffy than it did in the past. I guess it could be age, but I’ve never seen a guy get a more round face with age. Maybe just weight gain and age or maybe just too many fillers. Regardless, his fans don’t really seem to mind and people seem to exaggerate and pick on him for no reason. He’s harmless.

  12. Its funny on how koala being his fan yet still critizes (?) his looks (?) LOL

    He was in Daegu the day before this photo taken. He must be tired thats why he looks puffy in that morning. Gurlsss, he is a hallyu star. He is busy. He doesnt have times to put make up or even care about his appearence at the airport. You compare him to another oppas whos rarely seen went to airport. Ofc they’ll more all out. Sigh.
    LMH is not in the level where he need to care about appearence at the airport, kids. He is in different level. He is big. Its a crime compare and judge his looks just from early airport appearence.

    And why even ppl and even koala just interest about this? He is handsome as always in the event he attended that day. He looks so gorgeous during Baeksang but koala didnt write about it. Somehow i wonder koala is his fan or hater.

    • lol pls. He totally cares about his appearance. His hair is done and he’s got a face full of bb cream. Don’t be delusional. All stars car about airport appearances.

  13. Well why he has to be the same like he was 3 or 5 years ago. Give him a break. Everyone has their bad days. he is still the same but matured. Hair color just isnt right.

  14. You only choose to criticize. You picked just one or two photos and generalized. He may have changed on some physical aspects, who doesn’t anyway, but his looks is more manly now. After all, he’s turning 30 (Korean age) next year. Have u written about his appearance during Baeksang awards?

  15. I feel really uncomfortable when people insult other people’s appearance tbh,am not a big fan of his but i think some of you should cut him some slack he is obviously working too hard and atleast a year rest will do him justice…and was with saying he looks like jenner that is totally rude and very childish,he still looks very handsome but just needs to go back to black hair and without bangs and he needs to do something about his bloating face cos sometimes it is a symptoms of liver failures tho i don’t pray that to be his case.WE ALL HAVE OUR BAD DAYS PEOPLE,NO ONE IS PERFECT.

  16. He just need a change of hair style and color and i need his old airport fashion back other than that he is still very handsome and his long legs are everything.
    Plus I love a guy that works hard,he will have 2years to rest so he should make use of his many opportunities now and not care about appearance but do more good dramas and movies and yes i agree all korean guys need to do away with bangs,they don’t know how hot they look without bangs.

  17. i hope the 2 yrs will do him some good and i rly rly hope that he will lose the bangs. cuz man, its bout time but regardless i am ahuge fan n hope his future projects will make us see him in a different light

  18. Amusing to read all the comments. As an entertainer who has good looks, any imperfections will be criticized. This is the trade off when he has the image of handsome flower boy. People pay to see his face (good acting will be a bonus) & that’s how he makes his living. His hair will be cut as a soldier & it will not be a 2 years rest. Be realistic. I will continue to criticize when I am not entertained, it is just human nature LOL

  19. I read on dramafever where he talked about his bloated face he said something about a health issue,Other than that he still looks good.
    And Omg,that little girl is so adorable.

  20. tbh, i think it’s his hair color and cut that’s making his face look fuller. i prefer him with black and slightly longer hair. i think he’s skinnier than what he used to be. i want a drama comeback. i want a lee min ho-park bo young reunion.

  21. the bangs and the hair colour sucks.he looks great with his hair black n all back.the need to band bangs in korean ,that hair style just sucks.

  22. He is not fat by any means, just looks at his legs and chest, he is fit, is the damn hair he has to change, the bangs make his face look bigger,when he was at the award shows or event the pepsi event he looks great,he needs to go back to gangnam blues,he looked perfect, like a total man,no more flower boy

  23. korean celebrities are very experimental with regards to their hairstyles even KSH…he had his days of curly hair and so unflattering too! why so pick on his hair, he doesn’t have even a drama yet and the movie is yet to be shoot. can he have the freedom to just let loose for a while?..haters are really so strict! haha

    • I do agree with you, even ljs is not in good shape this days. They are humans let them eat while not working. They work hard for the money and the money should be spent in foods

  24. I was also a fan of LMH biased, I saw all his dramas but I also realized that he has not been in any TV variety show in Korea, why is that? I also see him as a person very focused on his work. with his latest drama, was filled with job offers trips, cf, photoshoot .. etc (he started singing I do not like at all) that is not insider also his fans have never seen signing autographs or taking selcas. I see it as a very private person and for two years leave to follow and when I see it no longer makes me dugun dugun my heart jajajaj lost luster for me lol and now has a girlfriend and everything (should be bright and shiny) LMH it is a product, a brand and to view or touch have to have money (FM), I think so and are staying back slowly, perhaps already tired of being followed and want to be a normal person. hopefully soon make their service and get more handsome and mature. PS: I do not follow it as I have no idea of ​​their social activities and if this is not charity groups joined that’s all do not hate me is my POV ok kekeke
    sorry for my English is not good

  25. He needs to take it slow and continue doing good . My advise to mr min hoo don’t come to america it will change his personality. All together.

  26. I can’t believe it! There are people asking why is Koala writing about LMH?! Here?! Because she can! Because it’s HER blog! That’s why. Keep writing about him, please, Koala! Small facts related to Min Ho sshi are also a part of his life and people who love and admire him are interested on. I like him a lot, but I watch him with a critical eye also and I feel relieved anytime I see my opinion is the same as yours. Sometimes I feel an imperative need to dye his hair black again, to extend his pants, to throw away those silk shirts he’s wearing on stage and to fire that person in charge with his fashion style. And… never mind. But I still like him a lot!

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