So Ji Sub Cuddles on the Sofa for New Pillow CF Campaign and Revealed to Have Turned Down She Was Pretty

The bad hair trend is continuing on the heads of some universally lauded as gorgeous actors. First came Won Bin at his own wedding, next was Yoo Seung Ho last week at a CF brand event, and finally this week So Ji Sub saunters in with a combination of those two bad styles into a new even uglier do. I think even asking why is pointless, I’ll just shake me head and look away. So Ji Sub is the spokesmodel for the Kanuda brand of memory foam pillows, and this latest CF campaign should be subtitled “But this pillow because So Ji Sub loves it so much he takes it with him even to the sofa.”

So Ji Sub made the news this work for confirming upcoming KBS drama Oh My God with Shin MIna. He’s one of those actors that is equally successful in both mediums, and remains highly selective when it comes to settling on a role. In a Naver article last week, his agency revealed that So Ji Sub had been deciding on his next project, and among the projects he declined in recent months is the upcoming MBC drama She Was Pretty, which just confirmedĀ Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum. Going from So Ji Sub to Park Seo Joon is such a huge leap in acting aura and styles, but this news is merely a reminder of all the entertainment casting back-and-forth that happens behind the scenesĀ that fans will likely never know about.


So Ji Sub Cuddles on the Sofa for New Pillow CF Campaign and Revealed to Have Turned Down She Was Pretty — 9 Comments

  1. funny peanut shaped pillow. how can it be comfortable? That’s how he has bad hair day everyday… hahaha…

  2. But I’ve seen these pics months ago…?

    Very good news to me, that he let She Was Pretty pass, as I swore to myself that I’d never watch anything again with Hwang Jung Eum. She became totally unwatchable to me in the therefore totally unwatchable KMHM. Pheew. What a relief.

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