Popular Webtoon So I Married An Anti-fan Gets K-drama Adaptation

Fans of this webtoon will be excited for this news, I haven’t read it myself but am excited there is another concrete K-drama to look forward to. So I Married an Anti-fan is the next Korean webtoon getting the small screen treatment, having been scooped up for a K-drama adaptation. I really don’t follow Korean webtoons so am always surprised to see how many there are out there, providing a seemingly endless stream of stories to adapt into K-dramas. In the pipeline for this year already is Cheese in the Trap and Will You Have Dinner with Me.

This one doesn’t have a network yet but does have a screenwriter, the writer of Attic Cat will be adapting the story for the dramaverse. So I Married an Anti-fan is the story of a tabloid reporter who gets fired from her job when she accidentally photographs a top star in a sticky situation so she ends up being his number 1 anti-fan to bring him down because he ruined her life. Clearly they get married so some point, judging from the webtoon title, or at least they must fall in love despite getting off on the wrong foot. Who else thinks this story has shades of Full House? I didn’t like Full House but this one sounds silly and potential fun, as long as no one gets their house sold by selfish friends then I’m all good.


Popular Webtoon So I Married An Anti-fan Gets K-drama Adaptation — 47 Comments

  1. Ok I’m interested. Can l nominate actors from your recent articles – Lee Minho and Jung Somin? I think she can generate sparks out of him 🙂

  2. I absolutely loathed Full House, but this sounds fun. I think that there are better examples of ‘contract marriages’ out there, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang and Goong for example.

    • “I absolutely loathed Full House” I love you! Seriously, I have despaired of finding anyone else who felt this way about that nasty piece of merde.

      For some reason, the name of this webtoon rings a bell, I thought I read buzz about a Drama adaptation a year or more ago. Now to hope the get the cast just right If only she weren’t pregnant, I’d say JJH would be great, after her comic stint in YWCFTS. Or maybe the Dramagods will be kind and give YEH a chance at a decent Drama for once.

  3. It sounds a bit like Full House and a bit of Prime Minister and I with the reporter bit. 🙂 Should be interesting.

  4. I cast Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho for the two main leads. Praying!!! They will be ennemies at first, and then gradually fall for each other. Sound interesting! Can’t wait!

  5. yeah does have shaded of fullhouse but i didnt really love fullhouse, i liked it.

    im up for this drama always love the love-ate relationships, the bickering and hate for one another at the start. also i hope the heroine is really a good character.

  6. I know lots of ppl hv issues with Full House.. i love it for its silliness and SHG but her so called friends still make my blood boil. Errr Rain’s styling too..

  7. Wasn’t this webtoon the Hong Sisters’ initial project before Greatest Love? I remember I read about how the production manager failed to get the rights of this one and therefore they proceed with GL’s story instead.

  8. This plot sounds really old fashion like a k-drama you’d see 10 years ago. I’m curious to see how this does in the ratings.

  9. well i’m surprised that the comic cover pict that you posted is in indonesia… never seen this manhwa before in bookstores (maybe because i’m too focused on manga haha)
    but i‘ve seen the novel before in bookstore

  10. Ha. I remember body loved Full House and then I decided to watch it too, and hated it. Loool. Main guy was a dick, main girl too stupid and I couldn’t get into secondary characters (too stupid!!)

    This one seems fun. I’m reading cheese in the trap, so far good enough, but nothing breaktaking

  11. I would totally like the girl hates the guy trope to come back a bit though there’s the possibly that she’ll fall first and be all dumb.. well at least sounds light and cute.

    How long are the usual web toons? I’ll give it a read if it’s finished. It will be fun to imagine the actors I want in the roles.

  12. Well, despite its flaws I love Full House, it’s the first kdrama that made me an addict.. It’s silly, but fun.. I would forever remember Rain and SHK in that one..

    The webtoon sounds interesting, now they need to cast talented leads too to get me interested.

  13. whuaaa i have the book and been wishing there’s gonna be a drama adaptation, shd be very interesting..and i’m already liking the writer, cause i love attic cat ^^ it’s a different from set-up from full house. I nee to re-read this book hehee got myself so excited because of this news, thanks Koala Unni!

  14. Aaaa Wann is my absolute FAVOURITE manhwa artist! I wonder why they are making this into a drama and not 100% perfect girl or Can’t Lose You. I feel like the fake marriage plot has been used more than enough and we really should just move on from that trend… The two manhwas that I just mentioned would have a high possibility of becoming hit TV shows because it just hits all the right spots of the (female) audiences: rich handsome guy, beautiful clothes, great (or crazy) love story and satisfying endings!

  15. am i the only one who think of PARK BO YOUNG????!!!!!! she’s super brilliant in my OMGhostess and i hope she continue playing in small scene, since many Movie actors prefer big screen, but she’s such a genius when it comes to acting!
    other name, emm..Yoo Seung Ho as the male lead?? oh.. im craving to see him, lols.. or TOP or WOOBIN??

    i think, eunji or sooyoung can pull this character well also.. since they started to be the real actors, not only idols-turn-actors..

    • Yoo Seung Hoo vs Park Bo Young? Such an amazing combination. I bet they will make great chemistry. Hope this will be come true! Both of them are gifted in acting and they physically fit well with each other.

    • Yoo Seung Hoo vs Park Bo Young? Such an amazing combination. I bet they will make great chemistry. Hope this will be come true! Both of them are gifted in acting and they physically fit well with each other

    • Park Bo Young please. OMG was the first time i have seen her, and i fell in love.. on yeah please dunt forget that cutie pie who is playing a ghost! i forgot her name, so sorry. but i love her from previous dramas. its about time for her to be given more important role, isnt it?

  16. I wish this webtoon was being translated online so that I could check it out. It seems rather typical in storyline but it could still be fun.

  17. I have the opportunity to read the manhwa in my country. I thought it was pretty good, I am glad they are going to adapt it because the illustration in my opinion is not that great haha

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