Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae From School 2015 Reunite for Hazzys Accessories CF Campaign

I’ve only written about Nam Joo Hyuk after Who Are You: School 2015 for two reasons, the first being that he’s going on to do more drama roles and that’s the topic I cover, and the other being that he’s not as wooden or awful as the shipping wars incessantly ragged on him. With that said, School 2015 second male lead Yook Sung Jae clearly out acted Nam Joo Hyuk, a natural at acting with a fantastic lively onscreen presence. He made School 2015 such a joy to watch, especially with his fun interactions with female lead Kim So Hyun. Perhaps that’s why the shipping wars took over the School 2015 discussion, but even if I liked Yook Sun Jae’s performance and character more the whole debate just seemed so premature and pointless.

Who cares which guy the leading lady liked, the whole crew is in high school and nothing will last even in fictional drama land at that age. Just have fun would have been my preference and was definitely the approach I took when watching that drama. With that said, it would be fantastic if Yook Sung Jae got to act with Kim So Hyun again, but wait a few years until she’s older so they can do a proper young romance story for me. Until then, accessories brand Hazzys has reunited them for an ad campaign with the first picture giving a glimpse of what that might look like. Other than their very severe expressions, love the full body back hug with a side of attitude.


Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae From School 2015 Reunite for Hazzys Accessories CF Campaign — 31 Comments

  1. They are soo adorable. I know sohyun is young but their romantic chemistry was undeniable from their first interaction in the drama. I was touched by how sungjae would upload selcas w/sohyun and even tweeted about how hard working she was.

    I really liked her with joohyuk too though and they seemed to have gotten pretty close behind the scenes. he said that sohyun is very close to eunbi’s character (kind and calm) and then proceeded to say that his ideal type is someone like eunbi lol.I hope all 3 of them will stay in touch.

    can’t wait to see rest of the pictures!

      • @ilikehim @anon I have no idea why. Yes, she is pretty and talented, but I guess I just don’t like seeing her? I hope it doesn’t sounds rude, I didn’t mean to be rude. She always looks said and not truly happy. You know when you got that feeling when someone is not herself and you can’t trust her. I’ve got that vibe her all the time. I hope it will change, because she’ll get many roles in the future I am sure.

    • I get you! I try to like Kim Yoo Joung, but I can’t. She is very beautiful, BUT there is something lacking on her that I find it on KSH. And this is not a war, I mean…I like KSH more than KYJ, but I adore both. OK?

      • Irisz,I actually think that KSH is always acting like herself . she always had a more calm and introverted personality. She does have this innocent and damaged vibe to her but that’s part of her. Sorry but your reason to not liking her doesn’t make sense to me because she always had that personality but doesn’t force herself to be outgoing and social. Well eAch to their own anyways .

      • @Elle This isn’t about them. I like KYJ as an actress, but I did not really liked her in May Queen.

        @Anon It’s okay if she is like that, just not for me. I don’t get her. I shouldn’t have said that, it seems too hard to explain.

    • haha gurl for someone who is not interested and does not like KSH You “make time” to go back in this article just to reply!? That is very very nice of you! KSH will surely like you a lot haha Oh please don’t be shy try to explain further why you do not like her maybe the general public will understand you someday LOL

      • @kyungsoo I did not say I am not interested. I’ve seen many dramas she is in and it is not going to change in the future. I was just speaking my thoughts out loud. As for coming back, I am always checking out Koala’s site and if I have a conversation somewhere I checking that too.

        @Anon 🙂

    • haha gurl you don’t like her and you only like her voice but you “find time to see” this article and many of her dramas and you will continue in the future LOL haha

      That makes sense! what else?

      Like I said in my previous post that’s very very nice of you! Kim Sohyun will surely still like you! I like you even more haha

      • @kyungsoo You are trying to be funny or just really don’t get it? I am not seeing “her” dramas, I am seeing dramas she is in it. This is why I wish I like her, because they are using her a lot nowdays.
        If you still not get it, that’s not my problem, sorry.

    • haha gurl I said that makes sense! LOL

      If you still not get it, that’s not my problem, sorry.

      And Like I said in my previous post that’s very very nice of you! Kim Sohyun will surely still like you! I like you even more and more haha

      • ha? who is DO ? is that even a name ? o.O if you are talking about me I was just passing by , searching for my first love but I think she left me once again haha I’m feeling hurt right now Lol

      • and I forgot to add @mary the delulu 🙂 please remember the magical punctuation mark “.” (period) Its D.O. Cheers!

  2. They are cute, but honestly I never saw the big deal about them. I don’t get why people loved them/him so much when she didn’t like him back. It became uncomfortable for me to watch in the drama. The guy needed his own life outside of loving her and it was good he found it.

    They do have chemistry, even if this looks like Eun Byul more than Eun Bi which kinda makes me laugh.

      • I should have known better than to bring it up. Sungjae and KSH are great, but TaeBi not so much. I thought he had great chemistry with both twins as well.

        Anyway, I wish them both well. 😀

    • I didn’t understand why eunbi got hate for picking han yi ahn than taekwang when she obviously liked the former more. like she was obligated to like taekwang because he was nice to her. but with way the writers wrote the drama, ending of eunbi-taekwang would of made more sense, not to mention that sohyun and sungjae had really good chemistry. I was a bit baffled by the ending to be honest and wondered why the writers built up the plot like that. I think people like these two because they have really good on and off screen chemistry and hope to see them in the future in a different drama (obv. when KSH is a bit older). In a interview, Joohyuk picked sohyun to be his costar for a future romance drama or movie and I would like to see that as well.

  3. Is there still anyone upset about the ending? These babies already have two endorsements together after the drama ended and it makes me so happy haha. Their chemistry overflows although both are very young. Hope to see them in dramas soon, together or not, but KSH is busy with her movie and YSJ with albums. Anyway they look super pretty in that shot ♥

  4. love love love them so much and was dissapointed with the ending as well since it shows they had more chemistry and how taekwang loved her so much. i guess the writers already had the ending planned and they didn’t expected sungjae to be that good in his role and steal the limelight. it is too bad…
    i hope he’ll get a main role soon and comfort all the Taebi shippers still hurt.
    looking forward to their pictures together. they look good!

  5. I’m still pissed they cut that umbrella scene! Grrr
    With that being said, love the picture! They really should act together again. Their chemistry in School 2015 was sizzling

  6. I can’t believe they didn’t ended up together. They had more screen time and sweet scenes….so happy to see them together again.

  7. They make such a cute pair! I agree with everything you said about him. By the end of that drama, he (and his character) was the only thing that mattered to me and I started the drama with high hopes… I hope they do a drama together in the future..

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