Song Joong Ki Jets Off to Greece to Film Descendants of the Sun

While I’m happy that upcoming Kim Eun Sook penned K-drama Descendants of the Sun is getting the full pre-produced treatment, that does make the wait for it to arrive on the small screen feel interminable. Case in point, October is right around the corner which marks the initial dates promised for the drama’s premiere, except now the whole kit and caboodle has been moved back likely six months into the first part of 2016 to accommodate filming and schedule it to premiere simultaneously in Korea and China.

The cast has already been filming in Korea for the last two months, but now it’s finally time to ship off for Greece to film the overseas portion. Male lead Song Joong Kiย was snapped at the airport jetting off to Athens, looking every bit the harmless boy-next-door and not a peek of the authoritative military man he plays in the drama. Peach really is such a warm and inviting color, lol. I wonder if the other leads Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Won are already there, but no matter since all I want is to see the drama preview as soon as possible.


Song Joong Ki Jets Off to Greece to Film Descendants of the Sun — 24 Comments

  1. Perfect timing! Our family is jetting off to Athens and other Greek islands next week for 2 weeks vacation. I wish I knew their film locations ? Or wishfully bump into them in some touristy sites

  2. October is right around the corner which marks the initial dates promised for the dramaโ€™s premiere

    They/KBS/the production company never promised it’d be ready by Oct, that was just (irresponsible/shoddy/clueless) speculation by the media. How could it possibly be ready by Oct when they only started filming in June-July? Other k-dramas can barely get half of their filming done within the same time-frame, and DotS’s aiming for 100%. It’s just.not.possible, KBS knows better than anyone from experience, and never made such promise. It’s the media who peddled fall as potential airdate, when they should have known better too from having covered k-dramas for years, but it’s like they refuse to use their brain cells.

    I wonder if the other leads Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Won are already there

    SHK’s there too, same flight, wasn’t photographed. Not sure about JG and KJW, not all the actors are going on location, and the non-leads seem to be leaving on different dates.

    • Yes actually it say will premiere on oct but then they push back to accomodate with the chn sarft. Becoz china already bought the license to air it live in china with the huge amount of money. So it must finish filming first then the authority sarft will approve it after see all the episod n it will premiere in china same as premiere in it says will be early of 2016.

    • I read that KJW was there this month, but went back to Korea for Chuseok holiday. Jin Goo may have been there at the same time since they play a couple in the drama. They might still go there for another period of filming. It’s very common for actors to fly back and forth when they film on location. The pics from the filming sites look good too. It really looks like a war-zone. At least we know that the surroundings will look real, if the story ends up sucking.

      • Are you saying KJW was in Greece before Chuseok? I find that hard to believe given that the cast & crew (incl. Jin Goo) were filming very intensely (like non-stop for 10 days) in Taebaek (the set location for the disaster zone), sent home for Chuseok, then immediately left for Greece on Monday. If she was in Greece earlier this month, and that’s a mighty big if, it couldn’t have anything to do with DotS because the entire crew were busy working insane hours in Korea, and only left with the lead actors on Monday. And I don’t expect any of the actors (those going on location) to be flying back & forth during their month-long stay, because it’s a 20-hour trip from Korea (there are no direct flights to Athens during the off-peak season) and they’re not filming in Athens, they’ll be stuck on an island (as yet unnamed).

      • @CL Wow you know a lot about their schedule and flights haha. I don’t follow them as much as you seem to, but thought I’d share what I read anyway. I don’t think the source was very reliable though. And I’ve just seen pics of her at the airport. I assume she was heading to Greece. It’s a good thing the girl I check for updates for my favorite idols likes her too, that way I get to share this info with DotS fans, although I have a feeling you already knew. Your Sherlock skills are no joke.

  3. This makes me.excited cause im from greece. my sister is in athens these days, so if anyone knows the filming locations pls post them.. By the way the level of bureaucracy is damn high in greece especially to get filming permission..the new Bourne movie is set in athens as well but they couldn’t get filming permissions so they disguised spain into greece..

    • Are you instagram? If so give me ur insta name and if I get any updates I’ll let you know cause I’m searching for it too as I am planning a trip to Greece in the middle of October, so I’m hoping to get a glimpse of him and the rest of the crew while I’m there. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • agree but i’ m not sure about acting, he was good in tree with deep root but lack in nice guy,eventhought i like the story i didn’t feel the melodrama, his emotional acting still lack for me, i didn’t finish the last 4 episode

      • He’s breakout role is Nice Guy that’s much raved about by critics. He’s not a lead in TWDR although he nailed the young king in the drama.

      • What u didn’t feel the melodrama in nice guy? SJK lacks in acting? Go home! Ur brain is broken!! His acting is damn good!!! I really watched the nice guy drama twice!

    • No, not just you. I’ve been admiring how broad his shoulders appear to be. He’s got that nice V shaped body. Broad in shoulders, slender the farther down you go.

  4. Song Joong Ki’s image….PERFECT for DOTS, pairing with mature(but always look young=29) Song Hye Kyo. Storyline, Captain’s 34 and doctor’s 33. The diaster zone, in Middle East(?)………his skin’s brown=PERFECT!
    They’re beautiful screen couple in DOTS. Others are same, beautiful!
    Their acting, whole DOTS’ TEAM, trust them 100%!
    Hopely, there are some comedy scenes then NOT wasting their talent……Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki, KwangSoo, Onew………

  5. I anxiously await the return of Song Joong Ki to the screen and the world of entertainment..It has definitely been a void that is now being filled.

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