Angelababy Gets Medical Exam to Prove She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery, C-Netizens Don’t Believe It

This is one weird and ultimately pointless exercise in celebrity rubbernecking. C-actress Angelababy (Yang Ying) was just subject to a very public medical examination to confirm whether she had or hadn’t any plastic surgery, an exercise that was mandated by the Beijing court that is currently trying a case where she sued a plastic surgery clinic for claiming she had done plastic surgery. This is so bummer for her coming right after her marvelously extravagant wedding to hubby Huang Xiaoming, who hilariously has vouched for his wife’s all-natural looks by claiming she still looks as awkwardly un-pretty as she did in her teens once the makeup comes off. The plastic surgeon who did the examination declared Baby all natural, after examining for incision scars and also doing facial x-rays. Nonetheless the C-netizens didn’t buy the so-called exam results at all, so for the sake of public opinion Baby is still all man-made, but hopefully for her lawsuit it’ll help the case. I don’t care either way, she’s got a fun personality in variety and is improving as an actress which are the only things I care about when it comes to actresses.


Angelababy Gets Medical Exam to Prove She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery, C-Netizens Don’t Believe It — 26 Comments

  1. Looking at her lips and its “miraculous” transformation, I don’t deny there might be a PS case. But she delivers hotness and is bangable AF so I will let it slide.

  2. Didnt she say she wore braces before? It can change the face shape. It can become more pointy. My cousin wear braces and she complained how she was at first shocked and unable to accept her new face shape. Instead of her previous squarish face shape, it gradually became pointy. I guess its because the upper teeth and lower teeth are being aligned and thus contributes to the new face shape.

  3. Well there are one and a million ways one can improve their appearance even without PS, for example: her jaw reduction could be a product of botox injections directly to the muscle, there are also nose fillers, she seemed to have fixed her teeth, hairline correction, lip injections, etc. Not to mention the access she probably has to top dermatologists and makeup artists. She could have used all of that and STILL claim she had no PS because it’d be technically true. This also applies to all celebrities tho no matter how ~natural~ they may look. And in my opinion who cares!

    • She had a CT Scan, physical examination, on scene photos. What more do they want? I’m not even her fan, but I pity these insecure people who so adamant in being cynical. Is is because your are insecure =)

  4. It’s her life and her money. She can do whatever she wants. I guess there’s still that stigma with plastic surgery that makes people so unwilling to admit to it. If you’ve done it, own up to it. I, personally don’t think it’s a bad thing. Sure you can accept yourself just the way you are, but if there are ways to enhance your looks, go for it of you so called desire.

  5. Her lips were very big before. I actually can see her using concealer to make lips smaller. In the pics without make up she looks very similar to her childhood pics.
    Fillers/ Botox / laser hair removal / contacts- non surgical but not natural .

    • Oh.. Now I can see it. Look at her pic wearing a bridal gown, I can see her lip’s concealer. Whoaa.. so there is a lip concealer. I only use concealer to hide my sun spot and acne.
      I think it’s true, she hasn’t got plastic surgery. She got an ugly bangs at her old pic. If you remove the bangs, I think we can see the same face as when the examination.

  6. Not sure if she got plastic surgery or not, but I’m just saying that these “medical examinations”, can be easily bribed?

  7. you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see she did had plastic surgery, otherwise how she got transformed from right pic to left pic, like 360 degree different. tsk tsk tsk ?????

  8. What I don’t get from the whole thing is, why does it matter if she had PS or not? So many people do it, why can’t she?

  9. You know she actually does look very similar in the examination photos. So braces, botox, fillers, and a ton of other things could have happened but none of that is plastic surgery

    Also comparing old school photos to current photos in makeup would be unfair to anyone

  10. I think she’s a gorgeous, funny and hardworking girl. Who cares if she did PS. If I had money I would do it, because it would be my money and decision. I bealive her, she only got dental procedure her teeth made her mouth look bigger and she let her hair grow and better make-up technique

  11. hahahahahahaha.. this is hilarious.. why she wants too prove it?? everyone wants to be pretty.. she doesnt need to do that actually..

    but yeah, she perhaps looks like one plastic girl.. with V-small-carving face and thanks to makeup, she would look so beautiful but not in a natural way..
    but c’mon, if i have much money.. i will buy expensive make up to look like her too.. she’s just sooooo pretty.. follow her ig and seriously, she looks like doll.

  12. I don’t get why are the audience so harped on on this… Will their lives finally feel complete if Angelababy admits to having surgery done? Come on…

  13. Well, I saw her picture with her mother on her instagram… and they both look alike… her mother is like super gorgeous… so i believe it if she said that she didn’t do any plastic surgery…

  14. Most of these comments are depressing, lacking faith in medical science, and reek of ignorance to photographic distortions. Her critics are so absorbed in their depraved narrow mindset they are neglecting the objective evidence.

    She had a CT Scan, physical examination, on scene photos. What more do they want? I’m not even her fan, but I pity these insecure people who so adamant in being cynical. =)

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