Chen Xiao’s Epic Seine River Proposal to Michelle Chen Makes Netizens Swoon

Now this is the kind of romantic cheesy that I love, personally tailored and meaningful for the two lovebirds involved. C-actor Chen Xiao and TW-actress Michelle Chen have been dating for about 8 months, with a romance that blossomed on the set of the latest drama adaptation of wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes. They played the leads who epically deal with forbidden romance and a super long separation before getting their ever after, but Chen Xiao and Michelle won’t have to wait that long for their happy ending.

The couple is now confirmed to be engaged after rumors of the wedding proposal lit up the Chinese interwebs last week. Now comes the details of the wedding proposal which is getting positive reaction from the netizens for how much effort Chen Xiao put into it – he booked a private river cruise on the Seine in Paris, decked out the barge with so much red roses, and commissioned a life sized 3D printer replica of the character of Xiaolongnu as a nod to the role Michelle played in RoCH. Clearly it all worked because Michelle is wearing a honking diamond ring on her finger. Nice one, guy, way to keep raising the bar for normal blokes.


Chen Xiao’s Epic Seine River Proposal to Michelle Chen Makes Netizens Swoon — 11 Comments

  1. I am so so so happy for them! I was one of the super rare people who actually really enjoyed ROCH 2014 who thought their portrayal of the forbidden romance was supremely well done.
    And i shipped them so hard afterwards, so this news is just gold for me.

    I wish they live a happy and long life together!

    • I am also a huge fan of this adaptation and I also thought there was something going on between them especially after watching Happy Camp. I was ecstatic to hear that they were dating and when there were reports of possible engagement; I was over the moon. Now that it’s confirmed wow!

      Wishing them eternal love, happiness, and health forever.

  2. After all the flack she caught playing XLN from everyone and their grandma and probably their grandma’s grandma who rose up from the grave to give their two cents…turns out Michelle Chen got the last laugh.

    Good on you girl.

    • What exactly was the deal with Michelle Chen and this drama? I don’t follow C-entertainment but I’ve read a lot of comments about her getting flack for this role. I tried googling but I couldn’t find anything :O

      • Never mind, turns out I just had to click on Michelle Chen’s tag (who would have thought!). Poor Michelle :O I don’t even think your comment is a strech, I can totally see grandmas complaing about it! But you’re right, at least she got the last laugh.

  3. not a fan of this romantic proposal but honestly, he just makes all the women in this world feel jealous over her. bcuz it’s very nice to have someone put so much effort for the one he loves. lucky her! goodluck for both ^^

  4. She is sweet and attractive in real life and they make a great couple. Haven’t seen their version of RoCH but it doesn’t matter what their on screen chemistry is, does it?

  5. I’m all the more happy for them because it’s an answer to all those folks who kept on saying bad things about her, all in terms of her look.

  6. Even chen siao didnt like the buns on xln’s head it seems.

    This is really quick dating to marriage…but maybe its just me finding it too soon.

    Hope the happy couple last and if this is the only good thing that comes out from the train wreck then it was worth the torture.

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