Lee Jun Ki Keeps Posting Battered and Happy Action Pics From the Set of Resident Evil 6

I’m so happy that Lee Jun Ki is doing the Hollywood movie Resident Evil 6 with Milla Jovovich, even if the movie is yet another forgettable shoot ’em up blockbuster. He looks genuinely thrilled and happy from all the pictures he’s been posting from the set down in South America, sometimes an actor just wants to have some fun and should go right on ahead and do so. He doesn’t owe his fans to just pick serious or quality fare, a mindless adrenaline pumping action flick can be just as entertaining as popcorn fodder. I just hope his character doesn’t bit the dust early as some sort of twist, the longer he lasts in the movie the more incentive for me to check it out rather than wait for scene cuts once the movie comes out. It’s crazy how long this franchise has lasted but then again Kate Beckinsale keeps churning out Underworld movies.


Lee Jun Ki Keeps Posting Battered and Happy Action Pics From the Set of Resident Evil 6 — 16 Comments

  1. This article made me think…can you do a post on your favorite Hollywood actors and actresses koala…would love to know about it.

  2. thank you for the post I kept checking for news about Lee Jun Ki ssi and finally I found your post 🙂 It feels great to see him having fun while filming 😀 I’m so happy for him and I’m planning on watching this movie only for him since I never saw or heard of this franchise before reading about him being part of this movie (it can be called ignorance since it looks like a franchise who lasted for a long time and was successful on box office but not that much critically from what I read on other posts comments about the movie) and I would love it if his character doesn’t die or at least not till the very very end of the movie or else I’ll just keep it with the scene cuts like you. Lastly I wish he does well and win more love and acknowledgement from world wide through this movie. Lee Jun Ki ssi fighting and we love you!!! 🙂 <3

  3. Resident evil is much stylish than terminator haha

    Jun ki is adorable and he fits perfectly with them No awkwardness Very Happy!

  4. So glad for him and it’s nice to see he’s so happy from the instagram pics. hope the movie will do well and eitherway that he go on with having so much fun 🙂

  5. He’s so cute and it looks like he’s having a lot of fun! I hope it’s an experience that broadens his horizons in many ways.

  6. In my country but sadly not in my city, though probably fortunately for him else he would have to fend off South Africa’s lone K drama fan.

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