Ruined Wedding and Runaway Romance in Store for Marry Me or Not

I don’t think any song is more apt to describe TW-drama Marry Me or Not than that silly Lego Movie theme song “Everything is Awesome”. Everything really is awesome in this drama, from the writing, to the directing, and especially the acting. It’s funny and smart without losing a smidge of tongue-in-cheek quality. Even better is the conflicts are all potentially resolvable yet meaningful to contemplate – the broken girl friendship can’t get fixed even if the original misunderstanding is laid bare, but there is faith they can regrow it again, this time with a matured foundation. I can’t help but root for Sheng Nan to ruin Huan Huan’s wedding, mostly because how she did it was brilliant and hilarious, and we can’t have darling Huan Huan settle for anything less than her fated man Justin. Speaking of which, can you believe that new still above? How can I wait for Sunday when such swoony beautiful watery romantic moment is in store? So pretty my eyes hurt from staring too hard.


Ruined Wedding and Runaway Romance in Store for Marry Me or Not — 17 Comments

  1. Lol at her dragging Justin by the tie to run away with her! This episodes have been perfect, but only one a week is kinda killing me.

    • Specially the preview for ep 3 was a killer, shocking to see so much happen between them so early in ep 3. Cant wait for sunday, the subbing in viki.

      I like that they didnt waste many eps on her getting married to a guy she settled marrying for many wrong reasons like pride, just to get look good.

  2. like miss ockoala i stared at the still above too much..they look so beautiful there! can’t wait to ep.3 and kinda regret i already watched 2 ep. since it’s awesome! i guess i’ll go on watching office girls in the meantime..

  3. Am I the only one that isn’t really into this drama.. I watched episode 1 and 2 and it didn’t do it for me. I really wanted to like it because I really like office girls! Maybe it’ll get better don’t know.. P.s. Don’t hate me hahaha

    • Just finished watching EP3… Not really into this drama too… The grabbing, the kissing, the bickering are just too OTT, cliche and awkwardly fake to me… In fact, my eye balls were tired rolling up to most of the scenes… I guess I prefer fantasy/wuxia to modern silly rom-com…

  4. Is this one really good? I’ve been in a drama slumber, unable to finish any drama through the end. You are Pretty started hilariously funny but then got dragged halfway. So I sorta quit. So this is Taiwanese drama? Any good recommendation other than Just You? I’ve watched that one.

    • Have you watched In Between? It’s from 2012. Someone recommended it to me and I’m glad I checked it out. I believe it is available on Viki.

    • If you’re new to Taiwanese dramas, I recommend you start with the all time favourites like Fated to Love You (which was remade into a Kdrama recently) or Autumn Concerto. Alternatively, I highly recommend Office Girls (which also stars the two leads of Mary Me or Not) and In Time With You (also recently made into a Kdrama, which didn’t do this masterpiece of a drama an ounce of justice).

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