Mark Chao Unleashes His Piercing Gaze in New Fashion Pictorial

The meteoric rise of Taiwan actor Mark Chao is probably second only to Kai Ko, and both really have to thank luck for a big part of it. Mark’s first acting role was the second male lead opposite Vic Zhou in TW-drama Black & White, which netted him a Golden Bell Best Actor award, and after that he did the box office hit and critically acclaimed movie Monga with Ethan RuanI like Mark but am not a fan of lucky breaks over talent, but in recent years he’s been hard at work in movie after movie trying to grow that acting range, so for that he’s in my good graces. Doesn’t hurt that he’s immensely good looking in a non pretty boy way, masculine without being too flowery. I love this latest pictorial that captures his intense eye charisma, which he has in spades even if the overall emoting still needs more work. His wifey Gao Yuan Yuan is as lucky to have him as he her, from all accounts they are working on a baby so pretty soon Mark will graduate to hottie daddy.

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Mark Chao Unleashes His Piercing Gaze in New Fashion Pictorial — 3 Comments

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