Third OST from Descendants of the Sun “This Love” From Davichi Showcases the Secondary Romance

There hasn’t been much secondary OTP screen time in the first two episodes of Descendants of the Sun, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of viewers from shipping the characters played by Jin Goo as a stoic soldier and Kim Ji Won as a fiery military doctor. Jin Goo is the most visually perfect casting among the four leads, and is so far delivering a pitch perfect performance to go along with it. His bromance with Song Joong Ki is fantastic, and in his spare time one just knows that he’s brooding internally over giving up Kim Ji Won’s character because of the whole military rankĀ barrier thing.

Seeing her in army fatigues in her hospital confrontation reminded me of a kitten hissing visually, but the great emotional eye acting from her sold it in the end. The third OST song from the drama will be showcasing the romance of Dae Young and Hyung Joo, a ballad called “This Love” by Davichi. An official teaser preview dropped this week with new scenes featuring the second leads, and the song sounds like another winner. Asking the production to not overuse it like it’s beating “Always” by Yoon Mirae into the ground clearly won’t happen so everyone start liking this now, lol.

Teaser for Davichi “This Love”:


Third OST from Descendants of the Sun “This Love” From Davichi Showcases the Secondary Romance — 30 Comments

  1. honestly i started this drama for kim ji won and i’m going to continue it for her, but besides that i’m really looking forward to this couple’s relationship developing onscreen. for most of kim eun sook’s dramas that i’ve watched the secondary couple always keeps me more engaged than the main one (ex. a gentleman’s dignity and heirs). however i’m pleasantly surprised that i actually like the main couple in dots enough that i’m not forwarding their scenes like i did for the two dramas i mentioned previously! i just hope the drama continues to be fast paced like it was for the first two episodes. cringe worthy i can handle but if the plot starts to slow down i don’t think i’ll be able to take it

  2. Dang!!! That 13 second teaser just won me over for this couple! Compared to the main couple, this couple is oozing with chemistry!

  3. yes for kim ji won! the ultimate reason for watching but SJK is such a scene stealer ?… I’m a new fan I have to admit although not a fan of his old dramas.

    • Must be why DotS’s doing so well in the ratings even when KJW was absent for a whole episode. /s

      For once, we have a drama with no love triangles and well-drawn characters whether main or secondary, but sure, let’s keep the pie fights.

      • Eh. Personally I’m fast-forwarding most scenes that don’t have Jin Goo and/or Jiwon in them. (I just can’t with the sappy romance between the main leads even though they basically met for one date before the whole separation-thing.)

      • And I have no problem with that. To each her own. Just pointing out it’s a matter of personal preference, and the ratings suggest something else re: the supposed snoozefest.

      • Lol, as a fan of Kdrama, you must know that ratings have little to do with actual quality or entertainment value.

      • Seriously, so annoying people have to act like this. You really don’t have to diss one couple to like the other.

    • @CL If you actually think chemistry is a matter of preference why are you getting so pissy about people not liking the main 2? The previous commenter didn’t attack them, she just said he considers their plot boring. You even try to look annoyed by the supposed ‘fight’ between fans of these couples, but you don’t even realize you’re the one who’s starting things.

  4. Jin Goo is so masculine and manly in this drama. I am not sold on her but totally sold on him brooding about her.

    SJK is eye candy for sure. But JG sells the Special Forces soldier look and demeanour. I am here for the secondary romance and fast fw the main leads cheesy moments.

  5. I’m liking the couple and the song so far. Between Davichi and that exo guys’s song, we might have an OST as a winner of song of the year in 2016.

  6. I was on board this ship with that one scene they had together. I really like all four leads so I am enjoying this immensely. I wished I could like SHK’s character more though. For a doctor comes across very unsure and immature. What with the constant need for validation by other characters. The director needs to kay off it.

  7. When the two guys are on screen my eyes tend to focus on SJK when the ladies are on scree. My eyes focus more on the second lead. If this drama didn’t have SJK I definitely wouldn’t watch it.

  8. “Jin Goo is the most visually perfect casting among the four leads, and is so far delivering a pitch perfect performance to go along with it”.


    Jin Goo plays his role so well. He’s got that tough, masculine look that just suits the role of the soldier so well. I wish he’d get more lead roles. He’s such an underrated actor. Looking forward to more scenes of him and Kim Ji Won. šŸ™‚

  9. I liked the actress in Heirs as she made what could have been a totally unlikable character into someone vulnerable. Also good in the So Ji Sub movie. I am trying to get over that she looks really young to be a surgeon, in the military or not. Also, in uniform she needs that hair out of her face. (Sorry used to live on a military base so hard to suspend reality.)

    In Heirs the secondary characters are what kept me going but that is not true in City Hall or Secret Garden, at least for me though I did love Oska. If we stay out of godawful love triangle territory for both couples, I’m calling it a win.

  10. Yoon Mi-rae
    Exo-Chen feat Punch

    just reminding me of some of the best It’s Okay It’s Love’s OSTs

  11. Idk I’m just sucker for this type of type of romance. Even though I predict it’s gonna frustrate me to no end when JG’d surely keep denying his feeling for her and such. but yea the tension during their scene and their palpable chemistry make me root for them already.
    Tbh still not feeling the main otp. I just don’t feel attached to either SJK or SHK characters yet.

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