Four Stylish Fashion Tastes of Ji Soo in K Wave Magazine

I still remember a year ago when Ji Soo was still a no name newbie before his breakout rookie performance in Angry Mom, back then finding pictorials of him was near impossible and definitely a rare treat. His meteoric rise this year has yielded a steady stream of fashion spreads whether in CFs or magazine stills, and invariably every single series will feature at least one broody Ji Soo snapshot. Not that I don’t love his angsty looks, and boy can he shoot the tormented gaze like the best of ’em, but the boy is still young yet and I prefer he not get typecasted so early. He’s featuring in a new series for K Wave magazine that is best described as four eras of Ji Soo for the price of one. There is dapper Gatsby Ji Soo, colonial artist Ji Soo, disco Romeo Ji Soo, and finally the broodiest brood of all Ji Soo. I like them all and only wonder now which Ji Soo will show up in his next acting gigs.


Four Stylish Fashion Tastes of Ji Soo in K Wave Magazine — 1 Comment

  1. If this boy wanted to be a model instead of an actor, I bet there would be agents right now clamouring to take him to do the Paris shows. He has beautiful facial bone structure and looks incredible with virtually any styling (except for that middle part hairstyle in the last post lol).

    He’s really good in Page Turner, the role is nothing like the one that shot him to fame so it’s good to see a new side of him. Though we have yet to see if his chemistry with Kim So Hyun will be as good as what he had with Kim Hee Sun and Jung Eunji.

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