Lee Jong Seok and Zheng Shuang are a Visual Match in Character Posters for Jade Lover

Filming is near wrapped for Korean-Chinese co-produced drama Jade Lover (or Emerald Jade Lover), the successor in spirit to last summer’s silly hit Diamond Lover with Rain and Tang Yan. That drama was stupid from the start and then went cray cray with whatever little plot it had in the end, but I still have hopes that Jade Lover with Lee Jong Seok and Zheng Shuang will be a rare gem among a sea of mostly crap C-dramas.

I forever love the period romance era of the early Republic, and Lee Jong Seok looks damn fine in suits and great coats. Zheng Shuang cut her hair for the role of a plucky fallen heiress to a jade chaebol family and the look transforms her to great advantage, she’s got this focus and charm from the stills alone that I’ve not seen from her. Even more important is seeing how visually compatible the two leads look in the same frame, easing my initial trepidation when the cast was announced.


Lee Jong Seok and Zheng Shuang are a Visual Match in Character Posters for Jade Lover — 9 Comments

  1. I forever love the filming setting of any C historical or period drama. The architecture and fashion styles are so much richer and more classic than K historical dramas. But I cringe at a lot of plots of Republic era due to twist of the history obviously for the purposes of communist political propaganda.

    Not sure about Zheng Shuang’s acting. She has good chemistry with her leading man in The Cage of Love but I don’t feel anything in Chronicle of Love with the same leading man. She looked innocently beautiful before PS done. I wish she hadn’t gone under the knife. Anyhow, I won’t miss any of Lee Jong Seok’s drama. In the case the screenplay sucks like Dr. Stranger or not my cup of tea like Pinocchio, I’ll still stick to the last episode, perhaps fast forward some scenes.

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  3. I have yet to see a worthwhile Chinese-korean drama collaboration…right now I’m not a fan…just sayin’ most of the time good talent is compromised due to commercialism. Hope this is not the case.

  4. The stills are looking promising. I really want to watch because of Lee Jong Seok but on the other hand I was majorly skeptical about Zheng Shuang (I found her dreadful in Chronicle of love, but then again that whole show was a disaster on every aspect possible). I do agree that she looks fine here, even vibrant and the visual pairing looks better than what I’d imagined. So thanks for the post, I am now gonna check out the drama for sure when it airs this summer 🙂

  5. I have a good feeling about this pair, not sure about zheng shaung’s acting but LJS’s acting is really my type, so I will watch it for sure.

  6. Mostly crap cdramas? Insulting and out of touch. I think there were more good cdramaa than kdramas last year. The kdramas like cheese in the trap and dots that people rave about were/are crappy and illogical. But the cdramas that people rave about like nirvana in Fire and disguiser were the best dramaa period in Asia. With the current cdrama lineup I anticipate the same hits for cdramas. Not this one though. The dubbing and mismatched lips hurt my soul to watch.

    • whenever i watch a drama that zheng shuang’s in, 95% of the time, i end up wishing they would dub her voice.

      she always sounds so childish in her way of speaking even when she’s a grown woman.

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