Sequel to You From Another Star Debunked But Leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun are Considering Potential Drama Comebacks


There’s news from the You From Another Star front unrelated to how Descendants of the Sun recently broke many of YFAS’s ratings records. It’s been two years since the monumentally popular drama and since then there have been murmurs of sequels, spin-offs, and remakes, none of which have happened. Last year the news cycle lit up with reports that the PD of YFAS discussed an upcoming sequel that was in the works but would not star leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. Talk about pointless on top of being a bad idea.

That news got picked up around other Asian media since YFAS is still so popular but this week the PD refuted that discussion and said no YFAS sequel will be produced, with or without Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. Whew. That doesn’t mean those two popular star won’t be seen on the small screen anytime soon – news about the nonexistent YFAS sequel came at the same time as two new updates about the leads. Jeon Ji Hyun has been offered and is considering starring in YFAS screenwriter Park Ji Eun’s upcoming drama which is also courting Lee Min Ho. And Kim Soo Hyun’s agency confirmed that he’s looking seriously at doing a drama this year before his considered enlistment next year for his mandatory military service. 


I’m thrilled there is no YFAS sequel but am not sure whether Jeon Ji Hyun is seriously considering doing Park Ji Eun’s next drama. She’s a new mom and is in no financial or popularity rush to hurry back to the grueling drama shoot schedule, not to mention she’s uber picky about dramas and YFAS was her first drama in over a decade when she decided to do it. Having Lee Min Ho as her costar isn’t bad for buzz since he’s also a top Hallyu star nowadays. As for Kim Soo Hyun’s next drama, he’s proven with Producer that he’s willing to go with trust collaborators and quality writing even if a role doesn’t lead to squeals over how cute he is. I hope he continues that quality over popularity barometer and picks something that could elevate his acting to new heights before he leaves for the military.


Sequel to You From Another Star Debunked But Leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun are Considering Potential Drama Comebacks — 18 Comments

  1. Lee Min Ho and Kim So Hyun need to hurry back to drama land before Song Joong Ki syndrome spread more and more. I went to Korea end of last year, but I didn’t see any hype about Lee Min Ho. Still can see some Kim So Hyun’s face was plastered here and there but not that many that I expected before.

    • Minho is everywhere now even more then before his the Olyampic amb, State owned casino amb, Visit korea and Tourist face. You will find him on every airport, subways, train stations and all public transport areas

    • Need to hurry back to drama land before SJK syndrome spread more and more? lol, such a childish reason ! Those two guys have enjoyed enough fame so far, haven’t they?

    • “Kim So Hyun” just wrapped mini drama Page Turner and web drama Nightmare Teacher.

      This is why I don’t like double o, because it’s actually u. Gim Su Hyeon.

  2. KSH and JJH are so huge in both China and Korea so they’re in absolutely no rush to make a comeback. Specially JJH who’s such an established actress along with being an A-lister Hallyu superstar on par with none.

    I see arguments for why KSH would probably be in a ‘rush’. As in he’d actively look for a drama project. His military is nearing and even if he’s obviously too huge to really be fazed in terms of popularity, I think he’d want to give it a last go anyway. For his fans surely, and also for his resume. I’m not too worried, he’s an 88er and has time. Mostly, I believe in every choice he’s made in his career. WISFC, Giant, DH, MTETS, MLFTS, Producer, Covertly Grandly, Theives; my bad if I missed any but every single thing he’s done has been nothing short of amazing. Not just popularity wise but ratings and box office too. I hope he can continue being such a savvy project picker.

  3. His agency said that he was in the middle of shooting a movie and they have reicieved scripts but nothing considered for now and his for now filming his movie. But JJH is considering a comeback and being courted

  4. KSH make too much money in china. he should just shoot cf . it less stressful/bring in more money. shoot he could stil be no 1 in china. even if he dont have drama for like 3 more year. he way hotter then any guy in his age.

    JJH is married so she dont make as much money as if she single.

  5. I will be glad to see KSH have another drama before being enlisted, but hope for a different female lead, not JJH. I miss his sageuk like TMETS that is still my favorite among all his projects. But now I can’t really think about what other roles and genres that he should explore to further elaborate his acting skills. I personally think he’s versatile enough to take any thing thrown upon him although his alien prof Do appeared a bit bland to me compared with his other roles. Has he done any melo as a leading man?

  6. @rocky road why are you guys acting as if your jjh is an oscar winner mlfs was the first drama i watch of hers and i can tell you there is noting really good she does except from her comedy character anyway she carry the whole show with her comedy character if these your jjh is really good then i wonder why she has not been giving an oscar award or any international award apart from CH Inna stop insulting other actors if lmh is that bad then i wonder why he is so much loved and have so many fans around the world not only in guys should stop all the hate and envy this guys is a human being like us who is trying all his best is not necessary you like him nobody force you to but saying something like this to a workaholic like him is just too bad if you cannot watch the drama do good for yourself by switching to another channel

  7. dots did break d mlfts record bt still kim soo hyun is more popular….his already stablished his popularity nationwide…no need to hurry back..his already on top…just tc ur self wen u go to ur military service…and comeback to ur fans in good health…we will miss u oppa❤

  8. hoping for there next project i really loke their chemistry.. ??
    how i wish that full house korean drama will remake together with them..yayy!

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