Descendants of the Sun Special Episode Dominates Wed Ratings with 17.7% and Entertainer Premieres with 6.1%

I thought the Descendants of the Sun ratings gravy train was over for KBS but apparently not. The production team and network wisely elected not to extend DotS, not that it was realistically even possible anyways since it was fully pre-produced, but still that was a major relief for those watching along. That meant DotS aired it’s final episode 16 last week and I thought this week would premiere Master: God of Noodles opposite the new SBS offering Entertainer.

Instead KBS chose to air God of Noodles next week and this week will present two special episodes of DotS including interviews, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and potentially even unaired scenes. That turned out to be a savvy move by the network even if it feels like overly milking a cow – the ratings for Wednesday April 20th are out and the special episode of DotS garnered 17.7% AGB nationwide ratings, Goodbye Mr. Black on MBC doubled its last week ratings to reach 8.1%, and newcomer Entertainer brought up the rear with its first episode receiving 6.2% ratings.

After watching and recapping the entirety of DotS, I’m not planning to check out the special episodes because I’ve gotten all the enjoyment I can get from this drama. Clearly the Korean domestic audience hasn’t, or maybe everyone thought it was two new episodes of DotS hence the insane ratings for what amounts to an hour worth of filler. I didn’t expect Entertainer to premiere to high ratings but can’t wait to watch the first episode and see if the quality is there to merit my early interest. At least Goodbye Mr. Black can end soon with a modicum of dignity after being mired in low low ratings since it premiered.


Descendants of the Sun Special Episode Dominates Wed Ratings with 17.7% and Entertainer Premieres with 6.1% — 38 Comments

  1. I watched DoTs special and I originally thought it would at least offer something new, some scenes I haven’t watched. Turned out it just a compilation of mostly Song-Song cuts.

    • i read that the behind the scenes and interviews would air friday, and that the first 2 specials are basically ‘best scenes’. will see tomorrow.

      • I read that ‘best scenes’ includes a bed scene between 2nd OTP that was cut at the final editing. LOL..

      • Best scenes = song song recap basically.

        Maybe they’ll throw in some other scenes tomorrow…

  2. As a fan of SJK and love DotS enough to cut slack on excessive PPL, I don’t feel particularly excited about the special episodes. K ent media has been a bit over-hyped about this drama that literally almost every variety show and ent news I watched online had to mention DotS, be it SJK, Song-Song, the 2nd leads, Dr. Daniel, or even the national villain Manager Jin got his share of spotlight. LOL….I do hope DotS does push a solid reform on how K dramas are produced. DotS brought me back to K dramaland after all after I was so fed up with all predictable cliches and boring overacting. Now honestly, I can’t find another K drama to watch after DotS wrapped up.

    • I can’t watch anything either :/ idk everything just seems so much duller after watching DOTS.

      Entertainer’s 1st episode did not excite me. Ji Sung was good but besides that there was nothing awesome that made me go “okay!”
      I’m going to give it 4 episodes to see if I’ll stick with it or not.

      I have high hopes for Lucky Romance though!

      • It’s not hard, just bored. LOL..I ended up doing something else or fooling around more on Koala’s playground. Watching drama is no big deal in my real life, one of those things I can live without. But I enjoyed whenever there was good/entertaining series to watch. Sorry for you not finding DotS fun to watch.

  3. I miss SJK and SHK a lot. Nothing exciting is really airing in kDrama-land right now. I’ve switched over to JDrama land for the time being.

  4. WOW the ratings in Seoul for DOTS were 19.5%. Looks like everyone is having a hard time letting go of SJK and SHK.

    SJK said that there’d be an epilogue in Friday’s episode. What is that supposed to mean?

  5. DoTS wasn’t even a recap, it was just Song Song scenes for an hour and it nearly breaks 20% where it matters. lol ridiculous really.

      • I like Ji Sung in Secret and part of him in Kill Me Heal Me. But when I saw him in Entertainer teaser, somehow he reminded me of one of his multiple personalities Yona in KMHM. LOL, I guess that’s thanks to his exaggerating rom com facial expression. Haven’t watched Entertainer yet. I’ll see until it’s subbed 100%.

  6. LOL, that was quite a surspise! Haha!! I guess the fever hasn’t died down yet. Honestly, I’m having trouble starting new dramas after DotS. Only Lawyer Jo Deul Ho moves me so other than that, I end up rewatching my faves for the year (DotS, Signal, Six Flying Dragons). Excited tho for the BTS and Epilogue on friday! Congrats again to the entire DotS team. What a feat!

  7. @ockoala, how long KBS is gonna milk DOTS cow? Until her inside come out? I watched only 3 ep for me to understand that it was not for me!

  8. DOTS was not my cup of the tea. watch only two ep. before giving up.
    just cant seem to watch any drama SHK in. her dating her co-star trun me off every time.

      • Oh my goodness the grading…..hahaha.She’s the reason why SJK was so badass charismatic in the show. LOL

    • What is wrong with dating her co-stars? It’s not her fault if those men ended up falling in love with her. Apart from being gorgeous, her personality must be really good too.

      • So, she dated her costars just because her costars fell in love with her? it needs two hands to clap 🙂

      • I am sure that song joong ki has fallen for her too.She kind of addressed the dating rumour this looks song joong ki followed her to new York.I agree with you,her costars should stop falling for is not her fault,>>>

  9. So sad to hear about the ratings. i watched and loved episode 1 of entertainer. Ji sung was just awesome. He made me cry a little. .. many times.
    I cant wait for next epi
    Btw looove the song at the end. Stuck in my head

  10. I really don’t get all the hype for DOTS. I tried many times to watch it and eventually gave up. I used to love SHK when I first started Kdrama but after watching so many drama. I realized her expressions or more like her acting is very lacking. To each their own.

    I haven’t watch Entertainer yet but will definitely give it a shot for the talented Ji Sung!

    • Bad bad bad , entertainers. You will miss KMHM for sure, that was good but Entertainers is just annoying despite Ji sung . Unless you are a teenager who want applause your kpop idol

  11. I see people either really loved DOTS or they hated it. There’s no in between. The writer is a hit or miss for me. I personally thought DOTS was overrated. I tried to get into it so many times, but I just couldn’t do it.

    • I think people either loved it or were just disinterested in it. It’s not even interesting enough to warrant hate if you weren’t into it like me. I think because it was at least beautifully shot and had gorgeous main leads, you felt like well, there’s at least that but it was still not enough for some people because there wasn’t a very strong plot.

  12. I see ppl don’t necessarily like DotS or the cast. But we all agree everyone just can’t get over this drama, on the good or bad side, to talk about it. So everyone still clicked on the blog and couldn’t help but blahblahblah a bit whenever DoTS popped up in an article title. LOL..This may be what so-called popularity.

  13. entertainer sux. JI sung going to have to carry this drama. the lead woman sux donkey ball.her acting is so weird. she hardy open her mouth to speak. who in there right mind going to watch this drama. with her weird acting. would not be surprise if this drama fall all the way to 2 or even 1%. this will be JI sung worst rating drama yet. all cuz the lead female trun people off.

    • Why put on the lead female all fault, sorry but Ji Sung doesn’t especially briliant as like in KMHM in this drama. I didn’t like watching it but honnestly i don’t think that the lead female is the main problem” ALL seems to be a problem, the plot, the directing …..the latest news was they will remade the 2 first ep due to bad reviews

  14. Finally got to watch DotS specials with sub. It was just like a condensed movie version of the drama series focused on Song-Song romance. Some shots in Urk backdrop were still very moving. Specifically SHK was very on point to deliver her emotions, not overacting nor less. And the ending lovey-dovey scene at the ship wreckage was so melo, kinda reminding me of Disney fairy tale. LOL…I still enjoyed the specials overall. This drama is really very entertaining regardless of comical PPL overdone. Now I’m curious to see what cuts were edited out b/c PPL.

  15. I didn’t watch the DOTS special as I think I’m over this drama. Episode 16 really fizzled out for me. Yes – it was a happy ending, but one with very little creativity. But despite that, I enjoyed this drama a lot because it was nice to watch good acting among the leads. To me, it makes so much difference in the quality of the drama overall Not impressed with JS’s new drama, mainly because of the lead actress. Sorry – but after watching the cast in DOTS, medicore acting is going to look worse than usual. I wish they would have cast a more experienced actress for JS. Now watching Goodbye Mr. Black which has a pretty standard revenge storyline (no real surprises), but a nice cast.

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