Song Joong Ki Makes Guest Appearance in Chinese Running Man Episode Airing May 20th

Those suffering from Song Joong Ki and/or Captain Yoo Shi Jin withdrawal, never fret as there is an upcoming dosage in sight! Song Joong Ki makes a return to Running Man, the show that put his name recognition on the map early on in his acting career, but unfortunately it’s not Korean Running Man but instead the Chinese counterpart now in its successful 4th season. Chinese Running Man (Hurry Up, Brother) went to Korea last month for filming, always a fave for me when the C-cast battles the K-cast, and did two episodes with the first featuring the Korean cast and the second episode with special guest Song Joong Ki.

It’s sad that Song Joong Ki won’t be interacting with the Korean RM team in his episode but I’m excited to see his variety chops tested again, who knows if it’s rusty after so many years away form the variety circuit. This week airs the episode with the two Running Man teams battle and next week will be Song Joong Ki’s episode. He’s gotten some flack for doing C-Running Man before doing an episode of K-Running Man but his agency confirmed that the appearance was booked months ago and Song Joong Ki is donating his entire appearance fee to charity.


Song Joong Ki Makes Guest Appearance in Chinese Running Man Episode Airing May 20th — 3 Comments

  1. Some fans of K Running Man are not happy about his appearance in the C show first. I thought he accepted the offer to appear in Chinese rather than K show of Running Man bcos of huge fees paid by C ent. According to a rising Kpop star in Mainland China on K variety show, Happy Together, C showbiz usually pays 100 times of what is awarded by K variety shows. But SJK is gonna donate all his proceeds anyway. So well….

  2. Airing May 27th actually. The preview at the end of last episode says so. They kept advertising it so early without the date >.> There was finally a date in last episode’s preview though.

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