TW-actor Peter Ho Marries Non-celebrity Fiancee and Treks to Wind Swept Inner Mongolia for Wedding Pictures

Another set of wedding congrats is in order for the Chinese-speaking entertainment world marriage filled summer of 2016 – TW-actor Peter Ho is getting married on September 1 to his long time non-celebrity girlfriend Peggy after a nine year long under the radar relationship. The two registered their marriage in Taiwan already this past March but the wedding ceremony is coming next month, which is very common for couples nowadays to get the legal affairs taken care of first before throwing a splashy wedding fete. Peter and his fiancee went the exotic and adventurous route for their celebrity level wedding pictures, all the way to Inner Mongolia to be exact. The result is a delightful and incredibly evocative wedding pictorial that captures the harsh beauty of the desert landscape juxtaposed with the happy couple’s splashes of color and joy. Congrats to Peter and Peggy for making it to the altar!

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TW-actor Peter Ho Marries Non-celebrity Fiancee and Treks to Wind Swept Inner Mongolia for Wedding Pictures — 17 Comments

  1. I guess it’s time for all these childhood idols and crushes to tie the knot. Another one off the market. I don’t know how I’ll feel when my own crush tie the knot lol. Congrats to the couple, and the bride is beautiful. And a 9 years relationship??? Wow!

  2. I absolutely love these photos! The blue sky, the beautiful sand, and the gorgeous couple! Congrats to these two!

    Ken Zhu (of F4) and his fiancee recently released some wedding photos too, and the photos with the Great Wall of China as the backdrop are amazing.

  3. I feel so happy for him but everyone i love since childhood is getting married. I should be super happy that they find their partner in life but I’m kind of sad that they are off the market now.

    Congrats to Peter and now the next one is Hu Ge, I AM NOT READY!!

  4. Wow..surprisingly not with Janine Chang! I guess I am not following their news…Happy for him and best wishes to the newly wed 🙂

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