Surprisingly Successful SBS Mon-Tues Drama Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim Hits 21.7% Ratings for Episode 8

Get ready for more doctor dramas in the near future if that’s the reason for the winning success of Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim, on top of the winning success of Doctors. SBS has now aired two hit Mon-Tues medical dramas, first Doctors in the summer and now Romantic Teacher, and in between was the epic disappointment and much more hyped up star-studded sageuk drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Romantic Doctor started off with 9.5% AGB nationwide in its first episode and successive episodes have seen ratings jump in one to two percent, with the most recent episode 8 jumping another 2.9% to garner 21.7% ratings. The competition in Night Light and the ending soon The Man Living in Our House brings in low single digit ratings even as alternative programming with a melodrama and rom-com. The success of Romantic Doctor is even more impressive than SBS winning Wed-Thurs with Legend of the Blue Sea which has yet to break 20% ratings.

I watched the first two episodes of Romantic Doctor and didn’t like either lead characters played by Seo Hyun Jin or Yoo Yeon Seok, not related to their performance just not feeling the way their characters are written. There also was too little Han Seok Kyu to keep my interest so I tabled the drama for later. But now it’s impressive improving ratings success makes me want to dive back in. Anyone watching since the beginning care to chime in on why it’s such a popular drama?


Surprisingly Successful SBS Mon-Tues Drama Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim Hits 21.7% Ratings for Episode 8 — 90 Comments

    • It is a little like comparing apple and orange. Still, I think people are just impressed at how well Doctor is doing even without star studded cast like Blue Sea. Personally, I don’t care. I love watching Jeon Jihyun acting even if her drama has a below 5% rating.

    • Romantic Doctor started with lower ratings than Legend though, so it’s even more impressive it got to 20% faster. Also it was barely promoted drama compared to all the heavy promotion and mediaplay SBS put into Legend of The Blue Sea.

  1. I’m enjoying Romantic Doctor a whole lot. It’s got flawed characters and all three of them have issues. One moment I was agreeing with whatever accusations they threw at each other, but then I see their reasonings and I find myself rationalizing why they did what they did. Han Suk kyu is amazing to watch and so are Seo Hyun jin and Yoo Yeon seok. The supporting characters are awesome too.

  2. not surprising to me as the story is simply awesome. I cried a river watching last episode. I can’t even remember when was the last time I cried that much!

  3. I gave 2 episodes a try and then I had enough. Just not my cup of tea no matter how good Han Suk Kyu is. I am so done with medical drama for now. Maybe Koreans simply love medical settings.

  4. I like it much better than Doctors, as it keeps me hooked instead of a snoozefest boredom that Doctors made me into. I really like Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won individually, not really together as the storyline didn’t help. Maybe because I had too much expectations from the Doctors promotions and teasers sigh.

    All the three central leads in RTDK are interesting with their own flaws and I can’t help but to root for them, the background music and directing is slick aswell (ep 1 is an exception) not to mention quirky side characters as staffs in the hospital. Chemistry between YYS and SHJ is sizzling, that goes for HSK with everyone else. My personal fav along with My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week but couldn’t find a drama replacement for Wed-Thurs dramas after Jealousy Incarnate & Shopping King Louie ended.

  5. This drama is too dark for me. They are trying quite hard to be like Grey’s Anatomy IMO especially with the coming merger of the two hospitals. I am bidding goodbye. It’s just to draining to see the protagonists screaming endlessly. I came from medical background but that’s not how we work here, therefore I don’t agree with comments that this show is the most realistic medical show around, but definitely is if compared to Doctors.

  6. But im not surprise,even tho medical scene is meh for me.

    maybe iam the only one who love hansukyu n jin kyung
    Break 20% is worth for han suk kyu,imo.
    is sbs still gives daesang for the highest rating drama?
    its good if sbs gives daesang to han suk kyu
    but who knows maybe lobts make impressive ratings,

    • I think Han Suk Kyu has a high chance to win Daesang which tbf he greatly deserves since RDTK is one of SBS’ highest rated show this year, in fact its achievement surpassing Doctors. My pick for daesang is actually Lee Jun Ki, not because he is my bias but he really gave a stellar performance but Moon Lovers rating tanked so not likely he will get any award.

      • I second you on this.
        SBS’ hit dramas this year are Doctors, RMTK and LOTBS. So, I presumed the daesang would be selected from those pool of actors coming from those 3 dramas. HSK has won once for Deep Rooted Tree and so is JJH for YFAS. Unless, the surprise may come in the form of Kim Rae Won or Lee Min Ho. Same with you, my pick is LJK but drama awards is always a popularity contest, so he has very slim chance despite being phenomenal in Moon Lovers. LJK vs HSK is like Bradley Cooper competing against Daniel Day Lewis. It’s impossible to win against the acting legend.

    • I seriously hope he does. He got it previously for Tree with Deep Roots but the Daesang’s such a popularity contest these days that I think he should get it twice. He’s too good to be lumped in with the likes of those actors who get it based on popularity as opposed to acting skill.

  7. I’m skipping on RTDK, saw snippets of the first few episodes and just wasn’t feeling it. I instead stumbled upon The Man Living in Our House/Sweet Stranger And Me and find this drama to be cute and fairly entertaining even with the predictable plot. The cast is pretty to look at and all the characters are cute and funny as well.

    • Great chemistry of all the cast. A beautiful surprise that shows that a “stellar cast ” is not enough to secure a hit. The story matters!

      • Huhu…tru tho…i really agree with u @cahill…both supp actors and lead actors did their good job

      • Yes! It doesn’t have to always be on the level of Signal but hello, hire writers that know how to construct engaging plots and characters and employ actors that can captivate the viewer and you know ACT well (enough with the idols and even actors who obviously need more acting classes). I know it’s much easier said than done but I feel half the time Korean TV networks aren’t even trying and are just going through the motions to fill up air space.

  8. Romantic Doctor is too dramatic and overacted. Shouting, yelling, arguing and some bad guys come and go. So makjang. No wonder korean loves it lol. Please don’t compare it with Grey’s anatomy since too many medical scene error. The blooding spread over the face is a must lol. I couldn’t feel the chemistry between the two younger doctor. The girl seems too off to him while the guy always forcing her. And I feel it’s disgusting to behave like that as a professional doctor. It’s not romantic at all. That’s why I stopped after episode 4. Han Suk Kyu is the only one that worthy to watch IMO. Just saying.

    Now, I don’t have any dramas to watch honestly.

      • Maybe u shud watch it again @marrie (well, i don’t forced u)…i don’t like it at first but after ep 4, the story is really interesting…it’s making me thirsty for answers and the story is fast too..

      • House is infuriating to watch if you work in medicine or a hospital m. Grey’s is also quite dramatic and not always realistic so people need to stop hyping up to more than it is. Also 99% of medical tv shows aren’t even close to realistic and that’s fine because the main audience is not medical professionals, it’s the general public.

        The only show that has come close was a comedic American TV show called scrubs. I have many friends that day day it’s almost exactly what it’s like to work in a hospital.

      • @ deb i watched srubs too ! But medical dramas are like police dramas , not realistic but they give us the feeling that a certain justice can exist… in a utopic world where criminals get their punishment and doctors can be do wonders.

      • How can you even say Doctors is as crazy when most people think it’s slow and boring? It’s slice of life… but whatever

    • Han Suk Kyu is epic. I love him in almost every of his projects including the snooze fest that is “Secret Door”. But I have a problem with Seo Hyun Jin. After “Another Oh Hae Young”, I just could not bring myself to watch any of her performance. And I am saying this not because I hate her. Maybe I need some time to finally get rid of the horror of AOHY.

  9. I don’t usually like medical drama, but I surprisingly like RDTK. Well, at least until 7-8 episode where the political stuff has started to kick in. It’s too tiring to watch.

    But I’m still gonna check this drama out next week since I still like it anyway.

    • Noooooo!!! Ugh I’ll just wait till the end to see if I should check it out then. Hospital politics taking over the plot is the main reason why I stay away from most medical kdramas. Most of them should be 12-14 episodes max.

  10. Hope for JJH and LMH to break 20% , they do not have strong competitors ( not like Soo ae and Lee so Young)if not, it will be a failure after all the fuss.

  11. Love RDTK. My crack for now.
    Not bothered by the medical scenes since I’m not from medical field.

    The 3 main leads are good, plot is gritty.
    Overly dramatic at times, but so engaging.

    IMHO much better than the draggy Doctors.

  12. Second medical drama that i love after Beautiful Mind this year. I am sorry, this drama and Doctors are two different plot / set up, and i without any doubt will choose this drama over Doctors. At least until epi 8, this drama worth every minutes of your time.

    All three main leads are not popular stars who have huge fandom, (yes, Han Suk Kyu is legendary in this field), they showing us their real talent and solid acting. Their characters – not flawless, not candy types, not type you will easily love, -that what I love this drama.

  13. I’m quite surprise too… though i can already feel it. Seo Hyun Jin has already star in 2 HITS drama in a row now… God, Finally she can feel the success she has deserved all along.. Though her acting in OH Hae Young is better than in this doctor so far… I really hope we can witness more a meaty scene the writers will bring for her.

    • Sorry to say but this is the so many times I watch her in the same characters. Let’s Eat2, Oh Hae Young, Three Musketeer and now this. And for me, her expression as one to another character still the same. Such as how she yells, dancing, laughing, etc, Just like when I saw her dancing or mumbling in other dramas. Her acting is good but I think all of her roles similar one another.

      I could say Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won or even Park So Dam are better since they can make me totally forget about their previous roles. I think Seo Hyun Jin is lacking something and I don’t what it is.

      And her chemistry with love interest in here also lacking. Like both are trying too hard to give best chemistry but turned out un-natural. I don’t really like her performance in here being honest. I think she’s still attached to her previous drama character, Oh Hae Young lol.

      • …… how is her role in RTDK or OHYA in any way similar to 3 Musketeers or Let’s Eat 2?

        It’s ok to not like her acting but let’s at least criticise accurately.

      • Well you must be part of people like me who are not watching LOBS because of JJH acting who is similar as her previous drama.

      • It’s due to her quirky mannerisms. They are starting to trend across her character acting, especially for the modern ones with an edge. I think it’s more pronounced the more eccentric the roles are.

      • Well I respect your opinion anyway, but for me, Seo Hyun Jin talent beat all of them you have mention. Not to dismiss Moon Chae Won, Park So Dam and Park Bo Young but Seo Hyun jin is THAT talent. just watch her in a meatier roles. In Oh Yae Young she has shown variety of emotion that anyone with less talent will never display. I’m not saying she is the most talent actress, but she is a awsome thespian.

        I agree with you though in Romantic Doctor she has abit too much acting like cotton candy. she can do better than that. I kind of wonder if the writers know how to use her talent in the long run apart from her cheerful persona, like the writers of Oh Hae Young.

      • @missjb, there are many actresses that talented. Just sometimes their looks overshadowed their talents. Sorry to say but Seo Hyun Jin isn’t THAT beautiful for korean standard so her acting talent will be recognized first.

        I disagree with your opinion. Many actresses is as talented or even more talented than her. Park Bo Young is so talented. You can check how many awards she got already and she’s also very pretty. Jung Yumi, is extremely natural actress with tons of awards too. Park So Dam though. This girl is extremely talented though she’s younger. It just she’s more active in movie before. They also not only know how to act but also can sing. It just because they don’t have opportunity to show their another talents.

      • Agree. I watched her in Three Musketeers and Oh Hae Young. She always had that same paranoid expression that I’m so tired of. She’s perhaps one of the major reasons for me to drop this medical drama since I like the acting of the other two male leads. They are pretty good in my opinion.

    • To @ Maja apart the “beauty factor” i think that some of theses good actresses fit more in comedy while others are more good in melos .

      • Agree or disagree. PBY for example, is pretty versatile and her acting is never off putting, not cringing to watch. I cringed at SHJ’s character and probably mostly to do with her acting in the 2nd half of Oh Hae Young. That was a disappointing drama for me albeit starting with pretty unique narratives.

      • Well i didn’t like her character in OH HAE YOUNG, but her acting was good . But it’s a matter of personal taste.

      • Totally disagree. Park Bo Young, Jung Yumi and Park So Dam are the two example of real versatile actress. They did heavy melodrama but they also really good in romcom. Their chemistry with leading men also superb. What I don’t like with Seo Hyun Jin is her expression always the same from one character to another. Such as when she dance, shouting, irritating even her surprise expressions are way too similar with Seo Jung, Oh Hae Young and her character in Lets Eat 2.

      • To @ Maja,i said “some” of theses actresses and i find that Jung yumi is great in melos and less in comedies. PBY and PSD are good in both. And a lot of actresses have the same expressions from one project to another. It’s a part of their inner self .

  14. I like this drama,HSK really nailed his character as eccentric doctor. The story remind me of House and Iryu, but yes I have to agree that too much shouting and yelling… bit overdramatic..but decent story, still cant beat beautiful mind though ..

  15. For me the good points are the actors, good chemistry between the main trio and the flawed and realistic characters you can relate to. It is indeed makjang and overacted at times and certainly not my cup of tea.
    I’m leaving it for later in case I am bored, but I will only watch if YYS and SHJ end up together, I started this only to see Chilbonggie getting the girl, haha!!

  16. Wow impressive ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ even outdid ‘Doctors’ in terms of rating.

    Looks like ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ rules SBS Mon-Tue slot for the year 2016! Well done!

  17. I watched the first 4 episodes and it is kind of all over the place with a lot of yelling, and now I think it is gonna go into the always boring hospital politics. I might jump back in eventually because I do like the gothic hospital vibe and Nurse Oh is awesome.

    The ratings are again a reminder for me I often don’t understand what resonates with Korean viewers. I get why it is doing well, just not why it’s doing this well. Is it the lead actress coming off a successful drama or are medical dramas just the thing this year? Regardless, I am happy for it especially the lead actor who I think got stuck with a blah role in Jeju Island Gatsby.

    • For once i agree with korean viewers for RDTK , but as for LOTBS i don’t . So boring i don’t need to take sleeping pills. I want understand what i’m missing ? I don’t understand the point of the story ? If someone can explain me , feel free !

  18. I dropped this Romantic Doctor and I don’t intend to pick it up again because:
    1. all doctors seem to suffer from serious mental illnesses (they should be admitted to the psychiatric ward because I fear for the lives of their future patients);
    2. the doctors work so literally dirty that all their patients (which are few as a matter of fact) should have contracted septicaemia;
    3. one can be a genius but that doesn’t mean one is a good doctor (little practice and few patients will definitely make a doctor unskillful).

    I prefer LOTBS, Oh My Geum Bi and Night Light for now. Nothing great, but at least they are enjoyable.

  19. Lately medical dramas are so in trend in kdramas. Sadly not all of them are grab my attention, but this drama is really good from acting to story to chemistry. I am enjoying it, though i had lot of expectation from PSH drama doctors, it started well but than it went down hill.I hope this medical drama get more rating as it deserve.

  20. Korean community has this whole level of obsession of the med profession. My peer Koreans also take greater interest in going to med schools than any other ethnicity. I guess, b/c their parents strongly encouraged them to pursue the medical practice as their career. Whenever “doctor” is related, be it commercial or entertainment, folks just swoon in to give extra attention. Example seen in the recent viral MV with a nice looking med student singing in one ep of I Can See Your Voice. It seems to me Korean ppl have fantasy about the ppl of wealthy background like chaebol or in wealthy professions like doctors. If cast aren’t too crappy and writing is ok to tolerate, medicine dramas are always among their favorite genres. But tbh, I’m kinda sick and tired of watching so much going on in operation rooms. I care less. I will when it’s time for me to need those services. LOL

  21. I enjoy this drama ! Ok it’s dramatic but then that’s the way effective results can be seen. If it portray too much reality, then it’s not entertaining and it becomes boring. I certainly wouldn’t want to waste my time watching boring realities. I’ve got enuf of it!
    I prefer to relax to enjoy a good drama like this one. It’s better than Doctors! This drama deserve to have good ratings!

  22. It’s the first drama I’ve stuck with in a while. I like the teacher. I like the hospital. The pace of the show is also good. It’s not perfect but it’s different from other Korean hospital drama. It feels more the american show ER.

  23. I think there is a lesson to learn from this drama. In the heat of ambition, we forget our real role. Doctors’ mission is to save lives but they’d long lost and forgotten it!
    Kim Sa Bu is so charismatic! The one to revolutionize ! The one to remind people of their real role!
    I think this is what we need in our real life too!

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