Goblin Sets New Records as Episode 3 Leaps in Ratings to Reach 12.47% on Cable Network tvN

Friday’s isn’t just the start of the weekend but now also heralding the first dose of my weekly crack drama Goblin. Last week’s first two episodes already broke the premiere ratings record for cable network tvN last held by the wildly successful Answer Me 1988, episode 1 got 6.32% ratings while episode 2 jumped to 7.9%. That increase now seems like chump change now that the ratings for this Friday’s episode 3 are out – the drama increased an incredible 4.6% to reach 12.47%. On cable, no less!

Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s success streak continues despite moving to cable, and for me personally Goblin is richer in story and pathos even with three episodes aired than any drama she’s written since City Hall. I laugh so much and the 90 minute extra long airing time just whizzes by. It’s not even the romance which is developing nicely in both sense and sensibility, I love pest Duk Hwa being the bromance third wheel and all the bickering between the roomies that’s masking their eternal loneliness. This drama is just love.



Goblin Sets New Records as Episode 3 Leaps in Ratings to Reach 12.47% on Cable Network tvN — 32 Comments

  1. First!?!
    I always look forward to my weekends because of Goblin. Goblin’s cinematography, music scoring, story, and casts equates to awesomeness. I thought episode had too much story to tell but no it isn’t. This show continues to surprise me and I’m rooting more for the bromance here.

  2. I’m so happy that viewers are falling in love with this drama just I’m. I was so excited about episode 3 that I watched live, which my knowledge on korean language is very limited but I was able hang in there and then waiting until noon when the episode was sub and was able to re-watch it. Love the bromance but also the beginning of romance.
    Now the question is the reaper really is the King, the give hit throughout this episode that he might be and Sunny then will be the Queen but the old lady mentioned that there will be heavy payment to obtain the ring. Which I want to ask who she is and why she is helping our couples reunite or meet for the first time.

  3. The bromance is the best i’ve ever seen since SHERLOCK . the cinematography is the best in kdramaland. But i don’t know why it doesn’t get me emotionally (waiting for female roles to develop) . I’m not impressed by the ratings cause december is the best timing for fantasy genre . It’s the perfect Entertainment to end a tulmutuous year !

  4. wow i knew the ratings would rise but by more than 4points entering the second week. Its party time second time round for the network

  5. I find episode 3 a little plotless
    Enjoy the bickering though
    Happy that I have 2 dramas on my “love”zone with LOTBS – they don’t overlap much interestingly for me.

    I’m loving goblin for the bromace not so much the romance, – and I’m digging LOTBS for the OTP moments and my sparkling eyes jealous Joon Jae. yep call me shallow but I’m falling for Lee min ho hard in this drama
    Doesn’t happen often that I have 2 crack dramas at the same time! Such a luxury!!

    • Im with u..I watch both and love them equally..I dont get people who bash lotbs and keep comparing both dramas..can we become one big ‘k drama fanmily’..:)

    • +1
      Idk how long we can keep up sustaining only on the bromance. I really dont care at all about the romance between the OTP. The pairing seems weird.
      I dont like people keep comparing Goblin with LOTBS. Aside from the fantasy theme, they are completely different in term of genre and tone.

  6. This drama overall is better than LOTBS but LOTBS couple has way better chemistry
    the weakest link of this drama is the main couple

    • Agree. I enjoy the bromance but the romance seems lacking. I even don’t really care about female character. I’m watching for the two sweet bickering bromance^^

    • who watches Goblin for the main couple? The bromance is what catches the audience, unlike LOTBS. Please ignore the female lead for now, it’s nothing there yet…

      • @rhienz – I am hoping for better chemistry between the main couple. So far, they are not doing anything to me yet… but I am hopeful. Nice to know that you like them, I am still waiting for some sparks…

  7. GY LDW baseically carry this drama. KGE sux so bad that she have no chemistry at all with GY. with how much time shE have with him.
    they should just give LDW YOO IN NA more screen together. atlease with her she have better acting then KGE. would not even get mad if GY dont have romance in this drama cuz the woman that he fall for ont even have chemistry with him. knew it was a bad idea to cast KGE she sux when it come to acting. she just look like a kid next to GY.

    • I think kge has potential,i wait her to take another character.but seriously idk why kes make her highschooler,n i cant stand her aegyo.
      i prefer her in eungyo.
      aint that kes typical drama
      Female second lead>>>>>>female lead

      • KGE has already demonstrated that she’s a good actress in other roles. The problem here is the writing and directing in regard to her character. Unfortunately, when she’s with Gong Yoo and using aegyo to be cute, I get father-daughter vibes from them. Without meaning too, I started shipping her with the nephew when I saw them together in this episode… which means I can also start shipping Grimlin. ?

  8. Is it true that if one can understand Korean , this drama is even more interesting , because since Kim Shin was a warrior in the old time , his words and tones were more like Korean historical figure ?
    I heard a lot of word plays were not being translated and the nuaces of conversation of the characters weren’t well delivered in English subtitles
    That would be a loss to non Korean speaker like me

    • Since u mentioned this, don’t you think it’s weird since the Goblin actually lived those years which suffice to say he does not evolve at all. It’s not like he is being transported to the modern world to actually retain that speech pattern.

  9. the problem in this drama is the acting the male bromance… everytime they are on screen, the quality of the drama eventually went down… Can we please focus on a character who can act more… ? Despite I agree KGE should tone down her aegyo, Kim Go Eun is actually doing good showing vulnerability and more nuance compare two the other two male leads.. They are just trying to be funny but their acting is lacking. the female ghost and her grandmother and Kim Go Eun interaction is more enjoyable to watch. Also, hope Kim Eun Sok develop more Kim Go Eun family and their background more. They are so good to watch and make the drama more alive.

      • so far the bromance lacking substance, It’s all fluff. They seems so conscious the viewers love their bromance so they try to act funny but it’s just seems off.

      • It’s called deadpan expression. They are not trying to act funny.

        Besides everyone knows KES writes better male characters. Can’t blame an actress acting the way it was written.

        Some comments here… seriously man. I have no idea what your expectations are. Know the writer and plan your expectations accordingly. All 4 main leads can act. It there are doubts to their abilities it’s not their acting skills- its the script and director. Actors don’t exist in a vacumm in a big production drama like this.

  10. i like the interaction of goblin n ripper n the caretaker grandson?

    yoo ina is a bit dreamy confusing character but i guess the story will come out once more is revealed between her n the ripper

    not the goblin n his potential bride.
    its v weird. i thought they look 20 yrs old in diff irl but the girl is actually older than that.
    her acting is not bad but visually n interaction, cannot feel the chemistry between the two of them. its just weird. v weird. if the pairing is her n that ‘grandson’ then it will be so much better

  11. I like this drama, but find it a bit draggy and boring at points. Not sure how they can continue 90-minute episodes for the rest of the run. Reply could get away with it because of the huge cast, but I’m not sure this drama can for much longer. And the main couple (and female lead) is not even slightly appealing. LDW/GY carry this drama and probably will continue to do so.

    The ratings did drop a bit today as well, so it could just be reaching peaks higher than Reply 1988, but not really out peak it much in the end. We’ll see.

  12. I dont know why people keep talking about the imperfect GY-KGE chemistry. I do really like what they bring into the scene about what kind of “an awkward relationship” between 19 yo girl and 39x yo man (or even in ahjushi age) should be.

    I think that would naturally happened like that ?? if it comes to our real life. Well,keep our patience until the next Friday ??!!

  13. I’m waiting for more episodes to air and then I’ll marathon. It seems pretty good so far. Even some KES naysayers praised her this time. LOL…Must check!

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