Park Bo Gum Beats Out Song Joong Ki as Winner of Gallup Poll Korea’s Top Drama Actor of 2016

Wow, I’m rather impressed someone beat Song Joong Ki in this year’s vote for a drama category poll, but then again I don’t think Joong Ki minds in the least when it’s one of his best friends Park Bo Gum. It’s a one-two punch for these two, topping the Gallup Poll’s Top Actor/Actress poll of 2016. Park Bo Gum won by doubling up on two winning dramas in one year, first with Answer Me 1988 and ending with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Following behind was Song Joong Ki in the second spot with Descendants of the Sun, then his costar Song Hye Kyo in third. Park Bo Gum’s Moonlight leading lady Kim Yoo Jung came in fourth, followed by surprising fifth place winner spot for Jo Jung Seok thanks to Incarnation of Jealousy. Check out the full list below.


Gallup Poll of Korea – Top Drama Actor/Actress of 2016:

1. Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Answer Me 1988)
2. Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)
3. Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
4. Kim Yoo Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
5. Jo Jung Seok (Incarnation of Jealousy)
6. Ra Mi Ran (Answer Me 1988, Laurel Tree Tailors, Rude Ms. Young Ae)
7. Gong Hyo Jin (Incarnation of Jealousy)
8. Go Doo Shim (Dear My Friends, Our Gabsoon, Please Mom)
9. Jeon Ji Hyun (Legend of the Blue Sea)
10. Kim Hee Ae (Second to Last Love)


Park Bo Gum Beats Out Song Joong Ki as Winner of Gallup Poll Korea’s Top Drama Actor of 2016 — 13 Comments

  1. Park Bogum, SJK and Gong Yoo all had spectacular success in their careers this year and they are all deserving of it! We’ll see who dominates 2017.

  2. Its not surprising that PBG is on the first spot since Moonlight Drawn by Clouds has just ended so fans has still fresh memories of it than Descendants of the Sun of SJK and SHK.

      • …And the public really loves him. His score is 35% and the youngest #1 since the survey started in 2007.

    • He works hard, well deserved; everyone in the list worked hard and deserved the achievement. Both SJK and PBG still hv lots of room for improvements as actors, so hopefully they can maintain and even heigthen their current achievements. Respect!

  3. Bogum had Reply 1988 as well, which was huge (despite some fans bitterness, it’s also well loved) on the same level as DoTS popularity wise honestly and Moonlight was airing when this was taken. Not that surprised he’s #1. Good for him!

      • Yeah, well it was very fresh on people’s minds. Not taking anything away from Bogum though since I like him a lot.

    • I know there’s a lot of noise because fans were salty about Junghwan/Ryu Junyeol not getting the girl but Taek/PBG was the most beloved thing that came out of Reply 1988. PBG even booked more CFs than Hyeri. And then of course, Moonlight and he crushed the Reply curse to bits.

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