First Stills for Weekend Drama Father is Strange with Lee Joon and Jung So Min

I’ve not watched a weekend K-drama in quite some months but upcoming KBS 50-episode weekend drama Father is Strange is luring me back with its quirky siren song. Veterans Kim Young Chul and Kim Hae Sook are the parents of a family with four grown kids who must deal with the arrival of Lee Joon’s former idol actor claiming to be another child. Lee Yoo Ri and Ryu Soo Young are the older leads with their own romance, and Jung So Min is Lee Yoo Ri’s sister and also likely the main love interest. Aside from the solid cast I’m also curious to see how the screenwriter of some epic hits like Be Strong Geum Soon and Ojakkyo Brothers does in her return to the family drama genre. Father is Strange premieres the first week of March taking over for Laurel Tree Tailors.


First Stills for Weekend Drama Father is Strange with Lee Joon and Jung So Min — 5 Comments

  1. Yay – the best parents in k-drama are reunited!

    If you haven’t seen it, watch “Life is Beautiful” – still my favourite family/long drama.

  2. I thought lee Joon character’s love interest will be Jung So-min character!?
    How is he the brother?
    Anyway, I’m so excited for this drama. I loved Ojakyo brothers so much, it’s one of my favorite Korean drama and I still go back to rewatch it.

  3. Kbs is best at weekend family dramas. I love Lee Yuri and Hwayaoun so i will be tuning in . Can’t wait!!! 5 Enough from kbs is one of my fave

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