Kim Hyun Joong Arrested for Drunk Driving and Gets License Suspended

Of all the K-ent stars to avoid further legal mistakes and scandals at all costs, it would be already scandal plagued Kim Hyun Joong who is now in another pickle with the law a month after he was discharged from the army. It might be safer to go back and serve two more years out of the limelight and the temptations of civilian life. This week Kim Hyun Joong was arrest for drunk driving after a driver called the cops when the car in front of him on the street didn’t move forward when the light turned green. When the cops arrived they found Kim Hyun Joong asleep at the wheel and a breathalyzer showed a 0.075% alcohol level in his blood stream, which isn’t high and he admitted to having two beers which sounds about right. His license has now been suspended for a year.

Kim Hyun Joong’s agency explaining that he was overworked from the day practicing and went out for drinks with some friends. He got in the car when the parking attendant told him to move the car but that does not excuse drunk driving and he will be reflecting on his mistake and apologizes for his misconduct. All I want to know is who still gets into a car to drive after more than one drink in this day of Uber. And he has a manager and other folks at his agency to call and move the car, sigh this is such a stupid error and I’m just glad no one, including himself, got hurt. He’s apparently canceled his comeback fan meeting due to this situation.


Kim Hyun Joong Arrested for Drunk Driving and Gets License Suspended — 19 Comments

  1. I feel like he is depressed from all his troubles. I think the scandal is so big that people will not forget, so I think he should not do any type of promotions and lay low. His reputation is damaged in the worse possible way and doing some good conduct would do him real good. Drinking at least would be a good thing to change or enter a program like rehab because wow you can’t think of him without saying abuser even if the case turned out to be false allegations.

  2. They sure do..Uber Black,Assist and Taxi. In fact Uber’s CEO got himself in sexual harassment trouble in Seoul in 2014. He took Uber executives to one of Seoul’s escort bars. The female marketing executive in the group filed a complaint with HR. It’s been in the news lately about Uber’s sexist culture.

  3. Not only his license but this guy himself needs to be suspended forever. It’s funny and at the and time scarey how his fans are still defending him with varients of “Oppa didn’t mean it”.

  4. It’s his fans right to support his career, and I pass no judgement on them but I wish they will not defend him over this particular issue. I actually see his fans saying ‘rofl he actually fell asleep driving’. This is no lol issue. Driving under influence is a serious issue and actual lives could have been harmed. If you are a real fan at least take a proactive stance and feedback to his agency on how he can turn his life around instead of shielding him from all sort of valid criticism.

  5. Uber does exist in SK but its not exactly the same Uber as in other countries. But there are a gillizon taxis and SK has their own version of Uber. So this really is a stupid move but KHJ….

  6. I can’t understand why his fans are so loyal to him. It’s not like he’s an excpetionally good actor or good at singing. The world is full of more talented and better looking idols/actors who stay out of trouble and have amazing personalities. Why stick with this particular person?

  7. I hope he can reflect and find a way to heal first…..wounds , the one cause by others and self inflicted wounds.

  8. I will not tolerate DUI , innocent lives can be in detrimental states due to these irresponsible people
    Sorry but no mercy ,

  9. Exactly, there are a million designated driver services in Seoul even if he wanted to get his own car home, he could have just called one. No excuse for him.

  10. as long as he still have fangirl who support him blinding. after all the scandal him in. then there no telling how low he will go. once his look is gone so will those crazy fangirl.

  11. So apparently cctv shows his agency lied and he was actually asleep at the wheel by the side of the road with 23 cars passing him before he was caught. Not the ‘valet asked me to park’ story at all.

  12. just see this news exactly came out at the day that he had court and there wasnt a little article about it at all prosecution even said that choi is indicted for alleged fraud..
    the funny thing is that she invited khj as a witness for the next court..
    and please dont blame the fan there is a lot of news that sites do not publish them and just his fan know them..certainly we know that we support him till here..
    about his license suspended we all know that he made mistake he did wrong we are also angry at him but please dont link every thing to his girl friend event or maybe scandel

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