Gong Yoo Hits the Beach for Discovery Expedition

Summer feels like its around the corner when I see the latest beach pictorial of Gong Yoo for the brand Discovery Expedition. The outdoor wear trend in South Korea doesn’t look like its slowing down in any way and beaches of Busan and Jejudo seem perfect to catch a wave. Sometimes a brand model doesn’t come across as the perfect fit for the products but Gong Yoo’s tall healthy aura is ideal to shill sporty items, he models the rash guard board shorts look perfectly and even looks passable toting a surf board. Too bad we didn’t get to see his Goblin hit the waves but for those heading to the beach don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and look around in case Gong Yoo pops by.


Gong Yoo Hits the Beach for Discovery Expedition — 9 Comments

  1. Beaches of Busan and Jejudo? The background of the first picture is Dubai’s landmark Burj Al Arab (considered the only 7 star hotel in the world) though. Anyways, Gong Yoo is gorgeous as always.

    • I think that is Jumeirah beach. Maybe koala meant those outdoor wear are perfect for Busan and Jeju beaches as Korean people swarm to those places on summer vacation. That colur of sand and palm date trees clearly give the place tropical feel which can’t be in Korea by any mean.

      • Yeah, you’re right… that’s Jumeirah beach. One of my friends have just told me now that he was spotted here in Dubai.

  2. Love the photos (of course – it’s Gong Yoo), but I wouldn’t call an obvious endorsement/advertorial ‘shilling’.

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