MBC Section TV Airs Part 2 of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki Dating in Bali Expose

I don’t know if MBC has a beef with either or both Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, or maybe this is just a ratings ploy, but the network is continued ahead with its breathless coverage of the supposed Bali vacation of the Descendants of the Sun costars. This weekend Section TV aired part two of the so-called expose that the hit drama stars are indeed secretly dating, this time with a phone interview with a huge Song Joong Ki fan that camped out for three days at the Bali airport once she heard he was in town. On the last day she got lucky and saw him arrive with a group that included Song Hye Kyo, then they got in different cars. She followed and saw them arrive and enter the same resort, and then Section TV checked the reservations and saw that a Song Hye Kyo friend has reserved the private luxury suite that she reportedly was seen staying in and also seen by resort staff where Song Joong Ki would enter and leave with a face mask on.

Fans of both stars are furious beyond belief at many of the invasion of privacy actions that have led to these MBC stories, including friends of Song Hye Kyo sharing pictures from her private locked instagram account (which she has since deleted over 60 pictures), and also the network from sharing pictures taken by the resort staff. MBC has received complaints but has aired part two this weekend nevertheless, claiming that it received those pictures and tips through others. So there you have it, more evidence that the DotS costars were in Bali together, and honestly they would save themselves headache at this point just to admit it and tell everyone to F-off. It’s unfortunate the Song Hye Kyo gets flack for dating a few of her costars so far, I think she has every right to date as many guys or costars as she wants and good for her!


MBC Section TV Airs Part 2 of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki Dating in Bali Expose — 34 Comments

  1. This level of Invasive reporting is disturbing like I wonder if they can even sue. But on the other hand I definitely knew they were dating and I completely support. Hope this won’t strain the relationship.

  2. I feel sorry for them, just let them date in peace people need to get a life and leave others alone. They are dating not committing murder. Hope they get married and have beautiful babies.

  3. I feel sorry for them for the invasion of their privacy. But it seems that MBC is pretty solid with their claims to even dare to broadcast this segment even when both parties steadfast in denying the alleged romance. But if it so happened that it is true that they are dating, I don’t see the point of denying anymore at this stage. With all due respect to the popularity of Dots, I think many would appreciate the romance more than those condemning it. A lot of stars namely my beloved LJK and Eric received quite a lot of flacks for denying the relationship only to be proven otherwise.

    • Exactly I just hope they can admit and date openly if that’s the case.

      I just wish these male celebs are proud of the women they are dating rather then to hide the fact. True fans will support their relationship especially these celebs are not young idols.

      • But I don’t think it’s an issue of men not being proud of their women.But the men protecting their women.Also in this case, it seems it’s SHK’s side which seems reluctant to go public I don’t think SJK has issue with this, even though he has previously said what LJK said that he would not admit to a relationship before marriage unless he got caught with irrefutable proof.SJK’s agency since has only issued one response.SHK side has released two or three responses since Bali trying to stop the stalking.

        Also how many relationships of couples who were romantic interests in dramas as main leads ended up in marriage even with the support of the public?very very few and even those get backlash and it’s always the woman who has it harder with hallyu oppa fans harassing the woman.

        The ones who make it far until marriage are the ones whose relationships, stay out of the public during the course of dating, celeb and non celeb, and those who announce voluntarily not because of media stalking. Most times the couples are not the ones people were shipping, during the drama.It usually ends up being with the second lead or just another random actress/actor they never even worked with. Also its the ones whose hallyu wave high has settled down a bit who have that luxury.SJK is still on a career high.Its naive to think he won’t take a hit just because his relationship is supported by massive amount of shippers.

        Or those who in music and variety, the ones who has loads of Chemistry don’t always end up together.

        Example of quiet and successful relationships free from fan drama and obsessive behaviours or those who were not result of shipping;

        a.Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young.
        b.Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo.
        c.Jun Ji Hyun and her non celeb hubby.
        d.Hwang Jung Eum and her non celeb hubby
        e.Kim Tae Hee and Rain and many more.

        The ones who were shipped but still broke up or never made it even as far as relationship even though they had heart palpating chemistry;

        a.Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo
        b.Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho
        c.Lee Seung Gi and Yoona
        d.Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin
        e.98% of WGM couples like Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim.They keep pairing them up even in drama but nada. only about one or two pairs from that show ended up in a relationship or marriage.

    • they really aren’t that steadfast in denial. their denials are pretty weak and you can see why. mbc went over the line though. seems most people are saying yes, we know but leave them alone.

    • Also with LJK and Eric…even if they admitted to the relationship the first time, they were revealed to be dating.They would have still get flack.Why? for the mostly Korean fans..they feel like the woman has snatched their man(or to word it better “fetish” or object of fantasy away) and for the international drama fans, they didn’t end up with the person they were shipping them with.

      What happens to the women of our Korean Kdrama heartthrobs like LJK or legendary Kpop leaders like Eric when news comes out that they are dating or getting married?The trend is in Korea, the saesang fans start to dig into the woman’s past, career history, private affairs and create false rumours in order to discredit the woman’s character and reputation, and tag JG on SNS just to piss him off, to get him to break up with said woman.If that fails and they get busted by the level headed fans, and get reported.JG blocks their accounts or a powerful agency like Namoo delete or block hate comments on articles about the woman aka JHB.

      Or they find nothing, they turn into antis, attack the agency and accuse Eric of all sorts of fake offences and claiming he is betraying the group or he is being unprofessional because he is dating or bashing on the woman’s looks and still trying to discredit her character like NHM was..

      What man wants to subject his love and woman to people like that?What woman wants to see her man suffer psychologically because he is dangled between fan love and private love…what man wants to see a woman he once loved get tagged with ex girlfriend of this hallyu oppa in news if it doesn’t work out? and her work and talent gets buried because of this and rarely acknowledged?

      We all should know by now all our Kdrama oppas and unnies have dated or are dating.I mean they are all healthy handsome men and all are close to or are in their late 20s,30s, some fast approaching 40s.There is no way all of them are single.Isnt it hard to believe that LJS,JCW,KSH,JIS,Gong Yoo, PBG, LDW YAI, PHJ etc etc are all single?or beautiful ladies like HHJ, KGE, PSH, HJW,GHJ etc etc have never dated or are dating?But any woman or man who is not being shipped with them, or those whose hallyu popularity is very strong and have strong public recognition and love in Korea will face the same fate.Such is the price of fame.thats why it’s better to public date if you are sure, double sure, triple sure, you are going to get married.not just flings or casual dating.

      • It’s sad that because of obsessive fans and delusional shippers these celebrities cannot live freely. It’s obvious that these actors and actresses have their own private lives and they have dated or are dating just like any of us regular people, but it’s absolutely terrifying how these ’’fans’’ think they own their biases and some delulu shippers think that their unnie is a virgin or that their ship is real. Like?? How can someone be so delusional….? Imagine if LSK and NJH broke up or one day some actor or actress announced their dating/marriage with someone else or non-celebrity.. I can’t even imagine how shippers or obsessive will react, or actually I can… Lee Jun Ki is a prime example…

    • @RubyRed

      I agree with you. I am not saying that these men are not proud of their women because I totally understand why they chose to keep their romance private (Gosh, I defend my love LJK a lot because I respect his reason). What I was saying is that rather than being outed by low tabloid feeder, it’s better to just acknowledge it at this point. It seems to be a pattern for the public to throw some hate to the celebs who denied the relationship (for legitimate reason) because plenty could not separate the thin line between reel and real life romance. So, my point is, it’s not worth to get the hate when their alleged romance is going to be very much celebrated. They can still choose to continue to date under the radar thereafter despite being official.

  4. its definitely for the boost in ratings.it is unwise to sue mbc, if they are found later to be dating imagine the backlash.

    why should shk admit dating when miss ockoala said yourself last time;even if they are dating it is not certain they will get married.

    it is easier said when we are not the ones to face all the insults,slutshaming and mockery by bitter,jealous and delusional fangirls.

    i believe shk has learnt her lesson and will never ever admit again unless a wedding date is set and i believe its a wise decision.

    could we please stop assuming that they are dating when they say they are not,and there are no picture evidence whatsoever to positive that claim.

  5. Is SJK supposed to be rejoicing that a fan was camping at the airport for three days, just to end up invading his privacy and doing what a normal true fan wouldn’t do?being bought buy MBC to report on her oppa’s private affairs?
    That’s the work of saesang fan or an extremely obsessive shipper if you ask me.

    And no they shouldnt be forced to admit and tell everyone to buzz off if they don’t want to.It will open Pandora’s Box where media houses and fans think this stalkerish behaviour is ok.I am happy Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk didn’t back down when dispatch tried to pull that crap.Whether PSH or LJS were dating at the time or not when those dispatch pics were released.Dispatch had to resign in defeat because PSH nor LJS would not admit to their allegations.

    I was disappointed with how LJK and JHB were forced to go public due to dispatch stalking behaviours (dispatch released their findings on them on three occasions, they denied twice and back down the third time).Both had said it numerous times separately in interviews, throughout the years that they prefer to date privately.First out of respect and protecting the other’s professional image. Second, they need to stabilise their relationship like be sure the feelings, are not just an aftermath of acting as romantic interests or chemistry, due to acting together but it’s real and they really want to take it to the altar.I think that is what is happening to SHK and SJK too.

    Have you seen what has happened to Nam Joo Hyuk since he admitted to his relationship with Lee Sung Kyung.Now he can’t act comfortably around his female co star.He seemed to be on tiptoe at the press conference and behind the scenes with SSK.SSK was/is also getting bashed not only about her acting(which is legit)by also the NJK and LSK shippers.I feel that will be a regular ocurrence too.His international fanbase is flooded by shippers rather than genuine fans who love him for his look, acting and personality.His instagram fanbase is also flooded by shippers ..nagging him take a photo with gf, why don’t you follow your gf..i cant see you act with another actress except LSK etc etc..

    Or Hyun Bin who was desperately trying to promote his movie and end up being asked about his girlfriend Kang So Ra instead?That shit annoys me when journalists do that, no matter which artist.Like is it a crime for artists to separate their private love life from their professional life and away from public scrutiny ?Most shippers of real actors, not the drama characters are immature and wishy washy.You can’t trust them to support your career.SJK probably has fans who don’t like SHK for their own reasons.Same SHK has fans who don’t like SJK for their own reasons.SHK has been shamed enough for simply seeking love and dating publicly.SJK has only experienced his first wave of hallyu popularity.he likely has saesangs fans who will attack SHK mercilessly if they go public.So I still vote yes to private dating.

    • I agree with you so much. It’s like you wrote out my thoughts. I think it’s scary how obsessive fans behave or how someone can become so delusional from shipping it blacks out all their rational thinking. MBC is trash for digging things up like this. Invasion of privacy is not okay, even if they are celebrities.

    • Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye holding their ground against Dispatch made me respect their guts – not only because they don’t owe anyone news on their private life, but also they must have been certain there were no compromising photos of them (no holding hands or kissing).

      The same goes for Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. They don’t owe anyone the update on their lives, not wishing to be in a public relationship is their call.

    • Agree very much. there’s too many delulu fans- either crazily fantasizing that their oppa belongs to them or delulu shippers shipping them with a certain costar. Not only does it violate their privacy, it also inhibits them to carry out their professional life. Pls remember celbrities are human too. show some decency and back off

  6. It’s extremely disturbing that they didn’t apologize for invading kyo privacy. Let them date privately hyekyo has been receiving lot I of flakes for dating her co-star and Joong ki wants to date privately. Now more or less it’s confirm they are dating. Hope they announced when they are at the stage where they are ready to get married.

  7. I like them both. They really look good together but if they want privacy then why not give it to them. I think they have there reason for not revealing speacially SJK still in the height of his carrier.

  8. Geez….is it anyone’s business whether they are dating or not? The extent of invasion of privacy is overboard. It’s this pressure that makes any relationship difficult to work. Just leave them alone !!! How can they date in Korea if they are stalked like this?

  9. Invasion of privacy is a common thing when you’re a top celebritie ! Nothing new : see tabloïds in Great Britain, Us , …In France some celebrities take legal action and gain a lot of money from it! The real problem is people who Watch this kind of reports, read tabloïds,…If they didn’t all thèses reports wouldn’t exist ! And korean fans should Wake up ! Yes yours celebrities are humans who eat , sleep, date, have sex, … They aren’t divinities !!!

  10. this is the k-drama culture that creates a delusional romantic vibe that some delulu’s will fall for and ship certain oppa’s with certain unni’s or fantansize themselves with these so-called “perfect” oppa’s… this is the side effect of k-dramas! we don’t see it with C-dramas… why?

    • I think because the C-drama shenanigans are all contained in Weibo, Baidu etc etc. There are crazies in China too. Maybe their impact is just diluted a bit thanks to their population of 1 billion and gazillion tv stations. But rest assured that the crazies are there too. They’re in every country.

  11. well well If they are dating I will congratulate them so much. It seems he is attract with an older woman? He seems to close to Park Si Yeon more than with MCW in Innocent Man days.

  12. When I first started watching K-dramas and following the entertainment news, I was amazed by the fan bases some of these stars had. It didn’t take too long to see the very real and scary negative aspects. I absolutely understand why stars keep their dating on the down low (though really, I was shocked anyone was surprised by Lee Joon Gi’s dating news…I always assumed they were dating even though they were denying.) It seems the bigger the star, the harder the news hits because there have actually been quite a few break ups this past year that don’t seem to have much impact; or else I’m just not seeing it here over the pond.

  13. 1- Can be media play for the upcoming movie, the Korea entertainment business and all people in there are very corrupt and with no scrupulous, as many others entertainment business, and when comes to promote a project and the artists, and we all know that, it is an agreed contract, without signatures, that the entertainment agencies will use each other artists to help out, reason why we are seeing the arise of one man agency, and certain artists sticking with small agencies, from artists that are tired to be played with.

    2- Second , can be a coverup for some government scandal or dirt laundry that is cooking or about to come out. Remained me, the Lee Min Ho and Suzy, “supposed scandal “. And, the way they were trying to make Park Shin Hye and LJS admitted to be dating with empty pictures that didn’t show nothing but them working overseas, and in and out of cars individually, from cars that are own by many people that can afford. Stay on the look out and you will understand.

    • 1. There is no need for media play for Battleship Island. SJK has made a name for himself. The rest of the cast are all big names in film and dramas.

      2. MBC is going through internal problems with their president right now so I think this is just part of it.

  14. Honestly, when I watched the BTS scenes of DOTS, I found that their relationship looked like a noona-dongseang relationship… So I’m really surprised :p

    I’m not sure about the meaning of private Instgram account… I mean if you don’t want people to see some pictures, Instgram is not the best, they can share with friends or family by other ways.

    • Private instagram means it’s locked so that only people you approve can see your pictures or follow you.

  15. I watched the first part out of curiosity and found the report hilarious. It was like UK’s dispatches report on a crime. Surely, adults dating isn’t a crime. Like I said before, do I care? Not really, but there must be a ‘big audience’ for this type of report to come out.

  16. Digging around in someone’s private life like that is disgusting. Let people say what they want to when they want to about their private life.

    I do think that it would be healthier all around, though, if there wasn’t this hype and secrecy about Hallyu stars dating. They’re human, right? Presumably socially competent? Why is it such a big deal when they are found dating someone? Can’t we just assume they all do, and leave it at that? Why does this have to impact their profession? After all–the job is ACTING. We know full well that in real life, these people are not ancient deities and don’t have magic powers, etc. So why is it so hard to imagine that a person (like NJH, for example) might have a girlfriend in real life and yet still be able to do his job and pretend to be a character in love with someone else?

    I think shippers see something special in a couple and want happiness for those people in real life. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s good to wish happiness on people both professionally and personally. But you cross a definite line when you insist on a pairing when the couple themselves say it’s not really like that, or especially if you send people stalking them on their own private time.

  17. As I previously commented on another blog. Celebrities date secretly and hides relationships in Korea because of obsessive fans experiencing Psychosis episodes that their Oppa only belongs to them. I wonder how many celebrity Oppa actually dated a fan??? What happened to the friend who betray Song hye kyo? Why is he/she not being persecuted for betrayal? Ahhh, korea is so corrupt that betrayal is not as big deal as secretly dating. What on earth is wrong with this country? They make such good drama but priorities, principle and honesty is out of whack or in layman’s term “SHIT”. Who committed the biggest lie: a) a friend who betrayed a friend b) section tv for hiring someone to lie so they can interview and take photos c) a couple who wants to keep their relationship private. If your answer is C then you better see a Psychiatrist like some netizen.

  18. So, just saw they are getting married in October and my jaw hit the floor. I’ve never been this shocked by Kdrama news. Wow! Oh, and congrats to the happy couple….while I go and try to get my brain working again. Wow.

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