K-ent Reporter Shares Details of Kim Hae Soo and Yoo Hae Jin’s Past Relationship Including Mother Hunger Strike to Break Them Up

A top star former couple is back in the news this weekend and there are some details of their relationship and breakup worth noting. Movie stars Kim Hae Soo and Yoo Hae Jin got close on the set of movie Tazza and started dating shortly thereafter. Their relationship lasted for nearly 3 years before breaking up in 2011, which is like eons ago in the minds of netizens seeking the next breaking story. Their relationship was never embraced by the public because she was this sexy gorgeous actress and he was a character actor with less than mainstream good looks.

An entertainment reporter on a talk show this weekend who covered their relationship back then explained that Kim Hae Soo’s mother bought into that mind set thinking Yoo Hae Jin was not good enough for her daughter and pressured them to break up, even going so far as a hunger strike to force Kim Hae Soo to end the relationship. Da fuq, that is so straight out of a weekend makjang drama. The reporter explained that the couple broke up in the end due to family pressure and personality difference, she was outgoing while he was shy and reserved. It’s such a bummer because both remain single to this day, he’s 47 and she’s 46 and I kinda hope they find their way back together just to make this a K-drama-esque happy ending.


K-ent Reporter Shares Details of Kim Hae Soo and Yoo Hae Jin’s Past Relationship Including Mother Hunger Strike to Break Them Up — 21 Comments

  1. This just makes me sad. Character actors can and do have long, successful careers. I would love for them to meet up again if it was in the cards. I guess her mom is paying a price….no grandkids.

  2. This is why people need to stop assuming what’s going on behind celebrity’s breakups like we know them personally. It could be amicable or just really nasty. Theirs do sound like it’s straight from a family drama.

  3. When I watched Two Days One Night with YHJ on the show, he was my favorite person to watch! There is something about him that is super attractive, of course he isn’t the idol looking type but he was more impressive then any idol I know of. I really like him and the roles he takes up.

  4. I hate parents that interfere with their
    Kids’ love lives… like let them make their own mistakes unless someone is a murder or a serious offender then I can understand.. I’m so lucky and blessed that my parents doesn’t get involved in my love life ..

  5. at the end, your daughter is still single. is that what you want, mother? sound so heartbreaking after 3 years of dating, it end because of family pressure. even at that age smh.

    • Not in Asian cultures. Mamas will interfere till their last breath 🙁 so sad, I hope they will find their way back to each other. I like YHJ, a wonderful actor.

  6. If it’s true than it’s really heartbreaking. Reminds me of So Ji Sub and Kim Hyun Joo’s sad story when they had to break-up because KHJ’s family opposed their union because SJS’s mom was a divorcee and he was not considered successful.It was rumored that KHJ vowed never to love other man and therefore is still single. They were young but Kim Hye Soo was freaking 41 years old woman. It’s good to be obedient to your parents but at that age you should be able to differentiate between your mom’s genuine concerns and tantrums. Yoo Hae Jin is good at his job and looks like a decent guy. He lacks nothing. They should have gone together with their life plans or marriage. I doubt if mother would’ve really killed herself instead she would’ve settled down on her own.
    It reminds me of another story told by Jang Hyuk. His parents and agency both disapproved of his wife who has been waiting for his marriage proposal for a long time and he was considered too young for marriage. So they went ahead with their plan of having a family together, conceived the baby, registered the marriage etc. He said after watching the grandchild their anger disappeared into thin air and their bond grew even stronger after that. If you are firm enough to stand your ground there is no way anybody can stop you from achieving ehat you desire.

    • Oh no!!! Kim HyunJoo and So JiSub?? They would have been so different if they were allowed to love each other back then. Wonder what HyunJoo’s parents feel when they see her acting as a mom with a happy husband and child onscreen. Must be karma.

      (Although swearing off love in your early twenties is a bit extreme…still!)

      • SJS and KHJ accepted their relationship albeit in inexplicit way in the past. Rest of the story can be just a rumor but it was said KHJ’s mother went to the extent of following her daughter to the sets and she teared them apart. Maybe that’s the reason SJS has sort of cynical views on love and marriage.

    • This would explain why neither SJS nor KHJ haven’t had any public relationship, and are still single at the age of 40 and 39. If it’s like this, it’s a very sad story, because I’m a big fan of SJS, and I’d love to see him being happy with the partner he chooses.

      • When asked about his past love life SJS said in an interview it’s all ‘tears’. Really sad but there are another example too like JH’s where people deduced the outcome of their action successfully and made things happen.

  7. Da Fuq! Never thought you’d curse Capt. Hehehe, but given the details, she was 41 and hunger strike from mom, indeed ,wow! But I know one one story even worse than hunger strike. My very good friend, the same race as me was and is never to this day accepted by the mom of her husband. The mother in law tried to commit suicide,disinherited his only son from her will just to leave my friend. They got two children, but only one is recognized by the husband’s family and is living with the mother in law now and the mother my friend has no way to see her.

  8. Personality difference is another factor behind their breakup.

    I find it a letdown that details of their past relationship are exposed for all to see and comment on because a media professional needs a juicy tidbit to share during a talk show.

  9. I think it’s the fear of being pronounced as an unfilial Daughter that made her cave in to the pressure. That’s how parents are like in many Asian cultures. It’s just the extent of how far her Mom went to oppose their relationship, which is too much.

  10. First of all, why are the reporters digging up some really old stuff on someone elses’ private lives?
    Second, Kim Hye Soo’s mother must be conservative or something, because she saw it as her right to interfere her daughter’s (who was in her forties at that time) relationship. Which makes me ask this: has KHS’s mother watched her daughter’s films? If she has, I’m surprised she hasn’t opposed them, seeing how conservative she is…

    • I don’t think it’s got anything to do with conservatism. She just didn’t think HaeJin was worth her daughter… thought that he was beneath her.

      Kind of like the shenanigans Lee HyoRi’s mom pulled (well, at least that lady just cried and did nothing else major) when Lee HyoRi brought her now-husband then boyfriend Lee SangSoo home.

      But why is this old news coming out of a journalist’s (who’s got no permission to spill the deets) mouth?

      • I was thinking that maybe there is some corruption or government scandal going on so entertainment reporters have to dig juicy enough relationship ’’scandals’’ or recycle some material so the sheep can continue to sleep. By conservatism I meant that her mom is too much involved in her adult daughters dating life. I know asian moms are like this since I have one, but she hasn’t really interfered in my relationships. Of course the status of man interests my mom too, but Yoo Hae Jin is a good actor, in same profession (just not a ’’top star level’’), but why should it have mattered to KHS’s mom when KHS was already in her forties?

  11. There are many things I like about Korean society … well, such behavior like this, strong family pressure lead break up a nice couple doesn’t on that list … I’ve never could understand, must say those families (or members) more cruel to their own children than any hater out there.

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