New Mon-Tues Dramas Two Cops and Doubtful Victory Premiere to Lackluster Ratings as Witch’s Court Hits 11.6%

Two new Mon-Tues dramas arrived to newly equal lackluster welcome, even I can’t muster up much energy when I see all three Mon-Tues dramas in a row and it feels so similar in genre. KBS is wrapping up Witch’s Court which remains in the lead and this Monday’s episode took in 11.9% AGB nationwide ratings. MBC‘s swindler in a cop’s body drama Two Cops came in third at 4.6% but faring little better was SBS drama Doubtful Victory at 5% with a story being an escaped wrongfully convicted prisoner takes over the identity of a cop to serve up a side of justice. The only breath of different air is tvN cohabiting romance This Life is Our First with 3.786% ratings heading into the final four episodes. After Witch’s Court next Monday is office drama Jugglers to differentiate from the other two cop dramas.


New Mon-Tues Dramas Two Cops and Doubtful Victory Premiere to Lackluster Ratings as Witch’s Court Hits 11.6% — 34 Comments

  1. i feel bad for JJS but i couldn’t bring my weak little heart to watch Two Cops after seeing Hyeri’s horrible acting in the long trailer. i wish she can be benched for good or have her screentime cut to the absolute minimum in future episodes. Can the writer kindly slash her throat to mute her please?

    • I haven’t watched the show and don’t know how bad Hyeri’s acting is, but please don’t talk about violence against women so casually like that, even just as a metaphor or an exaggeration or whatever. It’s nothing to joke about.

      • Pardon me. I did not mean it as violence against women!! As a matter of fact, I didn’t see her as a woman figure to say the joke. I am sorry if you are offended. Obviously we are from very different cultures, I say this to my brothers all the time… regardless of gender. What if Hyeri were a MAN, will you comment to me like this? Think about your answer before you reply.

      • I don’t know why I can’t reply to your last comment, so I’ll comment here. If Hyeri were a man, then no, I wouldn’t have had replied to you, though I would still be bothered by the necessarily violent image your words bring up. And I know you didn’t mean it as violence against Hyeri or women in general. But exactly you didn’t mean any harm that I thought it was worthwhile to reply to your comment.

        It might be just an expression to you, but it’s not to me. I see words like those, violent words describing, threatening physical harm to women on the internet very often. Most of the time they are truly meant, some of the time, they are even turned into actions. Of course, men are attacked too, but to a much, much lesser extent than women. My point is, for women, violent words like the ones you used are not to be thrown around casually like they mean nothing.

      • As I have expected if Hyeri were a man, you wouldn’t have had the same reaction. Why? Why not? I was just as violent with my words. If I said to give rat poison instead of slashing throat, would you call me an animal hater? Sometimes words are a way to vent out certain emotions, only stupid people will put those thoughts into actions and most often those psychos will not express their thoughts into words, they just “do it”. This world will be so gloomy if there is no humor, pardon me if you don’t get my joke, but I think you are taking my black humor out of proportion here…

    • They dont like Hyeri’s acting.They say she is overacting and once again replicating her duksun character.JJS is already hardcarrying the drama.

      • Thank you. Ok so it can improve right? I mean JJS is really good and if him and Hyeri have chemistry it can improve? What about Doubtful Victory? I was really surprised at its rating actually.

      • The only way to improve is to reduce Hyeri’s screentime I think. She cannot act! This drama is not pre-produced so the story can be amended. Forget about any chemistry, she can be reduced to just a memory & a picture on the wall… ?

  2. i’m surprised at the ratings for two cops. even if its really bad, premiere ratings should be somewhat high since jo jungsuk and hyeri are somewhat famous.

    • jo jung suk is rating attractor.Hyeri is ratings killer.Even Ji Sung who almost always gets double digits like this year when every other drama is 7% average for Entertainer last year.When other mediocre dramas were getting 10%.

      They said she was seeking acting advice from Suzy(?) about acting like a reporter.Some nets were saying if she wanted acting tips about reporter role, why not ask her very own co-star?Who did a good job portraying the role last year in “jealousy incarnate”?

  3. So is Because This Is My First Life considered a hit in Korea? There is this article on Korea Times calling it a failure lol. Either way, this drama is def the highlight of Mon-Tue timeslot and so sad it’s ending soon 🙁

    • It’s not a hit but it’s definitely not a failure WTF? Especially not with the average ratings TVN dramas (and most other dramas) have been getting this year. Either way, it’s a very refreshing drama and that’s what is most important.

    • Are you referring to the article “successive failure of melodramas?” I think that article is focusing more on Temperature of Love, The Package and 20th Century, which were indeed failures, even though it did mention BTIMFL. But yeah it’s def not a hit in Korea. Guess it flew under the radar because the cast is not popular. Glad international fans are appreciating it. It’s like Weightlifting Fairy again.
      Seriously, K-dramas need more realistic portrayal of romance than superficial dramas like DOTs and Goblin.

    • For cable dramas anything that is 3% is considered good ratings. It can’t be measured the same way as the main broadcasters. But cable dramas are giving them a run for their money. Hitting nearly 10% for strong woman and above 10% for women of dignity.

    • BTLIOF is performing average domestically but given the many low number ratings TvN is getting this year, this drama can be considered successful. But BTLIOF is very popular among international fans and aside from the narration which many considered as good, the promotion on international front is pretty heavy also. I visited allkpop and soompi and flooded with promotion of this drama. The one that actually doing really well is Witch’s Court and the finale netting above 14%.
      Hyeri can’t act. Period. No matter how good Jo Jung Seok is, it’s not easy to be carrying the drama alone. He should demand half of Hyeri’s salary because he is doing double-duty for this drama.

    • It’s just ended with 4.9 percent which is the highest domestic ratings tvN has got for any Monday-Tuesday drama in 2017 so if similarly rated dramas like Let’s Fight Ghost are considered a success, BTLIOF should be too.

      And this is after it came in with maybe a quarter of the hype of Bride of the Water God/Criminal Minds.

      • Criminal Minds not in the same timeslot but no doubt, CM did poorly despite the hype and the powerhouse cast lineups.

      • Criminal Minds got solid/good ratings for day 1 showing that, even with the new timeslot, the stars and CM product could get eyeballs to try it out. It’s just they didn’t stick around. Avengers Club I believe took over that time slot and did well.

  4. Hyeri’s acting is so bad and she still kept being shameless and taking leading roles. She looks like a little kid next to JJS. Her voice tone, mannerisms.. she lacks so much maturity. Her dating over a decade older men didn’t bring her the maturity you would have expected from her at this point. Witch’s Court is the only drama that consistently exceeded 10 % ratings in these months, something that even that overhyped wyws couldn’t do. No matter how much Suzy fans kept on saying otherwise.

  5. I must be the only one that dont get into BTIMFL. I watch it, somehow in the middle I drop it, I pick it up in the final, still dont have the urge to fill the gap episodes. Seeing everyone crazy about it, I was like.. uhm what?

    • Don’t worry, it’s okay. We all free to watch what suit us best. I tried to watch DOTS and Goblin but couldn’t bring myself to finish 2 episodes. About BTLIOF, it’s not perfect but certainly above average kdrama standart.

  6. that 3.3 and 3.6 rating for last night episode though, its very hard to recover fr. that low rating, even if kbs will premier a new drama nxt week. now that witchcourt is finish

    • i think the ratings will get a bit better witch’ court was a very strong opponent but jugglers is just an office romance so it wont be able to maintain the ratings of witch’s court

      • I think from next week(Monday-Tuesday), the real battle is between the actresses, chemistry between leads and story line.
        The actors are all solid.
        So we have:
        1.Team Daniel Choi and Baek Jin Hee(KBS)- office romance
        2.Team JJS and Hyeri(MBC)-crime/fantasy/romance
        3.Yoo Gyun Sang and Jun Hye Sung(SBS)

        I bet is Team KBS will have the upper hand if the first impression next week is good.

      • for actresses, I think BJH is the strongest. I am sorry but I really have to pass on JJS this time, I have watched all his dramas so far… but no, not this time!

  7. Yikes the ratings fell to 3.3% percent for Episode 2……BTIMfL got over 4.9% in comparison.

    Poor JJS he’s the only reason I would watch this

  8. Witch’s Court is one of the best non-cable dramas this year!
    So deserving of its high rating.
    Congrats to team Witch’s Court!

  9. we cannot compare weekday drama to weekend drama.because this life is my first is a successful drama for tvn considering the cast,budget and promotion.hitting approximately 5% is good for a weekday drama and its also critically acclaimed.

  10. Korean live ratings are in tatters. I wonder if they will be able to make as many shows in future with the economic underpinnings of drama production being eroded?

    • I think eventually this has to erode the $$ paid per episode to the stars. A huge chunk of the production cost is to pay the two lead actors. For many actors, they roll the dice on success because they get endorsement deals. I know the live shoot system is brutal, but I see no way they are going to be able to pay those salaries when even stars can’t reliably get viewers to stick with a drama. Hallyu stars can still get $$ from licensing fees overseas but China is still closed so that spigot is off.

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