Big Bang’s Taeyang and Actress Min Hyo Rin Confirm February 2018 Wedding Date

It’s jarring to have one happy news drop nearly simultaneously as one tragic news but that’s what happened in K-ent on this Monday December 18th. News of Big Bang‘s Taeyang marrying his actress girlfriend Min Hyo Rin actually broke before news of the sudden passing of SHINee lead singer Jonghyun but of course the wedding news has taken an understandable back seat. Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin have been openly dating for two years but from all the rumors even I, a non K-pop fan, have heard since 2012 these two have been an item for many many years. That’s fantastic to have them date quietly and then openly, and now hit the finish line in a wedding slated for February 2018. K-pop stars tend to have a harder time with fans accepting their dating/marriage but I feel Taeyang has really integrated his relationship with Min Hyo Rin into his life that his fans have all come to embrace her too and that’s a relief. Congrats to this couple on taking the next step!


Big Bang’s Taeyang and Actress Min Hyo Rin Confirm February 2018 Wedding Date — 5 Comments

  1. My bias in the group but i love other members too. I love them as a couple and so this is very happy news for me like SongSong marriage news was. I am like proud mama when my fav stars get married to suitable partners. Cant wait for baby girl Shin Hye’s big day when she is ready.

  2. Taeyang is a family man. I’m so happy for them. I’ve been a fan of Taeyang and Bigbang for a long time and I can’t believe that this day came. And he is the first of them to tie the knot. This has been a bittersweet day but that’s life, isn’t it? Congratulations and blessings to them

  3. Vips are such a supportive fanbase. They support and say positive thing about taeyang’s upcoming marriage.

    He’s such a good boy ups man. It’s better to tie the knot before going to enlistment. You never know when somebody steals her heart so.. With this marriage.. They become each other’s closest person.

    Congratulations to taeyang. Bigbang will always be my fave boygroup!!

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