Second Teaser for Mr. Sunshine Introduces All Characters and the Epic Backdrop of Fading Joseon Glory

The bar continues to be raised by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook as she conquers the K-drama romance world one genre at a time. Her last hit Goblin was centuries spanning with fantastical elements, the one prior to that was Descendants of the Sun taking the leads to a war and disaster ridden developing country. It’s now three months away from the premiere of her next drama on tvN Mr. Sunshine, setting the story in the late days of the Joseon era as the conflict between the old guard and the new modern Western influences dawning battle for the future of the country. This is movie quality visuals, people, and honestly I’m just captivated by the story Kim Eun Sook wanted to tell about the commoners and patriots who bled for their dreams and beliefs and have been forgotten now in the sands of history.

Second preview for Mr. Sunshine:


Second Teaser for Mr. Sunshine Introduces All Characters and the Epic Backdrop of Fading Joseon Glory — 18 Comments

  1. Looking forward to this drama. I am not familiar with any of the other actors/actresses, except for Lee Byun Hun.

    I’ve watched LBH’s dramas and movies for nearly 20 years. His acting performances are always A Class. Super excited about his new drama. LBH has always been able to draw me in with his complex and intense acting and to make them believable and likeable.

  2. This looks epic. Despite I never liked any of KES dramas, I will check this one just to see how epic its going to be. This seems set to be a rating monster too.

  3. LBH: no thanks! I’d watched if it’s action type. But I can’t stomach in romance type. His questionable sex life spoils the love image

  4. I must say the styling seems to really suit Kim min jung who I didn’t recognize at first in the screen cap.
    I’ll probably check this out but I won’t expect too much. The cinematography will for sure look pretty and the story will start well but I’m not sure about how it will go since I failed to finish any of this writer’s dramas after a gentleman’s dignity years ago.

  5. I’m definitely going to watch this. Not a fan of writer or Lee byung hyun but I know he has his acting chops. going to watch it for sets cinematography and story

  6. Not a fan of KSE’s dramas nor the male lead, but i may check this one out for at least two reasons: 1) the cinematography, 2) Byun Yo-han.

  7. good cinematography, good acting, good ost, good acting but not so good story (for me)
    I dont know why, but I never finished watch her drama, I always get bored around epi 9 or 10. Not even when I really like it cast like SeGa or Dots.
    I think her romance is really not my cup of tea 🙂

    • The total lack of depth is what I really don’t like about her writing. Given how complex the theme of this series seem to be I don’t know if she can deliver. But of course, regardless of writing quality she is well loved in Korea.

      • and overly dramatic romantic scenes. I still remember laughed so hard when SHK character’s scarf flying and ended on SJK face or something ..
        suddenly I remember Kuch kuch hota hai wk wk wk

  8. the cinematography is on point though.But Kim Eun Sook’s works always look glittery from the outside but inside is just an empty shell.But il wait for it to complete airing.If the reviews are marathon it.

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