Park Seo Joon Sports Bipolar Hair Style for Coffee Shop Brand Event in Seoul

This is the second time I’ve noticed Park Seo Joon having terrible hair moment, and it’s already more than most male stars since men’s hair styles are a whole lot harder to mess up. Last year his bad hair day lasted an entire drama namely his wig in Hwarang, proving that he really isn’t cut out for the sageuk flowing mane look. The Joseon yangban may work, but for now I stick with the opinion he looks best as a modern day dude. But that opinion is now challenged when he showed up at a coffee shop brand event this week in Seoul sporting bipolar hair. It’s like his right side wants to be emo poet by night and idol by day while his left side is all slicked back chaebol heir. I then realized that this is the hairstyle, or even more extreme version, of the one he’ll be sporting in upcoming K-drama Why Secretary Kim. Why President’s Hair is more like it, lol.


Park Seo Joon Sports Bipolar Hair Style for Coffee Shop Brand Event in Seoul — 10 Comments

  1. Hello though I agree that his hair is pretty awful but could you change the title by removing the word “Bipolar” as someone I used to know who had bipolar ended their life and also those who have it may be visitors to your site and may feel uncomfortable with your use of the word.

    • I think Park Seo Joon has potential to go beyond IT Boy.He already got a baeksang nomination for best actor although he didnt win.He has some clout in kmovie box office(see “midnight runners) now.Some of his peers cant sell movoe tickets despite their popularity and fanbase but he can. Hehas shown that he is also good at kvariety show.He is young and handsome but he is not banking on his looks, a huge fanbase or hallyu to get ahead.His image is not over consumed like others because of doing too many CFs and mediaplay. He may not have the same charismatic qualities of some of the actors in his age group..but I think his acting career will have more longetivity than most of them.All he needs to do is to continue making smart project choices and stay away from needless controversies.

      • gosh the typos.but i hope you understand.Also I really dont understand why his agency is not securing a solid project for Park Bo Gum?Do his fans know what is going on?

      • I think its too early to say he has box office clout considering he has only one movie. But he is off to a good start. His next movie is with the same director as well, so I think it has a high chance to be another hit. I’d agree that he is smart about not going down the it-boy route, but is instead working consistently.

        About the lack of “charisma”, I’d think it was due to the drama roles he picked that gave off the impression. In Hwarang and She Was Pretty, the second male lead were both given a more meaty and favorable role. FMW was generic, but he and Kim Jiwon carried it well. I hope his upcoming drama will be the same as well.

        As for Park Bogum, I heard he’s focusing on school last year? He did say he will definitely make a return this year. I think he might be scared to pick a project. Reply 1998 and Love in the Moonlight were both extremely popular dramas, so there must be this pressure to live up to the success.

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