Lawless Lawyer Premieres to Strong Ratings and Positive Reviews

The new tvN Sat-Sun drama Lawless Lawyer is off to a kickass ratings start, continuing the cable network’s powerhouse offerings for that time slot. Episode 1 brought in 5.275% and episode 2 increased into 6.037%. This is a better start than its predecessor Live which started off with 4.337% and 3.293%, and that drama increased steadily in ratings to end with last week’s series high of 7.730%. I’m soooooo happy for Lee Jun Ki to finally hit on a K-drama with both high ratings and near positive audience feedback right off the bat. I loved it myself, it was fun and fast-paced, with all the leads delivering strong performances including Seo Ye Ji being so awesome with a strong character and even stronger onscreen presence that holds her own opposite so many dominant actors and actresses around her. I hope the drama narrative stays strong but this is quite a promising premiere.


Lawless Lawyer Premieres to Strong Ratings and Positive Reviews — 42 Comments

  1. I am over the moon and so happy for my Lee Jun Ki. He deserves this. Glad that the drama been getting good reviews and the ratings is high and increasing.

    On the not happy note…why does it take so long to release english subs????? Up until, there is still no english sub for episode 1.

  2. This is really frustrating? no sub till now!!! You Shouldnt let viiki have this drama and its even not available in my country. Whats wrong with illegal sites?.. I actually watch other dramas on these sites and its so fine and smooth. We really waited so long for this to start finally but the waiting still continues☹ not fair

    • PD Kim Jin Min needed something like this too?on TVN.I was very surprised that he also directed korea version of “the liar and his lover”.I was like what went wrong?

      • Well… PD is also like actor and writers. They have up and down. They can’t carrying poor material they have given alone. Just give PD Kim Jin Min a good material from cast to writing, he will deliver. I think one of the problem in that drama is the acting..

      • Yeah that must be it.Because he directed “Marriage Contract” which was good.”Pride and Prejudice” was ok.”Time between Dog and Wolf” is a classic.So if someone is consistently putting out good work and then suddenly, you get work that is worse than a rookie.Its surprising.So lets hope this drama swings him back to the good side.

      • PD Kim can only compensate for so much especially with the writing and cast.
        Joy is a total newb and Lee Hyun-woo hasn’t done much to improve on his successful child acting years.

        Kim Jin-min has directed different genres. Sageuks, action noir,, human and legal,melo,thriller …..

        I’m hoping the writing is somewhere between “The Attorney” and “Confidential Assignment.” I didn’t care for “Remember” but this is off to a great start. A familiar territory for PD Kim and Lee Jun-ki.

      • i like your name.are there two kiaras here?Anyway back to what you said about the writing.I cant comment on dialogue because i need subs to understand.But according to the reviews, as koala said as well as the korean media and netizens..the plot is fast paced and not draggy.Its not linear and too predictable.Thats where the thriller aspect comes in.Its like the questions asked in ep 1 are answered in ep 2 and new questions come up and so on.If I were to make a comparison(though not accurate) The way LJK’s character is written is leaning towards “The Attorney” than “Confidential Assignment”, but the balance of the melo and comedic bits of the plot give off similar vibe to Confidential Assignment.The only thing resembling “Remember” is that both have a charismatic and interesting villan in the form of Nam Goong Min and Lee Hye Young respectively.However, I think Lee Hye Young could have a little edge over Nam Goong Min in her portrayal because she is the more experienced actor.

      • @RubyRed
        Yes, there are 2 kiaras and maybe 3 lol.

        Thanks for the thoughts on his character. I’m still waiting patiently for the subs.

  3. yeah finally, so happy for him and entire team. congrats for a well deserved success.hopefully the drama ratings goes up throughout its broadcast.

  4. I’m crying myself a river right now. NEVER have I EVER been this desperate in all the 2 1/2 years of watching K dramas waiting for the English subs to drop. I mean I’m checking updates everywhere within the hour to see if the eps have subs. For 3 months I’ve been patiently waiting for LL. Mothers Day NZ May 13th I politely declined brunch with my family and asked if we could do dinner instead because my Mothers Day present to myself was waking up to watch the subbed version of LL. But no it was not to be. It’s 10.00pm now and still no subs. The only consolation is watching it raw and knowing that the ratings went off in Korea. Please if anyone knows where there are English subs can you please share. Sharing is caring ? PS: Poor LJK international fans are waiting just as much as I am and we’re being deprived. Why?????? The Great Seducer was subbed quick as why isn’t LL? And apparently Viki has taken LL off their schedule. HELP! ?

    • I share your pain. Many of his i-fans are frustrated including me. I normally streamed via myasiantv. I saw LL made it to the top of the most watchable drama on myasiantv this week but when I logged in, so many are devastated with the absence of sub version. Those who can understand chinese are lucky cos that version been released. Until now, still no sign of english subs ???

      • Okay thank you Alexa for the heads up that there are Chinese subs already out for LL. So my desperation to know what is being said is driving me over the edge. I have a couple of Chinese friends that if I give them 15 mins each to sub from Chinese into English that might take the stress and anxiety out of this situation. It’s really not fair whoever put the block on the English subs and is delaying the release. A lot of the international fans are waiting for the English subs so that they can translate back into their own language. So it is really annoying that it’s just down to waiting…. I can’t find the emoji where there is steam flaring out of my nostrils. Oh I found it ? And me after midnight cos Im still up and checking…?‍♀️

  5. Great for Lee Jun Ki. Maybe this drama will be his lucky one. After gotten blacklisted, success is what he must have craved for a long time.

    • You must be an angry person. You always put your words in a veeerrrrrryyyyyy negative context not only in this thread but in every thread there is.

      • I’m not the only one who noticed this… There’s alot of bitterness and hatred in almost all her comments.

      • @MistyEyed, you are the one who sounds too angry to think straight, any LJK fan would know that during the end of the Park Geun Hye administration it came out that LJK was actually one of the artistes on a government blacklist during that time. As in, he was literally on a blacklist with no idea why – that is not opinion or conjecture, it is fact.

        Maybe think twice next time before self-righteously making noises about “anger”, “bitterness” or “hate”. I have disagreed with @prettyautumn often but if you are sooooo invested in some celebrity you never met that you insult people you are actually interacting with, it’s a bit lame.

      • Really? I’m genuinely happy for LJK after the injustice he suffered because of Park Geun Hye reign. He’s a good actor with range. I find his jaw dangerously sharp and prefer him in a little plumper condition, that’s my only complain?? I may come off as a negative Grumpy McGrump but not everyone can be as positive as AnnJoel if ya know what I’m talking about 😀
        thanks Royal We and Mischa

    • I don think @prettyautumn meant it in a negative way at all. We are all happy that finally LJK is getting a taste of success after a long time. His last hit drama was some time ago and he was constantly butchered by bad drama writings (courtesy of the blacklisting that limit his choices and offers). LL seems to be a promising one – unbelievably high rating for its pilot episode and great reviews.

      • Honestly I was almost relieved to find out about the blacklisting because it explained a lot. And also because by then, the PGH administration was over so it was lifting.

        It’s outrageous to think some of the people on the list were literally there for nothing more than doing a drama or a movie with a pov that the government didn’t like.

  6. Acting: So far, in my opinion this is the drama’s biggest strength.All four actors are delivering ?.No subs have been released yet but we can get a feel of their characters,the emotions they are trying to convey and the stories they are trying to tell.The chemistry between Seo Ye Ji and Lee Joon Gi is almost flawless.It just feels so natural and enjoyable to watch.The supporting cast is also very good.No one so far has annoyed me with their acting.

    Directing:I would rank this second.The editing is on point.Cinematography is good.It is modern but still have retro feel.The type you expect in a gangster noir.The background music is on point.The action scenes are well shot and to the point not too long.It must be difficult to mix different genres in one drama.However, the comedic scenes are not too exaggerated, the melo is not too over dramatic, the romance well it hasnt really started but they are not trying to rub it in our faces.The transitions from one type of acting to the other is seamless.It was slightly shaky at the start but ep 2 was very good as you can see even the ratings reflect that.

    The writing:I feel I would make a better assessment if I watch with subs.But Lee Hye Young’s character makes a compelling villain and has so much depth.Thank you writer nim for not making Seo Ye Ji’s character a wall flower or accessory to the male lead.This almost always happens in action dramas.I hope it stays this way.

    Congrats to a strong premiere.We can only hope it stays this way or just get even better??????.

  7. I loved 2 first episodes so much. Even without subs. But I need subs. I’m desperate for subs. I need them now… Hah but seriously, the drama is the perfect package and LJG Bong Sang Pil is just awesome… I can’t wait for next week episodes.. And for subs
    Sorry. I’m repetitive. But I’m suffering. Lol
    I’m also happy about the ratings news. The show fully deserves them. Congratulations to cast and team behind the drama.
    I think it will be the drama of the year… At least for me

  8. I’m still without subs so I’ve only been able to watch the raw version, but it seems like such a well-rounded show. The acting looks good and the chemistry between Seo Ye Ji and Lee Jun Ki looks great. Those are some impressive ratings and I hope for the drama’s continued ratings success/increase.

    I’m really glad that Seo Ye Ji’s career is on the up and up. She’s being well-received so far with this drama. I swear Save Me was her turning point and that’s great for her! What I’ve seen so far of her character in this drama is wonderful and I hope the writer keeps it up. She’s awesome.

  9. It’s 6.53am NZ time and still no $&@?(/##^* damn subs I gotta go to work but 2 days in a row I can’t focus this sub thing with LL is consuming my life. Viki are still saying sorry but they will get the show up and running soon. What? By Christmas? I’m sure the powers be at Viki are doing this on purpose for us international fans . You know keep them mean; keep them keen. I just wanna know what is being said?????

    • @ Give me the subs I’m At work 11.20am NZ time THANKKKKKK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POST!!! Going to take an early lunch break now to read up!!

    • People need to write Viki’s customer support, tweet @ their account on Twitter (make it PUBLIC that wakes companies up) and especially comment on the Viki page for the drama.

      Unfortunately from what I’ve noticed over the years, the speed at which a Viki volunteer subbing team works very much depends on how excited and interested the team is about a drama. It’s not surprising since they are doing it unpaid and I blame Viki for still depending on volunteer subbers after all these years. IMO, Kocawa (deal and shrinking library) and their growing popularity exposed the weakness of this outdated business practice and I let them know this when I recently canceled my subscription after being a faithful customer for years.

      • Apparently Viki are saying it’s a technical glitch. Yeah right! No it’s because they’re probably getting their kicks knowing that all the international fans of LL are chewing their nails in anticipation of the English subs and it’s now Day 4 and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s pitch black. So Im gonna start on my toe nails shortly because this so called bs glitch they’ve blamed it on is just prolonging my agony. I’m just so friggin frustrated at the delay. Thank goodness the wonderful bah doo (Bless you?) who wrote a great overview of eps 1 & 2 of LL so much I had my lap top on to read it and my mobile to watch it raw again for the 3rd time. Times are desperate and the lengths I will go through to get my fix.

  10. Lol. Since I am Malaysian, I am so over the moon to know that LL will be aired on Malaysian public tv(tv8) starting this thursday. Yeay ?????

  11. i am hoping lee joon gi and ha ji won will star on the action packed comedy romance drama….. they are both good in action why not pair them…. the seeting would be joseon dynasty, because both of them are good in handling swords and horse-riding…. i can’t wait hope my wish will come true

    • for action drama yes. But I don’t think they match visually if have any romance scenes. A sageuk without any romance will be better imho…

  12. I have had it enough of waiting.. guess I will go check on that bah-doo as @Ann joel and be ready for next episodes

    • Hi all the LL soompi forum has up to date info on the subbing crisis and frustrated LJK angels are such a god send posting gifs and lil subbed vids of LL. So have a squizz to keep you sane until Viki decide to get their so called glitch fixed. They should consider a name change from Viki to Sickie (sic) Oh now Im getting personal. ? Hope all the Malaysian fans had a blast watching the dubbed version last night!

    • Yes yes it’s the best overview available. They acknowledge grammar and spelling errors but I’m so grateful that they were kind and considerate enough to do this for international fans on their own. It makes a lot of sense when watching raw to tie you over until the subbed version arrives. ?

  13. Saw a tweet and looks like LL is headed to Netflix. One week is a long wait but I think they have better subtitles. If it’s true, I think the technical glitch at Viki was that they didn’t bid for the right price.

  14. Looking forward to more success of this drama.
    Well done bro joon gi.
    I have watched the teaser and the drama really grasp my attention. Of course the actor and the actress play great role to have my attention.
    I am eager to watch though i have ielts test on coming 24th. so hoping for english sub so that i can somehow learn english while enjoying the drama.
    hope this drama to be a big hit and bro joon gi to have more prizes!!!

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