tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Nearly Breaks 10% Ratings in Second Episode, Surpasses Goblin’s Ratings Start

We have another hit drama for prolific screenwriter Kim Eun Sook! Ladies and gentlemen, naysayers and soothsayers, the just premiered end-of-Joseon period drama Mr. Sunshine cemented itself as another successful work with the one-two ratings punch of its first airing weekend. Episode 1 got 8.852% ratings and episode 2 rose to 9.691%, the increase confirming that audiences are tuning in to this drama more than just curiosity buoying the first episode. For comparison, the first Kim Eun Sook drama to air on cable was tvN’s Goblin in late 2016/early 2017 which premiered with 6.322% and rose in the second episode to 7.904%. Unlike the trendy Goblin, Mr. Sunshine deals with a real period in traumatic Korean history and I could totally see the older generation tuning in for the patriotic tears and catharsis.


tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Nearly Breaks 10% Ratings in Second Episode, Surpasses Goblin’s Ratings Start — 50 Comments

  1. Lol ironic how it most of the casting knetz were against this year that became a rating hit like this and wsk watch the hye kyo and bogum drama be a hit too

    • The purpose of TVN is to produce good content in order for them to retain their currently paying customers. And if they produced buzz worthy shows, it’s more likely that non subscribers will also subscribe, hence get more money from customers and advertisements.

    • Very rich. For one, it is owned by the conglomerate CJ&e. So it has money. 2. they probably still have money leftover after goblin. ??

      • They are also making mover from WWWSK don’t forget. The PPL money must be pouring in for tvn. 2018 is their year.

  2. Second half dramas are the real deal. Between Sunshine, Memories, Boyfriend and Promethus we are set for a great half year. All other dramas can just go home now.

    • I respectfully disagree. The first half has featured rather decent drama lineup ie Live, Life On Mars, Misty, Just Between Lovers. Until today, I still say that “My Ajusshi” is the best drama this year. Maybe that will change with the progression of Mr. Sunshine (though highly unlikely because this is KES we talk about), or Alhambra or Life, who knows?

      • Those dramas were critically successful but I think Goffery was referring to the huge blockbusters, with high budget and all-star cast.

      • Okay. I get the point if she/he meant dramas having big names headlining and big budgets. Sorry I missed out the point.

      • @Alexa , happy to see someone who likes LIVE, LIFE ON MARS … Life on mars is really a good drama , a good adaptation from the BBC drama. I’m waiting to Watch Mr sunshine as Goblin and DOTS weren’t my cup of tea even with the stellar cast. But the ratings prove that dramas with actors with “scandals” can work . So korean seems to be more open minded than before.

      • I’ve never seen the original LOM but I’m inclined to believe the korean one is the best one!

    • Yes, definitely agree with Geoffrey. The first half had some lovely surprise hits that tapped the 30-40+ market. But this second half is really pulling out the big names and budget.

  3. I am following simply for the story though I can’t say it is engaging yet. For the most part, there are plenty of elements of “forced” in this drama where so many things feel manufactured. Since I hate almost all of KES’ past works, I say that this probably suit my palette more since we don’t have cheesy lines (yet) but she still has that fondness to glorify her male lead whats with that runaway like strut. And the fact that LBH looks a generation too old than the other casts really is bothersome.

    • its KES lol
      its predictable that the male (lead and supporting) strut like a model in some scenes. Just remember goblin and dots.
      so far the story is good, but LBH stood out as the oldest of the bunch. He’s the godfather lol. His acting is great as expected

      • That’s her trademark cheesiness. She definitely needs to add the cheese. She just have to create alpha male lead that need viewers to worship the ground he walks on.

  4. I wanted to check the cinematography since the trailer looked pretty good. Got to admit, storyline is rather predictable, in some parts cliche but camera work is on point. Music…wish they had a good Korean ballad because the English song that keeps playing isn’t the best.

  5. To be predicted kim eun sook drama never fails lol, cause she brand name drama.and Lee santa oppa romantic success lol.

  6. The first episode was kinda boring but the second episode got more interesting. I think LBH and KTR had sizzling chemistry as potential political opponents (not so much as romantic interests, meh). I really like KTR’s voice tone and aura as well. Also interested to see more of YYS and KMJ’s chemistry.

  7. KES tends to create good secondary couple which makes me more interested to find out more on YYS character. I would rather LBH and KTR to play out their chemistry over politics than say real romance. I have not liked any LBH’s works in the past. KTR is a refreshing face. I thk what sets this dramas apart is the cinematography. And its setting is diff. I can see Koreans in theur late 30s to the elder generation tuning in to watch

  8. Kim Taeri emotes so well. Its her first drama and she pulled it off great. congrats. and those bully Kim jiwon fans who come for KTR claiming she can’t act compare to KJW . LOL. Such a pitiful fandom. Stop being delusional and face the reallity. KJW is basic as hell.decent as a side character and mediocre lead.

    • Right kim ji won acting was mediocre,just look how they blame park shin hye, song hye kyo and now kim tae ri,if she was really good actress kim eun sook will cast her as female lead lol.

    • I beg to differ. I’m not a huge fan of either actress, but Kim Tate Ri’s delivery so far has been wooden. So has LBH. Even the scenes with YYS and the hotel owner were more charged. For all the grand production, the weak point so far has been the acting and plot. Episode 1 was bloody boring, episode 2 slightly more interesting. Might be a drama that picks up after a couple of episodes. So don’t knock KJW’s acting just because of your bias. She had a very short scene and delivered what was required during that time. I’m still waiting for Kim Tae Ri’s acting to grow on me. She may not have a lot to work with thus far, cause of the script but we’ll wait and see.

      • Got to agree. I’m not feeling the lead actress at all. I understand that the character grew up pampered and protected. But her characterization requires a lot of depth and I’m not seeing any of it. She looks way too young as well for the character. If she’s playing someone who’s 13 sure. But as far as I know she’s not.

  9. This looks like it’s going to hit 20%
    Seriously, has KES even failed in ratings..this writer is a rating magnet. She’s seriously so gifted

    • Nahh. I doubt this will hit 20%. Will this drama become a cultural phenomenon like Goblin? I don’t think so. It will keep the ratings for sure, will spike by the time it is reaching the finale but I don’t think it will even get that high.

      • I disagree. In fact I see this becoming a cultural phenomenon even bigger than Goblin because its talking about patriotic reality while also giving us a glimpse of culture in different countries. Even the time period its covering is impressive plus the response on Netflix is really good. A big part of this drama till now has english dialogue so newbie drama enthusiasts who want to experiment with korean drama will lap this up.

      • Even ruler had 15% with crappy storyline, there is no reason this cant get 20%, epi its gonna be 24 epi.

      • Ruler had child actor favs which is exactly why moonlight did well without a plot. This is a KES drama so ofcourse it’ll do well. Netz only need big stars not plot. Look at the big ratings Doctors & Legend pulled in.

  10. the headline is incorrect if it had 9.6 for the 2nd episode that isn’t breaking 10% …

    im really ify about watching this show the male lead skeeves me out big time, plus that cheating drama with that young girl when his wife was preggo made me really sick. BUT the plot does sound good and kes always makes good (not great) shows.

  11. It was really two beautiful episodes. KES didn’t choose the easiest period to write about. It was pretty complicated between Japan, America, China etc. For now, we had to introduction episodes, so I’m curious about the rest of the story. Kim Tae Ri is really beautiful and LBH is pretty charismatic.

  12. People were saying it was terrible and boring 5 minutes after the episode aired. I mean, I don’t like KES or LBH more than anyone else, but a lot of peopel were fooling themselves to think he can’t bring in ratings. People pay money to watch him in movies all the time and he’s actually a fantastic actor. Not to mention Kim Tae Ri.

    • Who are say lbh can’t bring rating? Remember all in and iris has good rating too, and kim eun sook drama always guaranteed rating hit, award and cf darling for male lead.male lead always get more exposed than female lead.

    • This is exactly my point. All of LBH movies are top box office movies that means people literally pay to see him so why would they not want to see him if its for free? Isn’t it obvious people will watch him when he’s coming on tv for free. Its the same for SYJ or if KDW ever did a drama. People who are box office sellers are guaranteed to bring in tv ratings.

      • Lol. SYJ had more flop dramas than hits. Her only hit drama is Pretty Noona. Summer Scent, Personal Taste, Sharks are all flops. In contrast, LBH has a clean sweep with All In, IRIS and now Mr.Sunshine which are all rating monsters.

      • Tvn is not free though, it’s a cable drama. Ppl will does pay to actually subscribe. That is why 10% rating is a big deal because imagine all this ppl paying just to watch tvn drama.

  13. Kim Eun Sook and her magic, what else can anyone say? I am okay with the first two episodes simply because this is nothing like her other dramas which I loathed to pieces.

    The high production value is there but she is KES, she certainly can attract investors. While I like the time period of her choosing, I don’t really find anything that is so spectacular about this drama. The thing that annoyed me so far is the fact that the drama trying to be “too much in your face”. And the BGM is horrible too but that does not deter me at least for now, to bail out. I will still check it out until such time I find the plot is too cliche for my liking.

  14. This only goes to show that:

    (1) KES knows her audience.No matter how much they grumble about the lead actors or her writing, they will watch anything she puts out.Especially when she works with one of the best cinematographers in their industry.The ratings are no surprise.I think many predicted that it had more likelihood of being a ratings hit than not.

    (2) KES really is an image cleaner.If the ratings keep increasing as they are now.By the end of this drama, the Korean drama audience will be worshipping the ground LBH walks on.Anyone who talks about his womanising ways or whatever dirt he has in his private life will be seen as petty and childish.Thats a skill right there.

    3.Netizens are really toothless lions or all bark and no bite when it comes to scandalous male artists especially the ones who are considered “good looking” or “mega talented”.Park Shi Hoo and Kim Hyun Joong and now Lee Byung Hun are proof of that.The industry knows that too.So this is why all they need is a temporary “hiatus” then comeback with the help of powerful connections and they will be worshipped again.

  15. LBH’s movies and his drama (IRIS) all did well, KES is a known ratings magnet, and the theme of the drama ensures people will tune in for Patriotism so these ratings don’t surprise me. I don’t see it hitting it off with the international audience as much as DOTS and Goblin did but it’ll do good in Korea.

    I quite like the drama tbh but I have a feeling KES will drag out the love triangles (and squares) for a loooong time there’s 24 total episodes

  16. I loved the first two episodes, and also loving it on NetFlix and get to see the beautiful sunset in my big screen TV. 😀

  17. for me, the plot is boring, but since the writer is known for hit drama series so people might give it a try – talk about stereotyping.

  18. I think it’s too early to say if it’s going to be a blockbuster. Some people make the mistake of assuming that if they found the drama boring that makes the drama boring. All opinions are subjective.

    If I am correct this is the first time that this time period t is beinng covered on the small screen. What I like about it is that you see the U.S in the late 1800’s through the eyes of Korea.

    Also this the time right before the Japanese occupation. I’m pretty happy she didn’t try to romanticize it just yet, I’m almost praying she doesn’t.

    • We are talking about KES. Of course there will be romance. That’s her bread and butter. She literally skipped through the years 1871-1905 in the first two episodes and KTR is talking about ‘What is love?’ already. Just wait for the cheesy romance to start.

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