Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Spotted by Drama Fans Filming Boyfriend in Seoul

The first fan snapped pics from the drama filming of upcoming tvN melo-romance drama Boyfriend is out and we have separate sneak peeks at leads Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. This is a huge drama buzz-wise thanks to the pairing of two top K-ent stars, and with both choosing this as their comeback drama two years after respective hit dramas in 2016. Song Hye Kyo had Descendants of the Sun and Park Bo Gum did Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and if you add in his insane ratings and critically acclaimed drama prior to that with Answer Me 1988 then he could be on track for a three-peat success. Boyfriend pairs up an older divorced woman with a twenty-something young man just starting out in his life, so the real life age gap works narratively. Park Bo Gum’s wild crazy mop of hair is super Won Bin and might end up stealing the discussion thunder at least during the outset until one grows accustomed to a mop on his head.


Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Spotted by Drama Fans Filming Boyfriend in Seoul — 26 Comments

  1. Song hye kyo looks pretty even in blurry pictures and despite her average body proportions. Park bo gum looks quite unattractive. Does he intend to keep that hair? I’m not super excited about this drama. Seems uninteresting.

  2. somebody never forget to post her “parkbogum is unattractive” in every articles of him lol how interesting of this user.

    SHK photo is the past scene when she’s 20s in the drama but for present scene i think her hair will be short.can’t wait for this NOV.

    • ParK Bogum is the most attractive “It Boy” ever from the few years. The rest, PSJ,JHI,SJK,LJS,KWB etc never attract me with their common korean facial features faces. They are just famous of their hit dramas. PBG too but at least his face lives up to his hype. I am not even a fan of him but I do admit his face is gorgeous and deadly.

      • PBG is uniquely handsome and talented too.. I admit it too.. But there are few actors that give me the same vibe as him..such as Jang Ki Yong from drama Come and Hug Me.

      • I think Jang Ki Yong is more handsome. Please also watch face genius Cha Eun Woo, he has the most handsome face ?

      • Agree with JKY,CEW is just another flower boy, he looks like a girl most of the time and he never blink in that drama, he acts like a robot and I find it hard to get attracted to a robot. PBG is more face genius than him.

      • ? CEW blinks sometimes, but he does look robotic. This is the character of the webtoon. He is still very green and needs more acting experience.

      • Speaking of robots, PBG looks like a robot with his big veneers and mechanical jaw. He’s also got the ugliest ears I’ve ever seen, there’s no plastic surgery to fix ears in SK?

      • Agree CEW is still new but his face is more girlish than PBG. PBG’s veneer does look fake, can’t shield that, haven’t notice about his ear, but no one focus at ear unless you’re too obsessed with that person and look at every single body parts he has.His mechanical jaw.. well others said he looks like skull face, but that’s where he obtain his manly face from.

      • Haha… What a discussion you guys had here.. Park bo gum the most handsome for me.. But of course, the others are good looking too.

  3. It’s not his best haircut… I’m not interested by this drama. Between the casting, the story… they are not bad but they don’t give this excitement I can have for some dramas like 100 Days My Prince, Hundred Million stars From the Sky, Terius Behind Me, etc.

    • oh what drama is that? when wl it start? can someone tell me pls??i like park bo 补宝剑. yes but the hair style look lousy to him ?

  4. They’re not yet tired of this trend older woman, younger man? 😉 Well, at least good news for the actresses in SKorea that are in their 30s, they still have very strong careers due to these types of storyline, so well done SKorea entertainment! 🙂

  5. I wish i got the feeling when i watch cunning single lady where seo kang jon and lee mingjung.even he just second lead but watching them make my heart flutter they look ok n sweet despite an age gap.

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