OCN Heist Drama Player Premieres to Highest First Episode Rating for the Network

It’s a new record for cable channel OCN as it burst out of the ratings gate this Saturday with the first episode of its fun heist drama Player. The first episode was the highest premiere ratings for any drama on the network bringing in 4.474%. That’s higher than its predecessor drama Voice 2 which until now had the highest network premiere ratings with 3.938%. Voice 2, which I didn’t watch, had ratings that kept going up and up, other than the night of the Asian games soccer championship final, and ended with an incredible for OCN 7.086%. This bodes well for Player to start off this strong, and even more reassuring because the initial impression reviews are quite positive from viewers. Nothing to write home about in terms of acting but the drama is playful (har har) and fast-paced with capable directing. Song Seung Heon really is finding a groove with OCN as his last drama Black was also on the channel. I love him in anything other than a serious drama or melo, please no more When a Man Loves, like ever.

A side note on the currently airing Sat-Sun dramas, this weekend was the conclusion of SBS drama Let Me Introduce Her with Nam Sang Mi, Kim Jae Won, and Jo Hyun Jae, which dealt with the motherlode of melo with spousal physical abuse, plastic surgery, memory loss, and emotionally traumatized children. The drama did low ratings in the weekend slot which is normal as KBS dramas own the time period, but what’s put this drama on the news this weekend is a report that a Japanese drama from 1999 Beautiful Person is alleging plagiarism and plans to sue SBS. Dang, what an inglorious way to exit.


OCN Heist Drama Player Premieres to Highest First Episode Rating for the Network — 4 Comments

  1. This is more spectacle than content. Stunning visuals, cinematography and pacing, great chemistry among the cast, but in terms of plot and story, a bit of a cliche. Reminds me rather than Lawless Lawyer. I like both dramas.

  2. After watching Dr Jin, I’ve removed him from my list of actors to look out. Though I’ve managed to get a little glimpse Cinderilla Princess. Don’t shoot me. I am not saying he is a bad actor but only a matter personal preference that I find him extremely a boring actor. Though there are only very few daring actors that you know you can expect something fresh from their character, but I find SSH to be one of the most boring bunch among those different-roles-same-act kind of actors.

    • He’s a mediocre actor who happens to look really good on camera, but that works for him as long as he only does certain roles. It is similar to Taecyeon, who is by no means a good actor, but very likable in certain roles that fit closely to his real life personality.

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