Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung Attend Press Conference for MBN Drama Fluttering Warning

Today is Wednesday October 31, Halloween for those celebrating and also the premiere date of new Wed-Thurs cable drama Fluttering Warning on MBN. It probably wouldn’t have gotten as much press but for starring famous drama leads Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung. I’m there for the cutie pies and also for the classic Hallyu fake relationship between top actress and sought after doctor plot line. Yoon Eun Hye wore a very interesting dress that was embroidered on top and had side V-cut outs transitioning into a midi-length skirt in a cats pattern. I think she looks pretty but it’s a whole lotta dress going on. The two leads were comfortably chummy at the press conference so I hope their onscreen chemistry and the story line make this drama worth watching.


Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung Attend Press Conference for MBN Drama Fluttering Warning — 112 Comments

  1. I’m happy but there was one YEH’s sentence that made me sad and reflect about her past expériences when she said” that this time she works with good persons” . Perhaps her bad experience made her discern good friends from fake ones. With that said , i’m ready for a journey with my first favorite K actress.

  2. Her face crumbled along with her career.
    There’s not a single positive review about her
    From her insincere apology to her bad pronunciation , ear grafting voice, and face gone wrong

    • On the contrary, the 1st episode has garnered the best rating (2.796 %) among other four programs on the same time slot. It’s also the highest rated MBN’s drama ever ?

      • What’s the other three programs? I thought The Guest had higher ratings.
        It surpassed tvN’s drama though, so thats a nice surprise.

      • @Lal *grinning* these haters must have been waiting in anticipation for the ratings to be posted just like us devoted fans and just because they didn’t get the result that they wanted, they are acting like spoiled brats that got their candies taken away from them and throwing a tantrum.

        It makes me chuckle at the thought that they were already preparing notes on what hateful stuff to write to down her even further and expecting the worst for her drama rating. Imagine how disappointed they must be and this is why they are acting up.

        Kiddos better luck next time, who knows you may get your wish on the second episode but just a friendly advice, don’t live your life this way, too much hate is not good for your health!

  3. She was so prideful “don’t used my name”
    But now she needs to come back only after 3 years then she apologized.

    It’s Halloween yesterday and her face is a perfect match rofl. Too much botox and filter now her face is melting

  4. Please be generous about her. I believe she has been suffering from depression during her absence from the screen.Not a cheery expression at the press conference.who would drop out completely from the public eyes at the peak of her career. 5 years of an actors prime time. Be compassionate is better to lament after losing actors to depression.

  5. No matter what bashers and haters say on being judgemental, still I admire you YEH for being kind and god fearing. You’re the reason why I started to watch kdrama and appreciate korean culture. I hope you continue to be yourself, do what you love to do. I can’t explain my happiness when tou came back. Thank you Koala and YEH’s fans for supporting and loving YEH. Fighting!!!

  6. I really cannot stand people who easily judge others based on their looks, come on, don’t you have any better things to say? Aigoo, i guess people of this kind are indeed pitiful and superficial, i also hope that you will someday be judged the same way you judge others, just a taste of your own medicine that is.

  7. People talk about YEH’s face but the lead actor is same or worse in looks. If I didn’t have any knowledge of K-ent, I would have thought he is the PD because there’s no way his visuals are male lead worthy. The other guy look so much better.

      • Lolol. I like him when I watched his Heart to Heart drama and still using his picture as my wechat profile.

        I read Fluttering Warning article somewhere and 1 person commented who’s the ahjussi next to YEH. Haha.

        When I watch this drama, I think he doesn’t look that good maybe because of his hair style.

  8. Hahaha these two accounts are really active and present when it comes to YEH!??? Look at yourself first before judging others!.?

    Anyways, Fluttering warning casts fighting!!!??????

  9. Oh my..there are lot of negative comments about her…I feel so bad that they criticized her appearance instead of focusing on the drama itself..well, I like her past work and chun jung myung…so I’ll definitely watch this..

  10. YES! According to Nielsen’s Korea, Love Alert did not only take first place in it’s timeslot across all channels, but it also broke MBN’s record for highest viewership ratings achieved by a drama premiere. I am so happy for YEH and the cast and PD’s, I hope it continues to rise and if not at least stay consistent. Things are finally starting to look up for her and I’m glad.

  11. You know what, the saddest thing in life is to live being constantly bother of what other people perception about you, because no matter what, there will always be people like you who will just be critical of others,simply because they will never like you, that is the irony in life, and hipocrisy will always be there. She maybe the queen of lisp for you and if does bother you why watch in the first place, are you some kind of masochistic or something? Non fans can always have the choice not to watch her, so why not save yourself from feeling the way that you do about yeh when you clearly have a choice. It is crystal clear, Yeh has the ability to attract die hard fans as well as die hard hater who just like to hate on her whatever the circumstances are.

  12. i just dont get it. why would people hate her so much and seem to want her to just retire from acting? while some actors manage to have career rebounds after they are convicted to even more serious crime. just because she’s a woman?

    on the side note, i like her dress. not everyone can pull this kind of messy patterned dress off like her.

  13. While I have really liked CJM in his past dramas, his expression here and in all the promos I’ve seen looks the same! He only has one expression throughout…it’s like looking at a wax figure in all the photos! I really hope he can emote better in the drama. These two actors are known for having baby faces and I think what has been looking off in the promos is that they have aged…baby faces that show aging. Unlike actors like Cha Seun Woo and Kim Sun Ah (ie. City Hall) who are older and look great at their age…CJM and YEH seem a little off image wise…but I will check this drama out as I do like both of them. Maybe just have to reacquaint ourselves with them with the passing of time.

  14. Oh my God what happened with her face? This is so called plastic monster. She didn’t confident with her self? And doing fillers in her cheek, lip’s and head? Her face are melting down.???

  15. I loved YEH as an actress but I never found her beautiful. She was pretty and had a lot of charm, she was fresh and sparky. Now she seeems to have lost this spark and I find her less charming. But like I said, I like as an actress and I love CJM, so I will watch this drama 🙂

  16. Koalas is trying so hard to delete all the negative comments that it’s so pitiful.
    Just check on Korean sites and you won’t find a single positive comment about her face or acting.
    2.7% rating is high for a cable drama?
    You people claimed acable drama with 5-7%as flop for crying out loud

    • OMG who said such an ignorant thing? If 5-7% on cable is a flop drama then dramas like “Secret Forest” and “My Ahjussi”are flops too tsk tsk.Their average was 5% and peaked at 7%.We all know thats not true since they won daesangs and critical acclaim.There are many more cable dramas: “voice”, “tunnel”, “secretary kim”, “live”, “lawless lawyer”, “misty”, “something in the rain”, “Familiar Wife” etc are all considered HITS and their ratings average was along those 5-7%. In fact less than 10 dramas since cable drama started have ever got double digits.Some MBC and KBS dramas didnt even get 5% throughout their run and they are on public broadcast.These people need to be careful about throwing the word “flop” around.Even 4% is still considered ok on cable drama.

    • Arf! Arf! Arf! Bark all you want my dear.You and your minions are like dogs with rabies drooling at every YEH article. Pathetic really!

    • It’s MBN idiot. It’s record breaking ratings for that channel.
      Only Korean people and some crazy K drama viewers think putting foot in mouth is a deadly crime. I’m not even her fan but I feel pity for her.

    • That’s right.
      Even kim hyun joong can be casted so why can’t a C-list tier like her? hahaha
      I’m enjoying the comments on her articles . Karma is such a b*tch

    • Actually that makes it more satisfying cause these so called has beens garnered good ratings beating out their competition in that timeslot without the help of your so called A-listers.
      I hope y’all continue bashing the cast, cause I think all the hate is actually creating good karma for them. So thank you and continue foaming at the mouth.

  17. Hate all u like, Haters! Who cares about u. Dear YEH, we know who u really are n your real condition! We’ll continie 2 support u always. U may not be perfect but u’r perfect to me. GOD Bless u & team members always!

  18. Dear YEH, am so so happy to see your drama again. As always ..you’re my goddess, elegant & beautiful :)) Enjoyed watching ep 1 and looking forward for d nx ep..yeah!! Hwaiting n God bless you ^-*:))

  19. So funny, voted as d most hated celeb in korea! Wow, dis is indeed cyberbullying whch korea is so famous for. Dats why a lot of teenagers commit suicide over der due to cyberbullying. Plagiarizing my foot. D design is so different as day and nite. People just LOVE bad news thus d blind leading d blind. All Blind…! GOD Bless YEH & her team. Hwaiting!!

    • The most hated celeb in SKorea ! In a few hours she’s going to be the most hated actress of Asia !!! Wait, isn’t she a nobody ? haters you should be clear ! Is she a celeb or a nobody ? And if she’s a nobody , why do you write about her ?

  20. She was a beautiful, adorable and bubbly actress in coffee prince, princess hours, lie to me that I watched and left good impression ‘beautiful actress’. It’s a pity whatever happened to her. It must be stressful demoralising those few years. Wish her well and happiness from now on.

  21. MBN dramas air at 23:00 so they don’t face competition from the big 3 and tvN which air on 21:00. The only other drama that airs at 23:00 is The Guest on OCN which got 3.3% yesterday. So I don’t really know what other dramas it beat? But 2.7 is indeed quite high on MBN. Maybe YEH is the next LBH when it comes to overturning your career.

    • Pligiarism of a fashion design? Yet the design that claims to be original looks like a copycat of another design. The fact is all designer take reference from something.

      Re LBH, that was a scandal, nojust any scandal but big DIRTY scandal, worst hat he’s married and got involved in that kind of controversy. But no fuss… his influence is bigger.

      Anyhow, I watched the first. It was great but can the production use better musical score. The music they’re using sound horrendous. Other than the music, the drama is must watch.

      • LBH was a known womsniser even before he dated and married KMJ. She chose this fate with open eyes.
        LBH’s worse and less talked scandal was when he hired the goons to beat a person at the set of IRIS. Even Kim Nam Joo’s husband testified against him but LBH still won the case.
        LBH has a rich background besides having a very successful career. In his initial years he was backed by a rich chaebol family.
        He continued to have successful career even after scandal and I don’t think his public image change with Mr Sunshine is just temporary.

      • Typo- His image change is just temporary. Public would be back to hating him soon.

        What on earth YEH even did to recieve such hate?

      • I only knew his recent sexual affairs while already married.

        So I looked up the scandal that you mentioned to know the more details about it.

        Lo and behold, he had another scandals. It was in 2009 so Lee Byun Hun was 39 years old back then. The case was; he lured a 22-year old into sexual relationship with the promise of marriage, then suddenly just dumped the girl.

        Apparently rumors has it that he was abusive towards Song Hye Kyo when they were in a relationship.

        With this series if disgusting rumors & he was able to secure a drama project in a huge production, yep, his influence is no joke.

      • The case in 2009 was between Jung Tae Won (producer of IRIS) and KBK over assaults to each other. Kim Nam Joo’s husband (actor Kim Seung Woo/KSW) testified in court against both JTW and KBK. There was never bad blood between KSW and LBH. KSW even went to the latter’s wedding in 2013. LBH sued KBK over defamation and he won. KSW was the emcee at the APAN Star Awards in October this year. He and LBH were genuinely friendly with each other at the ceremony, not hostile or awkward whatsoever. Either that or both are truly Daesang-worthy actors. KBK was sentenced to jail for his own gambling offences and fraud charges.

        Although he was blackmailed in 2014, LBH publicly apologized at least 4 times and asked the court to pardon the two women. Who’s to say he did not apologize to his wife who went to the US with him for 5 months after the scandal. Deeply criticized, LBH lost 4 major endorsements due to the blackmail.. but no fuss, just fussy antis.

        When her plagiarism issue was brought up, actress Kim Hye Soo apologized almost immediately and gave up her Master degree. Not all actresses were treated badly after a controversy, just the way things were handled.. (Google: Actress Kim thrives on plagiarism crisis) Actress Lee Mi Sook had a string of blackmail, contract violation and alleged adultery court cases but she is still doing well in dramas and winning awards. She must have some influence, too.

        Please leave SHK out of all this, rumors could always start from overprotective fans. She has a husband now, let her live her life. Don’t drag LBH back to her or vice-versa.

      • My apology for mentioning SHK.

        Anyhow, that how much influence can protect a person. Imagine how worst his offenses to these many girls and most of them are young.

      • @rubie

        Let me explain the story further for you.

        In 2009 LBH was accused by a 22 year old Canadian girl called ‘Kwon’of being lured into a sexual relationship on pretext of marriage. This girl’s friend was gf of Kang Byung Kyu so he asked them for help as she was stranded in Seoul. KBK opened his mouth about LBH’s fetish with young things.

        Nobody believed KBK because he had really bad image. LBH accused him of ‘defamation’ as at that time there was no confirmation just rumors about his pervertness. KBK said even though his official gf is Kim Min Jung he keeps sleeping with young girls.

        The producer of IRIS Jung Tae Won and LBH are friends. At the time IRIS was being aired and LBH’s alleged scandal might have affect the ratings of the show. So JTW called KBK on the set of IRIS and said LBH needs reconciliation. KBK appeared on the set and was attacked by the goons with a baseball bat. KBK retaliated.

        Next day KBK was booked for vandalizing IRIS set. It was easy to set him up with his bad image. The CCTV footage was manipulated to look like it was KBK who started the attack. But Kim Seung Woo was present there at the time and testified that it was KBK who got attacked first by the goons and reacted only in defence. At the time netizens praised KSW’s boldness.

        This case took very good amount of the time to be resolved and in the end verdict was against KBK. This case was resloved only on the basis of testimonies which are considered inadequate to pass the judgement.

        KSW might have changed his testimony at some point or have had decided to not be a witness this explains why LBH won and there is no bad blood between them.

        But in 2014 when finally it was publically known that LBH indeed like it young KBK was like “I told ya”.

        The girls in 2014 case and KBK were wrong themselves but the punishment they got was way too much if you compare them to sexual offenders living freely in Korean entertainment industry. LBH is a good actor but he is a youth praying master manipulator.

      • @rubie

        Lee Mi Sook was different and she lost all of her court cases. She never ‘influenced’ anything. When she left her old agency the agency sued her for breaching the contract. LMS paid the amount but agency claimed more which LMS refused. Agency said they payed money to a young American waiter who had an affair with LMS in past. LMS again sued the agency for ‘defamation’ but she again lost it.
        LMS ceratinly had an affair but she had been estranged from her ex-husband for a long time before divorce and they lived apart. They are still cordial to each-other.It was nasty move on agency’s part to open her personal life’s datails to the public. The ex-boyfriend was equally guilty for threatening her.
        LMS never tried to play victim and she has been burned by public but she silently kept working without trying to change her image.
        Not to mention she is a very good actress far more charismatic and nuanced than LBH. Pity that she is a woman so she won’t get same opportunities as men do.

  22. Finally!!!! Am so happy to see her drama again. YEH has so much talent and beauty that it doesn’t matter if she it is 5 months or 5 years. Your fans will always be with you. Fighting Unni! You’re the best. Love you.
    Everyone has ups and downs in life. Those pitying you, those cursing you and those loving you. What matters is doing what you love and not giving up. Rest is just noise.

    • I checked out the first episode yesterday and I found it entertaining so checked out episode 2 again today but noticed that the first 15 minutes was rather boring, editing was a bit choppy compared to yesterday and they focused on introducing the other drama characters.

      After around 15-20 mins, the drama started getting interesting again but viewers probably got tired of waiting. The leads have really good chemistry. I am excited for next week’s episode cause it’s when it will really get interesting cause of the love contract.

      The ratings doesn’t concern me cause the ratings for Devilish Joy
      also flip flopped. High and then low and high again. Episode 2 of Devilish Joy was 1.205. Ratings started picking up on episode 5 1.802
      then declined again until episode 8 going up again at episode 9 with 2.108 ratings.

      They still have time to increase it. It’s hard to maintain high ratings in that 11:00 PM timeslot.

  23. Not a fan and dont like why she needs years to come forward and apologize… Many actors did dirty, she deserves 2nd chance.

    My only problem in this comment section is how people have double standards when it comes to ‘forgiveness’.
    Actors with sexual scandals can got back to small screen and got hyped while, actress cant? Why?

    She did a plagiarism, ok. But she did apologized and moved on. Cant we? Gotta give this drama a try. Decreasing in rating, emm… Anyone knows about devilish joy rating?

    • Koreans have double standards for actor versus actress. I don’t think too many international fans here can tolerate actors with sexual scandals or women abusing history, we often talk bad about LBH, PSH, PYC, KHJ. Supporting these losers is such a no-no to me.

      • YEH didn’t pligiarize anything though. Was the design even registered and patented? Designers borrows ideas from one another. Designs now can reappear 10 years from now and most probably they were already released 10 years or even 50 years ago.

      • This comment section is not like it used to be. Now it’s becoming a battle field for certain actor/actress.
        YEH just did one mistake (she still refuse the allegation FYI) yet people still condemn her for what she didn’t do. And making sure that she won’t having any chance in Korean showbiz again. What makes YEH deserved this treatment ?! She’s human, making mistake is a human nature.
        Is your idol a perfect human being and won’t making any mistakes all their life ??!
        Really, I feel sad reading all the bash especially the ones who mock her appearance. It’s not her wish to suffer from Edema which affecting her appearance.
        Let just be civilized and talk about the drama or her acting instead…
        And please, don’t making any comparation to another actor/actress unless you want to create a fan war.

      • @MistyEyes and @Lal – I hope your replies are not directed at me because I did not mention anything about YEH at all. I am just merely pointing out the unequal treatments of actor versus actress by K-netizens. I don’t agree with it.

      • Not disagreeing your post. I was speaking in general and basically agreeing to your post.

    • I think to outspoken korean netizens, a woman showing she has an “attitude” is the equivalent of a man sexually abusing a woman. You should see how reacted to an up and coming actress who refused to smile for cameras at the airport when she was obviously going through something. It’s even worse if the woman doesn’t grovel enough or apologize quickly enough like YEH did.

      • Regarding the equivalence of a man abusing a woman, I meant in the level of their outrage…it’s obviously a false equivalence and I’m being extreme but my point is that they get very upset and do not let it go.

    • 1.8% rating is still good, that was the average of Devilish Joy at first and it’only the second episode so don’t celebrate yet. There’s a drama on cable that was 7% the first episode and went down 4% the second episode then went back up and down on ratings.

      And I don’t understand why you’re attacking her face. It’s not like she can help that she is suffering from severe edema which causes the abnormal swelling. Google it on mayoclinic. google is your friend.

      • Even if her drama flops why does it matter. Every actor has flop dramas ever now and then. Success depends on several factors.
        I can’t understand why people even think of wishing bad luck to the people they don’t know.

  24. I’m not Yoon fan but I think most commenters here are pretty vile. Their behaviour is making me lose faith in humanity. It’s just hard for me to comprehend how people can be so hateful and malicious at the same time…it’s really frightening.

  25. whine and cry boohoooo
    These so caled YEH fans have no problems attacking someone else face and saying brutal things about others but it’s when their fave turn. They act like the utmost victim ?

    Face it your so called actress have no more chance to come back . She is over

    • @boohoo life doesn’t work like that. Her downfall is your wish but life is unpredictable. It ain’t over until she’s dead remember that! You’re not God and you are not qualified to define her future.

  26. Boohoo has indeed got a dark soul. People dish out their frustration in their own life n make vile spray at whoever they come across particularly those who r downtrodden already. Maybe it makes them feel better? What a pitiful existence!

  27. YEH dress is absolutely outstanding! The juxtaposition of the glass mirror beading if you can call it that and the cat designs is just whoa and this dress has to be the ‘IT’ press conference top outfit for an actress this year. Glad she stands out beautifully and after reading all the posts – for and against I’m more curious to check out FW now. Gosh I guess all the negative posts did more good in generating the hype to see what YEH is all about. Wasn’t going to watch it before but am now. Thank you for the heads up.

  28. Every Korean actress over the age of 30 gets fillers and botox, there is no shame in it, the only difference is how much. While I do believe YEH may have suffered from edema in the past, it doesn’t explain her much fuller lips (edema alone does not swell up lips only an allergic reaction can do that) and protruding apple cheeks. Ms. Koala has in the past accused other actors and actresses of looking stiff and different and now her bae is doing the same thing she is not saying a word, and here lies the hypocrisy.

    Getting fillers and botox is not a problem as long as it does not affect the acting/emoting. There is no need for YEH fans to get all defensive about it. I have nothing against YEH and intend to watch her drama so don’t call me a hater please!

    • Her Edema is not just in the past, she still has it to this day and hers is a severe case. Even Lee Se Young who worked with her in the drama felt absolutely bad for her because when the drama started her face looked normal but hours later her face would look completely different from hours before.

      I don’ understand the need of accusing her of getting those things mentioned. I always feel as if people just constantly shove things at her and demand that she admits to things that they think she did. It is hard not to get defensive when it feels as if she’s getting kicked from all sides.

      And lips do swell, same for cheeks in severe cases od Edema. I’ve seen medical pictures which showed that. Just type ‘Edema Face’ on google image search there are so many pictures showing how horrifying it is for people affected. http://www.pikbee.com/media/BnhYqpFhDGA

    • Yeah every korean actress 30s using botox. Even park bo young using botox, you can she her face look older than actually age. And Yoon eun hye doing overdose botox make her looking bad and weird. She can move her face and facial expressions always same. Just like hwang jung eum too much botox and also bad acting make the drama flop. Warning to Yoon eun hye too much botox didn’t good for healthy cause that was poison. And by the way park bo young was look like ahjumma after using botox.

      • @ Bannednetizenbuzz, don’t drag other actresses in this e.g Park Boyoung and Hwang Jung Eum , they are very very good and versatile actresses, and fans watch them not because of their faces but for their talents so stop barking at the wrong tree will ya!

        I am not very good in English but just an advice, pls, try to edit your work before posting,just saying.

  29. I am glad it’s not a melodrama. I need happy and light at the moment.

    Also, I love her in rom com because she makes the romance totally believable regardless of the male lead she is paired with. I do hope though that one day, she will surprise her fans and do a nice detective or suspense drama. I love that genre so much!!! Fingers crossed!

  30. Honestly, i dont’ get all the fuss about her apparence . I just see a mature version of YEH . Actresses are human too and she can’t be the same as 10 or 5 years ago. As for botox , i can’t tell . She’s a beautiful lady and she should wear red color more often ,the color suits her very well. My ” Lady in red”.

  31. Thanks, knetz don’t live in my country. if it was the case, 90 percent of our actresses would be jobless, as a lot of them have wrinkles, not perfect skin,… they aren’t perfect beauties but they are charismatic… Google Virginie Efira,and see what i mean.

  32. I wonder why some people so judegmental commenting on nonsense issues like face , clothes , relation..etc I believe those same people will be annoyed if someone judge them the same way as they do , YEH is human she can do what she wants to do for herself so using some ugly and stupid words could be hurting so please be more nice and gentle .

  33. Not just she acted as some kind of diva when her dramas have been flopping anf her movie got canceled, now she only apologized because she needs to come back

    It would be better if her acting is good… but nope she is really bad and her face has turned to the worst. I can’t believe that it’s her. She can’t even move her mouth to pronounce properly and she has dead expresionless eyes to booth.
    No chemistry too

  34. Simple…don’t like it, just don’t watch. Der r so many channels out der to be choose from, just take yr pick. I nvr think YEH is very beautiful but she has charisma and willing to be different in all her projects. Her clothes in dis drama are really gorgeous plus she can really act, esp in rom-com. D convenient store n entering into wrong premise r my favorite part of all. How i laugh at their antiques. Will support u all the way through YEH & team. Hwaiting!!

  35. I saw the 2nd episode and i like it. She’s still have this unique aura. Some of you said that they don’t see the same sparkle she used to have in her eyes but it’s normal. Life, hardships, aging…explain that.And now excuse me but i’d like to put some words in french. Cette comédie romantique me fait ressentir 2 choses à la fois. D’un côté je passe un excellent moment mais d’un autre j’ai l’impression d’entrevoir des situations que YEH a du subir dans sa vie privée. Et cela me fend le cœur .

  36. Yay, so glad YEH is back in K-Drama land! ? How I’ve missed her!! I’ve probably re-watched her old dramas (ie. Goong/Princess Hours, The Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince, and Lie To Me) plenty of times (more than any other K-dramas…and they never get old!)…so great to see her finally back (she still look the same…beautiful YEH…to me!) with a new drama and it’s a rom-com. She’s amazing and natural (and very funny ? too) in that genre. I saw the first two episodes and I ❤️ and enjoyed watching them especially the second episode! Can’t wait for next week’s episodes!! ?

  37. So I watched the first episode and can honestly say it is a… winner! First ever YEH drama that I’ve watched and I like the storyline and her characterisation of the Queen of rom com YJ and I’m comfortable with her acting especially her quirkiness and expressions. So The Guest has ended and I needed some fluffy rom com to tie me over until Tales of a Fairy and Top Star Baek start and FW is cemented in my weekly drama viewing thanks to YEH. Now I know why she is highly revered and loved! She’s such a natural talent.

    • @Ginger Crunch: Have you seen episode 2 yet? If you enjoyed the first episode, the second episode is even better (esp. after seeing it with Eng subs). Love that the main leads are comfortable with each other, despite being strangers. Their scenes at his apartment (and her trying to clean and putting her feet up while drinking coffee ☕️… ? and no criticism from him at all, despite her looking at her worst after her drunken state from the night before, looking disheveled with running mascara and a smudge of lipstick ? on her face ?…so refreshing to see in a K-Drama) and at his new clinic at the end (of ep 2) are my favorite, lol. ? Can’t wait to see more episodes and when they start their contract relationship next week! ?

      • @ Jeans -Yess! Finished episode 2 and I’m on a roll now! The writing is really synced and YEH has settled into her role; hilarious one moment; ditzy naive the next I’m just loving how she has executed her character. And I like how she is kind and sincere compared to other characters in dramas who act all high and mighty you can tell the writer has created the role with empathy so that she leaves us with a favourable reaction. You can’t help but like her. The supporting characters are all aligned with their part to play too. My only regret is that it’s going to be a drawn out week wait for the next episode to drop. This is fun and I’m loving this! Happy as I can be thank you x

  38. Love seeing YEH…in anything, and CJM, nothing else needs to be said about these two. While I wish she could have done something with more depth and breath, say as in Age of Legends, where we could have seen more of her physical skills too, and while the first episode was very light, it picked up in the second episode and we saw her talent as an actress shining through. CJM too. Hopefully the script becomes more full flavored and deep from here out as it’s very cliche at this point. But the execution by the cast is great so far. Romcom has been her thing so far, but honestly YEH has way more talent than what we have seen so far. I don’t think we have seen the best of YEH, IMHO.

    • Hi @ emchi , so happy that you haven’t forget about us. I totally agree with you and i think the drama is more than just a comedy . As i write in french in a previous post , some situations in the drama give me the feel that YEH experienced them too . So i experience mixed feelings pure happiness and sadness at the same time. CJM is an actor that i like since “What’s up fox” and he makes a warm and very credible couple with her. Waiting for ep 3. Bonsoir, mon ami !

  39. Yahoo…i watch ep 3. Wow excellent so sexy,,so so pretty,,im so enjoy to watch this drama,,i think this drama are success one of the best kdrama this year,,..most of all i glad and thankful to be back ms.eunhye,,imissedyou so much,,im so happy everytime i watch her drama,,shes cheerful with funny,,

  40. Lets just keep supporting eun hye yoon no matter what others think negatively of her.
    I will always be grateful to eun hye yoon from the time i watched Goong and others… because of her I appreciate Korean RomCom and other korean dramas.
    She is a human being… Not a doll not a puppet and specially not an ordinary woman.
    Now, if a lot of people hate her because of a simple mistake not even proven guilty at all. Fine, let it be but they cannot change the fact that becuase of eun hye yoon Korean RomCom was known not only in other countries but in the whole world.
    I hope haters can read this…
    Please look into yourself first and ask yourself what have you done for your conutry that eun hye yoon did already?
    Ask yourself again Are you Perfect?
    Do you know how to Act?
    Do you know how to draw?
    Do you know how to sing and dance?
    Do you have the charm to make other poeple happy by just watching you?
    If you answer all those questions, yes then good for you maybe you can apply to be an actress and we will criticize you as well. I think thats fair right.

  41. YEH is a multitalented woman. She is not only an actress but a film producer, artist, fantastic model, entrepeneur and a woman who is being maligned for thinking for herself. Something many women in many cultures aren’t allowed to do. There will always be critics/bullies/so called fans who are just plain depressed and get their kick/charge from acting out in ugly to the bone ways. I personally do not have time for them. They seem spiteful and out themselves all the time, just read their comments. Seems like the male actors get away with a lot of negative acting out and when they do, their fans still adore and support them…..guess there really is a double standard.

  42. I am very sorry for the critics who does not have anything nice to say. Yoon Eun Hye is a beautiful and amazing girl. I just hope they would make more dramas for her with handsome leading men. The reason for her failed dramas are here ugly leading men. They should give her very handsome men because ugly ones does not suit her on screen.

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