Kim Yoo Jung and Yoo Kyun Sang Have an Horse Masked Encounter in Clean With Passion For Now

I’m surprised there’s such a strong opinion against Yoon Kyun Sang acting opposite Kim Yoo Jung in upcoming jTBC rom-com drama Clean With Passion For Now. My worry was that they wouldn’t match up well visually, she’s more cute and perky and he’s my image of broody and intense. But apparently some folks are upset at the 12 year age difference in real life, he’s 31 and she’s 19, but Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon earlier this year had Radio Romance and they had a 10 year age difference with her being 19 and him 29. Unless somehow the 2 year age difference between these two actors is a deal breaker I’m rather perplexed at all the hand wringing. Once the actresses are over 18 they can do adult role for all I care, short of the actress still looking prepubescent in real life. I do still think the two leads of Clean haven’t sold me on their much needed onscreen chemistry and these new drama stills don’t help what with her in a horse head costume when they meet. Please give me the cuteness, I so want this drama to be good!

Kim Yoo Jung remains super adorable posting from the filming set, she toggles so easily between gorgeous and goofy.


Kim Yoo Jung and Yoo Kyun Sang Have an Horse Masked Encounter in Clean With Passion For Now — 61 Comments

  1. The posters are just uncomfortable to look at and if it was ksh on that poster instead of her I will also be uncomfortable.apart from that they just don’t match visually in my opinion.

  2. I don’t care about age if the actor/actress can play his/her part. If the actor acts an older or younger role than his age, I don’t want to see it. It’s all I ask.

    Kim Yoo Jung looks so good for now 🙂

  3. Also, Kim So Hyun starred opposite of Taecyeon a few years ago and they are like 11 years apart. Plus she was only 17 years old at the time, so it’s not like age gaps like this one have not happened before.

      • @nahaluk – yes at least two on the lips that I can recall. Have you watched that drama “Let’s Fight Ghost”?

      • Well to be fair the kiss scenes for that was largely fake but Radio Romance did have a lot definitely.

      • @nahaluk – do you know more about that drama than Kim So Hyun herself? Because she clearly stated after the drama was over that she was surprised by the amount of kiss scenes there.

        At least Kim Yoo Jung is 19, not 16-17.

  4. For me it’s more so visually YKS looks his age and sometimes older depending on the angle. KYJ looks really really young despite being 19.

    Also the fact that her costar was supposed to be someone closer to her age compared to YKS. So to jump from someone that seems to match KYJ looks & age wise to someone like YKS is like a huge stark difference.

  5. Totally agree with the hand wringing reference Koala mentioned but that’s just from a few disgruntled anti fans of KYJ who just can’t seem to accept she’s doing so well right now so they start getting personal with the age gap difference and saying such malicious remarks as YKS looks like a pedo oh and it doesn’t stop there even KYJ mammaries get a mention.IU and LSK had a 18 year age gap in My Ahjussi for gosh sakes and look at that fantastic pairing. The stills and posters for CFPFN are fun and frivolous. The mood looks light and entertaining; there is nothing in those posters that suggest otherwise. Unless you are from the Amish community being reintroduced into society then I would understand the anti remarks given but I believe a lot of you who do write these comments are just merely spiteful. KYJ and YKS are a gorgeous on screen couple just get use to it.

    • IU is 25 and looks like an adult and has a more mature image. KYJ is 19, has had a child actress image and looks younger than her age and is acting with an actor who looks mature and in his 30s. Big difference.

      • LOL! are you blind or dumb? Iu is smaller than yoo jung and yoo jung has sharp features that iu doesn’t have. Iu looks more like 15 than yoo jung. Dumbfuck.

      • You’re an idiot. Was IU ever a child actress? IU shed her sweetheart image years ago. She looks way more mature than your KYJ with her so called sharp features which she doesn’t actually have. Laughable.

      • YJ is fat and has no facial features. She looks like an absolute baby plus she always acts like a baby.

    • I find KYJ fans so delusional its funny. She’s doing well? She’s still struggling to recover from her image hit but luckily she has a big agency backing her which can ensure she keeps all her endorsements which is basically just 2 but her fans act like its 20. Hilarious really. IU can’t be compared to KYJ who is just 19. Don’t act like IU was never criticised for acting opposite older men when she was very young. The criticism is natural and relevant. Eevn KTR, KSH and KSR drama’s have been criticised for age gaps why act like the victim when all young teen stars get the same exact criticism for the same exact reason? Just accept it and move on. Why do you need to drag some other community in here for that? Your ignorance towards Amish people just makes you and the entire fandom look like racist idiots.

    • @Ginger Crunch – just because people have different opinions than you, you cannot label them as “disgruntled anti fans of KYJ”. The world is not bipolar like you. I agree with @Fleurjasmin that your ignorance makes you look like an idiot.

  6. YKS looks too mature for KYJ and KYJ looks too immature. They were severely miscast. I can’t think of them romantically or sexually together without getting grossed out so 95 % of the drama is already… Unwatchable.

  7. Personally I couldn’t get into those other dramas because I was constantly distracted by how apparent the age gap was between the leads. I’m willing to give this a try for Yoo Jung though. I’m glad this trend with teenage to very young adult actresses being paired with much older guys is more rare because for me the age gap was too obvious in their appearance and turned me off.

    I personally don’t care about large age gaps with women in their mid 20’s and up but teenagers and young adults in their early 20’s who are barely done with puberty will always be somewhat uncomfortable for me. Now Koreans obviously don’t really care about these type of age gaps and many drama watchers don’t and that’s fine, everyone has their preferences and limits.

      • KYJ has the worst fandom. Its basically a fact at this point. They actually enjoy their bias being groped by a full grown man.

      • @Mina I find people who generalized fans much more delusional. And your second sentence does not even makes sense.

  8. Ms Koala needs to IP ban some people, I keep seeing the same few people spreading hate and attacking other commenters. Practically bullies at this point.

  9. i like both actors. i do think YKS looks much older than KYJ but i think that is partly because most/all posters have shown him in a suit. He is also a big guy which i don’t think helps. i will watch though, the idea seems cute.

  10. I just pity yoojung, after her hallyu drama (love in the moonlight) it will be hard for her to kept her popularity. This drama wont hit hallyu, Im not sure in korea thought. But kyunsang cant bring his magic like park bo gum

  11. I think we have to wait and see when the drama hits the screen.

    Personally I’m not a big fan of casting young actresses with much older actors – more because there are many talented actors who could takes roles.

    But I also think Kim Yoo Jung is in a tricky phase at the moment. And honestly she has been better doing with transitioning to adult roles and shedding the child actor image than other actresses.

    Yet it’s still difficult. But again to get personal and call the pairing pedo is wrong – please look up the meaning of pedophile before calling someone that.

    • @jasmine-Sorry I dragged the ‘pedo’ reference over from the last post on KYJ and I too also find the whole name calling really immature. I’m sneaking in ‘Love in the Moonlight’ in between all the other dramas I’ve squeezed in to watch. She’s in her element in that drama. So versatile in her acting. Definitely gonna go a long way in the K entertainment industry.

      • @Ginger Crunch

        No it’s fine. I wanted to address it in the other post as well. But I feel that everyone here is so defensive. Granted Koala does have some terrible people. Not her fault but her blog is a magnet for haters and so on.

        For me: while I do have a problem with the casting situation in South Korea I’m also open to see how it works out on screen. In the end Kim Yoo Jung is off-age.

    • I don’t think the point is about if the drama will do well because if it does it just validates that the audience enjoys watching pedophilia and encourages more young girls to be cast opp older men. Next we will have 13 year olds being cast opp 35 year olds. By making this noise it is to make sure this doesn’t. The drama is acting but the real ages of these actors is so clearly visible and is a known fact. No amount acting or rating will compensate for the fact that this is exploitation is a way especially in the era of #METOO casts like this should be unacceptable.

      • This must be an alternate universe where KYJ is underage. Can the uptight folks please define whats the ‘appropriate’age gap for young dating adults?
        Talk about hyperbole…

      • Can’t the drama do well because of the script and the efforts of the team behind it? I really don’t think it will encourage anything related to pedophilia. This is also an adaptation of a popular webtoon not a new material created out of a whim.

      • @Kiko

        Again: look up what pedophilia means. You’re spreading something wrong here.

        As I said I’m not a fan of the casting trends. BUT Kim Yoo Jung is off-age and while we may not like that she has been cast with a much older actor there is no reason to spread the rumor that it is pedophilia and to put viewers who would enjoy this drama – which hasn’t even hit the screen yet – in the same category. It’s wrong and toxic on your part.

        Where was the noise when Kim Sae Ron was cast with older actors? Where was the noise when it happened to Kim So Hyun? They were not off-age at that time. Still no pedophelia but definitely a worrisome trend in SK entertainment industry.

  12. I’m looking forward to watching this drama. I love Kim Yoo Jung. She’s a very good actress. I’m not so familiar with Yoo Kyun Sang but i saw Doctors drama he was in and he looks handsome. Let’s give this drama a chance to entertain us. I’m sure they’ll work their best to deliver.

  13. I don’t think any drama was worse for me regarding the age factor than Kim Saeron on Hi!School: Love on. She was only 14 years old and her male counterpart was 23. Yes it was a 9 year age difference compare to Kim Yoo Jung and Yoo Kyung Sang here but it was more cringy given that Saeron was only 14. She was still very underage.

    • What about the big age gap (much better than Kim Yoo Jung and Yoo Kyung Sang) when Kim Sae-ron acted as love interest with Yoon Shi Yoon in Witch of the Mirror?

      • I watched (and enjoyed) Mirror of the Witch for its supernatural elements, but the writing for the romance was very limited because of the age gap. The drama could have done more for the OTP if they casted an older female lead or a younger male lead, but as it was, the interactions were quite sibling-y. If the writing was going to be hampered by the age gap between the leads (which in Sae-ron and Shi-yoon’s case was good cause a kiss would’ve been icky), then what was the point of casting them and not someone more suitable?

    • Underage artistes shouldnt be cast in romantic settings. Thats gross and deserves boycotting. On the other hand, moral police should get off their high horse about age gaps for legal adults.

      • I agree. How old do girls like KYJ and IU have to be before people stop screaming ‘pedo’ over every even slightly older actor cast opposite them? It’s one thing to point out how large age gap castings make romances look weird but that only happens when the dramas try to pretend that actors obviously 10 years apart in age, are playing characters who are the same age.

        I oppose age-inappropriate 10+year gap pairings between minors and older actors, but KYJ is no longer a minor and (important here) the characters in the webtoon have a 9 year age gap. Are people going to shit on the webtoon writer too?

  14. This kind of reaction is expected with such controversial casting. I love Yoo-jung and will try this drama for her and I like Yoon Kyun-sang as well, but Jtbc definitely made the wrong call to replace Ahn Hyo-seop with someone much older. I get that there’s a huge age gap in the webtoon, but that is still within the 10-year limit I’m comfortable with when someone as young as Yoo-jung is involved. Jtbc could have casted someone 7-9 years older, acknowledging the age gap in the source material but still keeping the casting much less squicky than it is now. So, for the most part, I do understand where the general discomfort is coming from.

    However, I draw the line at body-shaming. That was just disturbing to read. There’s a reason why Yoo-jung frequently wears loose clothing. And while I question Kyun-sang deciding to accept this drama and think he looks wrong for the part, he doesn’t deserve being insulted by netizens to the point that he had to make his IG private.

    • Nobody cares about her having big breasts except when the drama lierally makes her wears clothes that intend to emphasis the very big breasts that she had. Reason why everyone protested to the super zoom into her breasts in her last drama. The pedo mentality lies with the adults misusing her.

      • She’s wearing a loose sweater in the poster and the teasers though? I didn’t even notice her chest in the poster until people started snarking about it in the last post. So, IMO, the pedo mentality lies in those who choose to view the poster in that lens.

  15. I don’t mind age gaps, for me it’s more that he’s not a favorite of mine, and I think they don’t match visually,…he’s like twice as big as her and she still looks like a teenager.
    I have nothing against the pairing, I just think that when one of the leads looks like a child there is more restraint in writing the romance and that makes dramas boring (e.g. Love in the Moonlight or Mirror of the witch).
    I think I will pass on this one.

  16. As for me, I always hv a soft spot for YKS, ever since he appeared in Pinocchio, TTWWNIL with HJW, Six Flying Dragons, and Rebel. KYJ I think one of heavily talented actress in her age group (I still wish for her reunion with Yeo Jin Goo one day!).

    With that, I think this pairing might have potential. Age gap, visually unmatched, etc, I’ll see after 2-3 eps been airing to check if its really bothering. Please be good, drama!

    • Haven’t watch much dramas of YKS but I heard good reviews about him so I am excited to watch him in a romcom. I have the same desire for the drama to deliver the healing it promises plus it’s a romcom so I only expect a light drama with a some hearty feels from family and friendship included here and there uwu

  17. They said age doesn’t matter.the important here is the chemistry of the love team.honestly i like love in the moonlight most and i miss Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo gum together.

  18. I think the age gap is fine as long as it addresses when it’s in character and not just “because” like in Goblin.
    If the actor both above 17 then it’s fine, it’s their choice.
    Why did people conveniently forget that Ahn Hyeo Seob cancel his male lead suddenly and they have to find a replacement? they tried to make her has a younger lead but something happens and they book YKS after that.

  19. @fleurjasmine and candycane – Maybe if Koala allowed my post to stay that would say a lot but she’s screening them so I guess I really have to be quite mediocre in my replies. Umm my ignorance makes me look like an idiot? Name calling once again are we? Seriously how can my reference to the Amish community be deemed racist? That is worth ten lots of lols because you didn’t get the connection and it’s a bother to rehash my point again. So dumb but I’ll echo it so you can join the dots. Amish are luddites and when they are reintegrated into society they are have to rediscover the modern world hence my comment. But you saying it was racist….you’re so way off. And @candycane tagging bipolar which is a serious and mental illness I wouldn’t wish upon anyone is not only demeaning but downright ignorant on your part. Now you’re outright showing your ignorance loud and clear. Please Don’t belittle people who are diagnosed with this (as there are millions out in the world who are trying to cope on a daily basis) and use it as a cheap shot to justify your comment. I’m a fan of a lot of K actors and actresses and from my previous posts on other articles I like to support them all because that’s what I like doing – sharing the love and being positive. Try it sometime; it’s quite simple being kind and nice. Have a good day .

    • I know you would interpret bipolar as mental illness, this shows how ignorant you truly are. Bipolar means having two opposing poles ie the north pole and the south pole; or in physics, the negative and positive charge on a neuron or transistor. Not a fan does not indicate an anti-fan (not two opposing poles!). Get it? Don’t accuse everyone who disagrees with you wants to belittle you. You diminish your worth by barking around because you have simply misunderstood. I don’t see you being very kind and nice by calling people “dumb”.

      • Oh takes one to know one candycane and I am referencing the psychiatric illness of being bipolar not the north and south poles as you just mentioned. We’re on a K drama blog not up in the Artic or Antarctica. I’m merely paraphrasing the term ‘dumb’ that you aptly use often here and in previous posts and I am a kind and nice person as you can most likely tell. Breathe in love and breathe out hate. Life is beautiful and I’ll leave it at that. Geez are you following me around with your quick reply -I’m honoured. I’ll be further up on KDW The Guest post should you rush to keep at me . Have a good day.

  20. Again, talking about age gap? Geez grow up people. Actors don’t act out themselves in the drama. As long as they look the part, that is fine.

  21. Kim Yoo Jung acting has never disappoint me. If actors are good and talented in acting, I will watch. This how good Kim Yoo Jung is to me.She is a grown up girl, I would like her to act with different co-stars instead of looking at past co-stars. I will definitely watch. Good news is Viu will be broadcasting and with English subtitles. I will chase after it 27 November as indicated on the web.

  22. Best chemistry in kdrama that i ever watch ? YKS and KYJ are perfect match! it seems they are inlove each other, their action and eyes can’t lie on and offscreen! ? age gap doesn’t matter, i hope they are destined to each other ❤️❤️❤️

  23. This is the best drama I have ever seen. The chemistry between the leads were so strong…loved it. Hoping for more projects with the two leads in the future

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