Episode 6 of Encounter Stays Steady at 8.594% Ratings as the Some Relationship of the OTP Goes Public

Watching tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) actually makes my heart hurt, in good ways of course but there is genuine palpitations and constrictions elicited by the softest of gestures and emotions. This isn’t a drama of action, totally the opposite of Song Hye Kyo‘s last blockbuster Descendants of the Sun, and her chemistry with Park Bo Gum as as good but totally different than her chemistry with Song Joong Ki, who ended up being her husband in real life. She had sparks in DotS because that’s what the drama called for, war and disease and life and death. Here she has ripples, Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk are like the softest touches on a still pond and we marvel at the cascading effects.

Episode 6 was yet another substantive feast of moments, watching Soo Hyun blossom is like a flower blooming after an eternal winter and how can we not want to protect and nurture her much like Jin Hyuk feels. He’s a natural protector and radiating all the qualities that would make ANY woman fall for him, no wonder Soo Hyun finally has her “some” relationship she’s willing to reveal to the public. I’m glad ratings for this episode remained steady at 8.594%, still a super successful cable drama but I don’t want it to go past 10% and have so much pressure. Let this gem bloom quietly for the viewers who appreciate it’s subtlety and depth.

Encounter is the first drama in three years that makes me wish I still had time and was writing recaps. I stopped as real life intruded on my time to the point I couldn’t even recap one drama much less multiple ones as I did during my heyday. But the quality also slipped so there was less and less truly addicting fare to tickle my recap urges. Encounter brings it all back in a whoosh of feelings, like Jin Hyuk’s openness in expressing himself to Soo Hyun I just want to dissect this drama to explain why it’s so amazing.

I hate the two moms to death but they are not one-dimensional harridans. I think Woo Seok’s mom has two reasons for still interfering in Soo Hyun’s life – she actually knows her son legit loves Soo Hyun and divorced her to set her free and she agreed believing that eventually Soo Hyuk will see the light of day of how awful the world is outside and come back to him except the opposite happened so now she has to manipulate it so her plans work. Soo Hyun’s mom is actually way worse in my mind, ambitious and selfish to the nth degree but she’s transparent so it’s really on Soo Hyun to tell her mom to bugger off and yet she hasn’t.

I really like Woo Seok and feel so so so bad for the guy. He fell in love with his arranged bride and then let her go because he could see that she was dying bit by bit living in his constricting family. His decency continues as he tries to help Soo Hyun behind the scene but he can’t help but wish that she could fall in love with him now and they could have a second chance. I don’t know why he thinks that’s possible since Soo Hyun would never be happy in his family but it sucks that he can’t love the woman he married because his family is so toxic. At this point the only viable option is for Soo Hyun to just give herself a chance, Jin Hyuk is waiting for her with the most brave and naive of shoulders to lean on.


Episode 6 of Encounter Stays Steady at 8.594% Ratings as the Some Relationship of the OTP Goes Public — 39 Comments

  1. Thank you Koala for continuously posting about Encounter. Love this drama to pieces! It is my fist time in my 4 K drama years that I look forward to Weds and Thurs to watch our OTP battle the world and its vicious clutches. I smile from ear to ear when both of them are on the screen especially this episode when they held hands for the first time. Then I thought…wait, that’s your best friend’s wife! Lol!

  2. Loved every episode of this drama and Ep6 took me to another level. I just love every minute of this drama and never get tires rewatching each episode. Can’t wait for Ep7

  3. I am just fine with this drama but the writing on this post kinda irritate me. Naturally, I would want my fave drama to get high ratings (since I want more people to appreciate it and as a reward to the prpduction team for the stellar works), so i feel like the “wanting the rating to drop” is like trying to justify that the rating isn’t getting any higher than expected. I mean, if you want to enjoy a drama, just enjoy it. There is no need to keep talking about ratings and justifying the highs and lows.

    • Do you remember when Encounter episode 1 and 2 first aired out, the rating was really high but then the comments received was: Oh it is high because of the popularity of the actor and actress which totally discredited and unappreciated the the storyline and all the work from production team and how good the st.
      That’s why I understand why the writing of this post want it to not get high ratings because if it get high rating, people will jump in and say it doesn’t deserve the rating because its totally because of actor and actress.

  4. Yes, I love it really much, a lot of people say its boring but to me it has so much depth and I enjoy its nuances and subtlety. The writer must have loved art, poem a lot since every episode she included art and poetry in the dialogue.

    I also love the small details that they included in the episode: for example, when the tea’s lady found out that JH really like SH, then the camera focused on the tangerine the tea lady gave to JH. ARGHH, I love it so much because tangerine resembles luck that means she wished him GOOD LUCK.

    Love the preview of Episode 7 when CSH said: “I’ve been living thinking what I want to do is a luxury for me. For the first time, I will be the owner of my life, not because of other”. YEs, you Go girl.

    • Really? I didnt know. Tq for pointing it out. Although it is slow paced, I love watching it over and over again. The feelings were all genuine and I could feel them especially when Jin Hyuk’s heart was broken to pieces. And the timing of the ost during these scenes.

  5. I don’t watch the drama but I think it received well. I’m watching the super crazy makjang series The Last Empress with Jang Nara’s acting in the top notch. I would definitely give best actress titlle to Jang Nara for this year. Her silent chemistry with the bodyguard also sweet but sour lol. I hope Song Hye Kyo will also try to play the role like Nara in the future.

  6. I feel like the saccharine postings for BF are so syrupy it’s like politicians fawning over each other in the debating chamber! Gosh I’m still watching it but it’s not like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Actually that’s what Koala’s articles are mainly on….BF. There’s no mention of any other dramas haps and yes I know if I want to read up on other dramas I should write my own blog….yeah yeah I get. What’s the next headline ‘SHK breaks a nail and PBG is there to kiss it better!’

    • There were so many Koala’s articles on Fluttering Warning in Sept/Oct, and now the drama is almost over I am wondering if Ms Koala will kindly summarize her thoughts on it. BTW, Koala also reports on the ratings of MOA every time an episode is aired, but ironically she is currently watching FW & BF and not MOA. How is the rating of FW?

      • Not to mention Kim Yoo Jung’s drama CWPN even though it’s steady at 3% no write up to date. I gave up on FW when the ole 2nd male lead was secretly in love with YEH but ratings are hoovering around 1%. I’m also looking forward to that Saturday night drama for the name I shall not mention because I’ll be cussed and accused at for doing so on a BF post.

      • Munlight, Tzuyu, Sukki, Xtn, Ozil, Bae = same person. A Troll. You can see her in every BF article talking to herself. LOL.

      • Oh diddums going to dramabeans is going out of my comfort zone and yes I am pressed when nearly every 2nd article here is devoted to BF. You’re very lucky Koala adores BF. There are a ton of other dramas screening that don’t get a boo. Like I’ve said before I was only in for PBG but ended up liking SHK character more. Try harder please you’re supposed to attract ambivalent viewers like myself who are on the fence not deter them away.

      • I think koalasplayground is more like koala’s personal space when she wishes to share and talk about anything she wishes to.. she’s not paid to promote things or obliged to update and share anything.

    • Well because probably those other dramas don’t bring the same amount of hype (and fanwars) that BF and Moa brings… And that means traffic and $$$ for her.

      Have you seen Moa ratings post? They are 100+ comments each because people argue so much in there with all the crazy shippers and trolls.

      • I disagreed. I think there are more posts about Boyfriend/Encounter simply because the blogger likes Boyfriend/Encounter. Just read her posts. It is easy to see her sincere love for the drama.

  7. finally pbg characters is something m looking forward to as i wanna see how he deals with all powerful people around. and oh my god the ost “dont hesitate to love” and “i know, i belong to you ” was so good with those scene. but the sad thing is i can foresee there separation for awhile tho. and its also hard to wait for next episode as my semester is just over.lol

  8. I have checked your blog more often to see your posts on Encounter. I genuinely love this drama and I also feel your genuine love for it from your posts. Thank you and please continue to share with us your thoughts about this amazing drama.

  9. i really love when koala give a recap and review. she can describe the behind of story beautifully and wisely. when you stop recap abt drama i just wait until yeah finally you’re comeback. and i’m happy you also can recap abt this drama. even for anyone this drama too klise and boring. but i dunno i feel something like warm and soft from this drama.

    • Btw It must be hard for PBG to act as JH. JH reaction with everything is kinda unrealistic, he’s free spirit but so kind, and always respect other first. When CSH ex MIL talk bad about him, he’s not angry at all but more curious and I think suprised? And when his co worker treated him like shit, he’s acted like its nothing, still positif and full of smile. But yet its not because he’s stupid, he just love his life and never felt shame about himself. I think JH is new character in Kdramaland. Never found male lead like him before
      (Sorry for my english)

  10. At first i thought it would be awkward to watch this drama since i love song2 couple and glad they’re married and i love bogum too but the fact that they’re all close in real life makes it rather hard to imagine any romantic scene happening. But the more i watch this drama, the more im addicted to it, every week is another excitement. Both main actors and all others actually display their character amazingly. And i agree about wooseok, poor guy, he love her so much but unfortunately love can’t be forced.

  11. I wish Ms. Koala could do an episode recap for Encounter. You have a way with words that make me drop by your blog week after week.

    I am loving Encounter and most certainly wish for a steady rise in ratings as proof that more viewing audience come to love it just as most of us here do.

  12. Even if more success comes with more negative comments, rating is still one of the things that is important to any drama production in Korea. So at the very least, for a drama that we like, shouldn’t we wish them well? What makes you confident that having lower rating will be better for the drama? When they cast PBG and SHG, this drama is bound to be talked about and judged. So let them be..

  13. TVN is making money off Boyfriend. The anount of reruns are just too much. Every weds/thurs there’s 2 rerun, the last week they had 4 Encounter rerun on a friday and another rerun on sunday. Yesterday another 2 rerun and one is #4 on cable daily top10 with 2.4% rating.

    Last friday all four rerun are on top 10 cable daily ranking.

    Yesterday’s Naver article also stated that Encounter was pre- sold to over 100 countries thru streaming, cable networks, public tv networks etz. Mnet will air it in Japan around March.

    Popularity wise this drama is really popular thats why TvN had so many rerun and its still on top 10 ranking.

    As a fan am happy not only because am seeing SHK and Bogummy on screen but because am drawn to this drama and am loving it.

    • So much for those translated articles on netizen reaction blogs talking about how the drama was bad….the truth finally came out, I guess.

      • Depends on what site was being translated. Saw comments on Osen and Naver and their are more positive comments than negative. Also on Naver Encounter was on top of most subscribed chanels with 3m videos comments and 17m talks.

        Last night 16/12/18 Encounter rerun is on top 4 of Cable network ranking with 2.309% rating.

        If this drama isin’t popular no way they will have rerun every wednesday, thursday, friday and sunday

  14. I am right there with you, Koala!
    It’s so damn sweet, but sincere. I don’t know how he has convinced this tired old soul that he means what he says, but I believe him.
    Can’t wait for the upcoming pain and eventual victory for uri couple!

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